Surrogacy Law in Russia

What is the Surrogacy Law in Russia?

The government of Russia now understands that surrogacy is just a simple fertility procedure like IVF, ICSI etc. which complete the family for the couples who were unable to conceive naturally and adoption is also not possible because of growing age, marital status or couple is of same-sex. This is the reason that Surrogacy Law in Russia is equal for all but can be performed in different ways so that everyone can enjoy the phase of being parents of an own baby.

The procedure of surrogacy is performed in a different way for different-sex couples and same-sex couples. According to Surrogacy Law in Russia, the surrogacy procedure for different-sex couples can be performed in two ways:

(i)    The intended parents will provide their eggs and sperms which will mix together to facilitate fertilization or

(ii)    The eggs of the surrogate will be artificially inseminated with the sperm of the intended father to facilitate the fertilization.

On the other side, the Surrogacy Law in Russia for the same-sex couples can be performed where one of the partners can provide the sperm which will be artificially inseminated with the eggs of the surrogate to facilitate fertilization and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother and she will carry the baby until the baby birth.

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Surrogacy Law in Russia
Surrogacy Law in Russia
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    How the Surrogacy Policy in Russia Helps People to Have an Own Baby?

    The Surrogacy Policy in Russia is nothing but a mutual concern between both the parties to run the surrogacy procedure smooth and hassle-free and this is the reason that the fertility experts under the network hospitals of IVF Surrogacy ask both the parties to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Russia before they begin with the procedure and this policy states that surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby to his/ her intended parents after the baby birth without any complications.

    On the other side, the intended parents will sign the Surrogacy Policy in Russia where it is mentioned that they are ready to bear all the expenses of surrogate mother such as food, accommodation, clothing etc. until the baby birth and also pay her monthly compensation so that she can take the proper medications and diet which is prescribed by fertility expert to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.

    The intended parent and the surrogate mother will have to work together and the fertility experts under the network hospitals of Go IVF Surrogacy will work as a bridge between them so that the intended parents can successfully take their baby home.

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    Is There Any Surrogacy Legalities in Russia for Surrogacy Procedure?

    Yes, after the completion of the successful surrogacy procedure, the intended parents need to fulfil the Surrogacy Legalities in Russia which says that on the third day of the baby born they need to file a petition in Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent of the baby born to take the baby home. The Court will review all the documents signed between both the parties and once they are satisfied with all the documents they order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate in the name of intended parents as the legal parents and surrogate has no relationship left with the baby born.

    Once all the Surrogacy Legalities in Russia are completed the couple can take their baby home and will make sure that they will never contact the surrogate mother in future for any reason. The network hospitals under Go IVF Surrogacy generally preferred married women with kids to be a surrogate mother for intended parents as they have established their ability to bear the children as compared to unmarried women. Surrogacy is a very delicate procedure and only those surrogates are allowed to join who are ready to sign the Surrogacy Policy in Russia as this procedure requires a lot of mental and emotional stability.

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    Why surrogacy needs a healthy surrogate mother?

    Surrogacy needs a healthy surrogate mother to process. Because, she carries to deliver the intended parents’ child. Also for a successful pregnancy, the surrogate mother’s fertility and fitness should be normal. With it, she does not have any abusive addiction to smoking, drinking, etc. Thus, the expert also performs various tests and examinations. This helps in knowing about the surrogate mother’s health before starting. Any disorder or abnormal condition can transmit to the resulting child. And the couple’s child has a high health risk.

    What is the non-medical cost of surrogacy?

    There are several steps to the medical and non-medical procedures involved in surrogacy. It includes a surrogate mother’s successful delivery of a kid. Depending on the level of care and the steps taken, they charge differently. By controlling the best procedure, you can achieve the best results. Numerous non-medical expenses are included in the cost of surrogacy. It increases the overall budget and aids in top-notch care. Having the ideal surrogate mother match will cost money. The cost of the legal agreement is then considerable because it is handled by an expert lawyer. Following that, non-medical costs include the surrogate mother’s vital care, remuneration, and other needs during the pregnancy.

    What is the success rate for surrogacy?

    The success rate of surrogacy is higher than that of any other ART method. It works well in cases of severe infertility that compromises the ability of the spouses. For example, the female partner’s uterus is not healthy, the couple is old, and they have serious health problems. The best method for resolving the many problems between partners is surrogacy. The surrogate mother (another healthy woman) gets pregnant to carry the baby for the intending parents, increasing the likelihood of success. Additionally, conception works as part of the superior IVF procedure. The procedure is carried out by an expert in fertility using cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the intending parents can choose the finest procedure based on their infertility issues.

    Can your surrogate become pregnant with help in advance?

    Yes, many cutting-edge techniques are part of the IVF process for surrogate mothers. For IVF to be effective, healthy eggs and sperm are required. The best support is advanced if one of the partners is having a gamete issue. It improves results and enhances the likelihood of pregnancy. PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IMSI/PICSI, SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), and more procedures are available for the pair. As the intended parents are unable to supply healthy eggs and sperm for fertilization, these are helpful in cases of severe infertility.

    Does the method ensure a certain outcome?

    More successful than any other surgery, surrogacy. because there are various ART techniques accessible but they only guarantee conception. The only way to put a child in the hands of the intended parents is through surrogacy. The intended parents are unaffected when the surrogate mother, who is in good health, conceives for the couple. For best results, only healthy sperm and eggs are required. The odds of conception and a favourable outcome are increased if you have healthy gametes and a healthy surrogate. The bundle with guaranteed surrogacy is an option. It aids in some objectives without posing any problems.

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    Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

    No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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