IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi – Which helps infertile couples to have an own baby

Procedure of IUI Treatment

IUI treatment is the first line treatment which comes in your mind when you consider for the assisted reproductive treatments because it is one of the reproductive treatments which cost you very less as compared to other reproductive procedures. This is a procedure where your fertility expert will collect and wash the sperms of your husband or sperm donor sperm. During your ovulation period, your fertility expert will select the best quality of sperm and inject them directly into your uterus with the help of fine thin needle called catheter. IUI treatment is a procedure which is painless and safe. The couples who are dealing with the issues of sperm motility or low counts the IUI procedure is the best option for them to treat their cause of infertility.

IUI treatment is one of the simple and straight procedures of assisted reproduction, however, in some cases, your fertility experts will prefer to follow your natural monthly cycle and the day when you ovulated they will plan your insemination accordingly, which is determined by ovulation predictors.

But there are certain cases where your fertility expert will prefer to take the more aggressive approach which controls your time when the ovulation occurs and your fertility expert will advise taking the fertility drug called Clomid or other fertility drugs which will help you to ovulate. The entire procedure of IUI will take few minutes to complete and IUI Cost in Delhi for the entire procedure is also very reasonable.

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Average Cost IUI Treatment in Delhi

The average IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi ranges between USD 500 to USD 2500 depending on the several factors:

Basic cost

The basic IUI Cost in Delhi will cover your basic clinic procedures such as sperm washing of your husband, preparation of sperm in the laboratory, and the transferring the washed sperm into your uterus which will cost you few hundred dollars only.

Other tests and Scans

If more ultrasound scan and blood tests are required other than the routine one than it will add several hundred dollars to your basic IUI Cost in Delhi, however, these tests and scans are covered by the insurance companies even if the cost of the IUI treatment is not covered.

Cost of Medication

If you require the medication such as Clomid than it will increase your IUI Cost in Delhi, however, the generic versions of these medications are also available in the market which is not much expensive and will give the same results. The Clomid medicine for one cycle will cost you between USD 10 to USD 100 depending on your dosage, however, during your IUI treatment the cost of this medicine will cost you around USD 40 for one cycle. In case you need the injectable medications than your IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi will increase because these injectable medications are more expensive than the Clomid medicine.

IUI cycles number

Your fertility expert will charge you for per IUI cycle, which means if you need more IUI cycle than your IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi will increases accordingly. In IUI treatment the age of the women is one of the most important factor which will decide your success rate of the treatment which means the IUI treatment is perfect for the women who are under age of 35 years and the chances of their successful pregnancy is around 40 to 50%, however, if the women are over age of 40 years than the success rate of the pregnancy will drop down drastically. So it is advisable to the older women not to go for the IUI treatment and opt for other reproductive treatments to fulfill their dream of having an own baby or in case you have 3 failed IUI cycles than also your fertility expert will not recommend you to repeat the IUI treatment, they advise you to go for other reproductive treatments better results.


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