Surrogacy Services in Russia

Surrogacy Services in Russia – The best Fertility Services That Help Couple to Have Their Own Baby

The fertility experts at the network hospitals under Go IVF Surrogacy medical Tourism Company are the professionals who offered the reasonable and cost-effective Surrogacy Services in Russia so that each individual can easily afford it and can enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The people whosoever visit the network hospitals under Go IVF Surrogacy will get the best personal and medical care throughout their journey and also the fertility experts will offer the pleasant and comfortable stay so that couple will concentrate on the treatment to achieve the highest success rates of the procedure.

The Surrogacy Services in Russia also includes the surrogacy procedures which the fertility experts will offer the couple after the proper examination which will fulfill their dream of having an own baby. There are two types of surrogacy procedure which are followed at every network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company and these procedures are (i) Gestational Surrogacy and (ii) Traditional Surrogacy.

The Surrogacy Services in Russia using the gestational procedure is that the fertility expert will collect the eggs and sperms of the intended parents and fertilize them together using IVF procedure whereas in traditional surrogacy procedure the fertility expert will artificially inseminate the sperms of the intended father with the eggs of the surrogate mother. After the fertilization for both the procedure is completed the skilled embryologist will implant the resulted embryos into the uterus of the respective surrogate mothers to establish the successful pregnancy and she will carry the baby in her womb until the baby birth.

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Why People from Other Countries Preferred the Surrogacy Services in Russia instead of Their Own Countries?

The main advantage of having the Surrogacy Services in Russia is that there is no legal law applicable for the surrogacy procedure in Russia and couple of same-sex, different-sex, couple with growing age etc. can easily avail the benefits of the Surrogacy Services in Russia to have an own baby. All the network hospitals under the IVF Surrogacy just ask both the parties to sign the mutual agreement for the surrogacy procedure to run the process smooth so that no one will be in unstable condition at the end of the procedure.

The agreement of the surrogacy states that the surrogate mother will willingly carry the baby in her womb with the support from her family and o one have any issue that for who she is carrying the baby and on the other side the intended parents are ready to bear all the expenses related to surrogate mother such as her food, clothing, accommodation etc. and also pay her the monthly compensation so that she can take the proper diet and medications prescribed by the fertility experts until the baby birth.

After the successful completion of the procedure, the couples can seek the permission from the local Court in Russia and can take their baby home. These Surrogacy Services in Russia make Russia is the most demanded place for surrogacy and couples from other developed countries traveling to Russia for surrogacy instead having the surrogacy in their own countries.









What are the Other Surrogacy Services in Russia Offered at the Network Hospitals under IVF Surrogacy?

The network hospitals under Go IVF Surrogacy offer the surrogate mothers who are between the age group of 21 to 35 years and are young, beautiful, healthy and fertile women who deliver the highest success rates of the pregnancy. To offer the Surrogacy Services in Russia the fertility experts in Russia also make sure that all the surrogate mother whosoever join the surrogacy program to deliver their services and helping other couples need to be properly examined for their infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis so that it will not be transferable to the baby born through surrogacy procedure.

Generally, Go IVF Surrogacy the medical tourism company prefer to hire the married women with kids for the surrogacy procedure as they have established their ability to bear children as compared to the unmarried women.


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India is a country where we experienced the high quality of surrogacy treatment which helps us in conceiving our own baby. Our great thank the fertility experts in India who successfully fulfilled our dream.


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We are thankful to fertility experts in India who made the parenthood possible for us by offering the surrogacy procedure which converts us from couple to parent of an own baby.


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Our all credit goes to the fertility experts in India who offer us the surrogacy procedure which helps us in conceiving a baby as we both are dealing with the cause of infertility and to be a parent of an own baby was next to impossible for us.


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