When is the time to see the IVF specialists?

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The study elaborates that if the couple who is married and planning to owe a child and trying to reproduce naturally through the natural reproductive means but can’t as after one year of regular unprotected intercourse the female partner in the couple is not able to conceive then in such a case the infertile couple should consult the specialists for the fertility treatment whether the treatment for IVF and any other treatment should be done by the fertility experts so as to remove the issues relative to infertility that may accrue the fertility to be upgraded in the life of the couple who are facing the issues of infertility.

Infertility can be caused badly in the life of the couple who are having the issues with the same and in order to remove the issues of infertility, one should consult the fertility experts for the treatment of infertility and brings fertility in the life of the couple who wants to have the child of their own.

Infertility can be caused due to the factors like:-

  • In case the couple has passed away their reproductive age as exceeding the age to reproduce then in such a case the couple may sometimes lead towards permanent infertility or may sometimes have the part of the infertility issues to be faced by the couple who are facing the issues of infertility since long or may have the time-bounded for the same.
  • It is merely seen that the female partner should naturally reproduce in between the age group of about 22 years to 35 years without any fertility treatments to be prescribed but in case the female partner exceeds the age group and is now in her mid or late 30’s or maybe in early 40’s then in some of the cases the female partner is not able to conceive through natural reproductive form and may take the help of the fertility experts to conceive in such a process to owe the child to complete the family of the infertile couples.
  • Merely only about 70% women in her late 30’s or early 40’s are able to conceive naturally with their first baby and rest can consult the fertility experts for the same to be held smoothly.
  • If the women are not able to conceive then in such a case the female should consult the fertility expert to conceive if the female is not taking the birth control pills and despite that she is not able to conceive as having incessant trying of conceiving and despite that the female is not able to get pregnant.
  • Here about 80% successful cases should be delivered as at our clinic in Go IVF Surrogacy that inseminates the best treatment of infertility in the form of IVF and other treatments of infertility as the fertility experts should recommend to the infertile couples.

What kind of issues one should face prior to knowing infertility?

In case the female partner finds it difficult to conceive due to the factors like:-

  • In case she is not having the regular or timely periods or may face the issues with the absence of a periodic cycle.
  • In case the female is having the issues of cancer treatment as with the chemotherapy or other relative issues.
  • In case the female is facing the issues of reproduction which are not disclosed.
  • In case the female is having the problems with the eggs as the quality and the quantity of the eggs are not fine which is helping the female partner in conceiving.
  • In case the female partner is facing the issues of miscarriages one after the other in one way or the other.
  • In case the female is having the problem of Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases particularly known as PID. So in such a case, the female finds difficulty in conceiving having the problem with the same.
  • In case the female is having the disease of thyroid so in such a case so she is not able to conceive.
  • The fertility experts should provide the treatment through medicines and injections but the female partner is not able to conceive then the fertility experts should consult the couple to opt for IVF treatment and through the treatment, the couple wants to owe their child and completes their family.

In case the male partner finds the issues before announcing infertility by the fertility experts through the tests and reports

  • Low sperm count issues as merely faced by many male partners from the infertile couples that ascertains the failure of pregnancy even after incessant trying through the regular intercourse.
  • Semen analysis of the male partner defines that the quality is not that much that is being helpful in making the female partner pregnant.
  • Infertility is being diagnosed that the fertility treatment is being prescribed by the consultant so as to accrue the proficiency within the matter of infertility to be removed from the root to the tip in a better-formulized way that accompanying the better fertility acquisitions.
  • Problems as being faced by the male partner through the ejaculation that is to be detriment within the same procedure to be completed there with the way formalized.
  • In case the tiredness is being felt by the male partner during and after the sexual intercourse of the male partner with the female partner.
  • In case the redness is being found near the testicles area.
  • In case the male having the feeling of swelling issues at the outer most part of the male reproductive organ.

What do specialists recommend couples regarding infertility treatments? 

In the very first step of the infertility treatment, the specialists recommend the couples that the couples should first start up the treatment of infertility through the medications and the injections to make the female partner pregnant but in case the pregnancy is not achieved then the fertility experts should recommend the couple to get the treatment through IVF.

And if in case the couple fails to achieve success even though the IVF treatment than the couple should opt for IVF with ICSI in case the male partner is infertile and is not able to  produce qualitative sperms and then release the qualitative as well as the quantitative sperms and have low mobility and less sperm count than the couple should opt for IVF with IUI treatment and in case all the fertility treatments are failed then the couple must go for IVF with Surrogate that is more helpful for the infertile couples to remove infertility and brings happiness with owing the child through fertility treatment.

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