ICSI Treatment in Delhi

ICSI Treatment in Delhi

ICSI Treatment in Delhi – The best fertility treatment to treat the causes of male infertility

ICSI Treatment in Delhi is the best fertility treatment to treat the causes of male infertility. This is a procedure which is specially designed for the men who are dealing with male infertility causes and they are not able to conceive a baby even with the fertile women. In case you are one of them then it’s a high time and you should visit the ICSI Clinic in Delhi where you will get the best male infertility treatment which will help you to fulfill your dreams of having an own baby. According to study, Delhi is a city where more than half of the male members are affected by the cause of infertility and they are not aware of the fact until the time they meet good fertility expert.

The time when you came to know the truth that you are the one who is unable to conceive a baby with fertile women then it became difficult for you to digest the truth. This is the only time when you need to work out on your situation by taking the help of the good fertility expert and good ICSI Clinic in Delhi to fight against your male infertility factor. Your fertility expert will advise you to undergo for the ICSI Treatment in Delhi which is one of the best male infertility treatment and will allow you to become a father of an own baby.

How is the ICSI Treatment in Delhi Procedure Works?

ICSI Treatment in Delhi is the procedure which is only performed by the highly-skilled and trained fertility experts who will use the latest and advanced techniques to treat the causes of male infertility by using the new technique which is called as micromanipulation. Your fertility expert will use this specialized equipment tool to handle and pick up a single sperm of yours and they will inject directly that single sperm into each egg of your wife during the time her ovulation. By using ICSI procedure you wife will be able to conceive a baby even if you are highly affected by the male infertility cause. The entire procedure of ICSI Treatment in Delhi will take around four to six weeks to complete and you and your wife both need to spend a day in the fertility clinic for the retrieval procedure to begin.On the day when your fertility expert will collect the eggs of your wife from her ovaries the same day you need to produce your sample of sperm for fertilization. In case your fertility expert will not able to found your sperm in your semen than they will extract your sperm by using the following methods:

(i) Epididymis, known as percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or

(ii) Testicle which is known as testicular sperm aspiration (TESA)

If you fertility expert will unable to remove the sperm by using above two methods then they will use the most advanced technology which is known as Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).Once your fertility expert extracts your sperm, then your embryologist will isolate your single sperm in the laboratory and will directly inject into your wife egg. After the two days of this procedure, an embryo will be generated and your embryologist will place the best-chosen embryo into the uterus of your wife to establish the successful pregnancy.ICSI Treatment in Delhi is the best procedure which your fertility expert will recommend you if you are dealing with the low or poor sperm count; your sperms are not present in your ejaculate due to blockage in semen, if you had previous failed IVF cycle because of poor fertilization, in case the shape of your sperm is abnormal which results into poor motility etc.









Success Rate of ICSI Treatment in Delhi

The success rate for taking home the baby by using ICSI Treatment in Delhi is quite higher as compared to the conventional IVF methods. The success rate of the ICSI procedure will depend on the several factors such as the age of the men and women, the cause of male infertility etc. However, with these conditions as well the success rate of the ICSI procedure till date is around 70 to 80% of the women under age of 35 years, and this success rate will dip down to 40 to 50% in case the women are over the age of 40 years. If you compare these success rates of ICSI Treatment in Delhi with any other city in India or with Western countries than you will find the Delhi is the best city in terms of offering you the highest success rate of taking the baby home.


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