IVF Process in Delhi

IVF Process in Delhi – The best fertility treatment which gives a hope to childless couples to conceive an own baby

Many people think that if they are not able to conceive a baby then they are dealing with some disease, however, it every case it is not true because some of the couples dealing with the cause of infertility where they are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse for more than 12 months and this will be a disorder of hormones which many couples face after their marriage and the cause of infertility can be treated by the best fertility expert in Delhi, because Delhi is a city where the fertility experts are well-educated and skilled professionals who have an experience of more than 25 years in treating the causes of infertility and offer the best IVF Process in Delhi and they have achieved the highest success rate for those couples as well where they lost all their hope of becoming parents of their own baby

According to study, there are about 50 million of infertile couples worldwide and the rate of infertility is increasing every year. In some cases, there are possibilities that women at the age of 40 years can conceive naturally, but they are only a few cases and some of them need more assistance in conceiving a baby as they are facing issues to conceive a baby naturally due to the cause of infertility.

IVF Process in Delhi

How the IVF Process in Delhi works?

The IVF Process in Delhi is a procedure in which your fertility expert will collect your eggs from your ovaries and mix them with your husband sperm or sperm donor sperm in a culture dish outside your body but in IVF lab for fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs your embryologist will transfer the healthy embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy. The IVF Process in Delhi is a process which is useful for the couples who are dealing with the cause infertility such as blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, failed ovaries, repeated miscarriages, previous failed IVF cycle, severe endometriosis, low or poor sperm count, abnormal shape of sperm, no sperm is available in male member’s semen etc .Your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs before they begin your IVF Process in Delhi which will help you in stimulating your ovaries and you will be able to produce more mature eggs for fertilization.

On the second day of your periods, your fertility expert will give you the injection called gonadotropin and this injection will continue for about 10-12 days. Your fertility expert will check the growth and development of your eggs in your ovaries with the help of ultrasound and blood tests. Your fertility expert then will give you the gonadotropin injection between 34 and 38 hours to mature the eggs before they are collected from your ovaries.Once your eggs are ready for collection your fertility expert will use the fine thin needle attached to an ultrasound guided probe and then your eggs will be collected. Your fertility expert will keep them in the laboratory till the blastocyst happens. Your fertility expert will conduct your egg collection procedure under general anesthesia and it will take 5-10 minutes to complete. You need to be empty stomach overnight to begin your IVF Process in Delhi. You will experience some pain and discomfort when your eggs are collected but the same can be relieved by taking some pain killer medicines so that you will be ready for the embryo transfer procedure .Your fertility expert then mixes your eggs with your husband sperm to facilitate the fertilization and once the fertilization occurs your embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer.

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Success Rate of IVF Process in Delhi

Till date, the success rate of IVF Process in Delhi is around 65 to 75% of the women under age of 35 years and 45 to 55% of the women over the age of 40 years and these success rates are unbeatable with any other country. This is the reason that people from other developed countries are increasing every year for the IVF Process in Delhi.


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