IUI Treatment in Delhi

IUI Treatment in Delhi

IUI Treatment in Delhi – The most affordable and first line fertility treatment

IUI Treatment in Delhi is an artificial procedure where your fertility expert will place your husband’s washed sperms inside your uterus to facilitate the fertilization. The purpose to perform the IUI Treatment in Delhi is that it will increase the sperm numbers so that they will reach to your fallopian tube to increase the chances of fertilization. This treatment helps your husband sperms to push, however, sperm still need to make efforts to reach and fertilize the egg by its own.

To perform the IUI Treatment Delhi the time is very important factor to attain the positive results of the procedure and it is more important than the natural intercourse. In this procedure, the sperm of your husband will travel through your cervical canal at the time of intercourse. In the cervix, there are a number of glands present along with the mucous and these glands act as a reservoir for the sperm and it sustains itself. After few days, your fertility expert will release these sperms into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

What Happens During Your IUI Treatment in Delhi?

During your IUI Treatment, your fertility expert will release your husband sperm into your uterus to achieve the successful pregnancy and it is very important that your husband sperm will artificially inseminate during a nearer time when you ovulate.To determine your ovulation time period there is a certain manner in which it happens. Your fertility expert at IUI Clinic in Delhi will perform the ovulation by using the aid of the ovulation predictor kit. With the help of this kit, your fertility expert will able to measure your LH surge. The LH surge will attain its peak position nearly about twelve to twenty-four hours prior to your egg retrieval procedure. Your fertility experts will conduct your urine test and if they find the results are positive then they will perform your IUI Treatment in Delhi on the following day.

Your fertility expert will adjust your time of ovulation artificially with the help of the triggering and to trigger yourself your fertility expert will give you the HCG injection. After this injection with the help of ultrasound scan, your fertility expert will able to determine the development of the eggs in your ovaries and check whether they are mature enough for fertilization or not. On the completion of this procedure your ovulation will occur within the thirty-six hours, however, if you administered the HCG injection in the evening then your fertility expert will perform your IUI Treatment in Delhi exactly after two days of the HCG injection taken.

The entire procedure of IUI Treatment in Delhi will take only a few minutes to complete and you will experience minimal discomfort after this procedure but the same can be relieved by giving the pain killer medicines. Your fertility expert will wait for your next step which is signs and symptoms of pregnancy.In case your IUI Treatment in Delhi is successful then your fertility expert will advise you to avoid hard exercises such as gym, swimming, aerobics etc. and also advise you to take proper rest for the successful pregnancy, however, if are unable to achieve the desired results in the first attempt then you can repeat your cycle of IUI or you can opt for other assisted reproductive treatments to fulfill your dream of having an own baby.In most of the cases, women try the IUI Treatment cycle again to achieve the success and some of them try the other assisted reproductive treatments to achieve the desired results.

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    How are the Sperms Collected in IUI Treatment in Delhi?

    To collect the sperms for the IUI Treatment in Delhi your fertility expert will advise you to abstain from intercourse and after 3 days of the abstinence in intercourse, your fertility expert will collect the healthy sperms of your husband into a jar. Then your embryologist will select the best and healthy sperm and placed into your uterus by using the thin tube and the final sample of your husband sperm will be placed into your uterus to increase your chances of conception. The procedure of IUI Treatment in Delhi will be performed without any anesthesia and on the day when the ovulation kit gives you the positive result, you can go for an intercourse or you can also plan on the day when you receive the HCG triggering injection.

    After the completion of the IUI Treatment in Delhi, there might be chances of multiple pregnancies which become difficult for your fertility expert to control the growth of the follicles, so it is advisable that IUI Treatment will only be performed by highly skilled and trained fertility expert to avoid the risk of multiple pregnancies.

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