Surrogacy Contracts – between the Intended Parent and the Surrogate’s Husband

The Affidavit by Surrogate Mother’s Husband Would State that-:

  • That I have read the agreement between my wife and the Intended Parent (s) and shall not deem the Intended Parent (s) responsible for any charges, costs or compensations, unless provided for in the said agreements.
  • That I am willing to work with them to assist them in having a child. I believe the child conceived pursuant to this Agreement is morally, contractually and genetically that of the Intended Parent (s), and should be raised by them.
  • That I am in full agreement with the objectives of the Agreement and fully support the terms and provisions thereof. I hereby agree to cooperate with and assist my wife in fulfilling her obligations under the said Agreement. Such co-operation shall include but not be limited to abstaining from sexual intercourse with my wife during the times the Attending Physicians’ instructs.
  • That I will not be the biological father of the child or children here born of this surrogacy process, I shall at no time attempt to assert any parental rights or seek any kind of custody or visitation with respect to said child and that it is intended that the Intended Parent (s) of the child, shall exclusively have full physical and legal custody and all parental rights.
  • That (i) I will cooperate in all proceedings which may be necessary or desirable, (ii) sign any and all affidavits and or documents, which I can truthfully sign, requested at any time by the Intended Father including but not limited to an Affidavit of Non-Access and or an Affidavit of Non-paternity and (iii) have blood and sexually transmitted disease (“STD”) tests as determined by the Attendant Physician. I expressly waive the privilege of confidentiality and permission to the release of any reports or information obtained as a result of said examination/ testing to the Intended Father. (iv) I will assist in having the Intended Father listed on all documents as the Parent of said child.This is only a partial list of contents of the legal contract, to receive a full contract for you to read and approve, send us your contact details now.


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