IUI Treatment in Chennai

IUI Treatment in Chennai – A reasonable fertility treatment for childless couples

This is a procedure where the fertility expert will give you the ovulation-stimulating medications before they begin with the IUI Treatment in Chennai and this helps your fertility expert to monitor the women ovaries for the mature eggs production. The IUI is a procedure which is generally performed near your ovulation time which is about 24 -36 hours after the surge in LH hormone and this will indicates your fertility expert that the ovulation will occur soon.

Once the ovulation occurs the fertility expert will remove the men sperms from the seminal fluid by performing the semen in the laboratory and after that, they will directly inject the sperm into the women uterine cavity to facilitate fertilization. The IUI treatment in Chennai is the less invasive and less expensive treatment as compared to other reproductive methods. This procedure will take few minutes to complete and after the procedure, the women will experience mild discomfort which will be taken care by giving the painkillers. The fertility expert will then wait for the signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.

In case you are able to achieve the successful results in the first attempt of IUI treatment in Chennai then your fertility expert will advise you to avoid hard exercises such as gym, swimming, climbing, twisting, aerobics etc. and also you need to take the proper care and rest to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure, however, if your first attempt is unsuccessful then to achieve your goal of success which is your own baby you can repeat the IUI treatment in Chennai or you can opt for other assisted reproductive treatments to fulfill your dream of having an own baby.

IUI treatment in Chennai

Success Rate of the IUI Treatment Chennai

Success Rates

The success rates of IUI Treatment Chennai is very high as compared to the success rates of other developing countries, however, the success rates of the IUI Treatment Chennai depends on several factors such as the age of the women, cause of infertility, fertility drugs used for the treatment, body weight of the couple, lifestyle etc.

Fertility Expert

In case, the fertility expert will perform the IUI Treatment Chennai each month then the success rates for taking the baby home with IUI may reach as high as around 45 to 55% per cycle for the women under the age group of 35 years and this success rate will drastically dip down to 25 to 35% in case the women age is above 40 years

Network Hospitals

The fertility experts at all the network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company will suggest the IUI treatment to the couples below the age of 35 years to achieve the successful results of the procedure. As with the growing age, the quality of the women eggs starts declining and it became difficult to conceive a baby over the age of 40 years with IUI Treatment Chennai.









How are the men sperms are collected at IUI Clinic in Chennai?

The fertility experts at IUI Clinic in Chennai will advise the men to abstain from intercourse for 3 days so that they will collect the healthy and mature sperm for IUI procedure into a jar. Then the embryologist will select the moving sperm and implant into the women uterus by using the thin tube and the final sample of the men sperm will be placed into the women uterus to increase the chances of conception. The fertility experts at the IUI Clinic in Chennai will be performed this procedure without any anesthesia and the day when the ovulation kit gives the positive results, the couple is allowed for an intercourse or they can plan on the day when the women receive the HCG triggering injection.

There are chances that the multiple pregnancies occurred, so it is advisable that IUI Treatment will only be performed by highly skilled and trained fertility experts to avoid the risk of multiple pregnancies.


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My all credit goes to Go IVF surrogacy for offering me with TESA/ PESA through which the fertility expert surgically obtain my sperm and fertilized with my wife’s egg to achieve the successful pregnancy.


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