IVF in Finland

IVF in Finland – A commonly used fertility procedure to surpasses the hurdles of infertile couples

IVF in Finland is the most commonly used fertility procedure which has surpasses the hurdles of any infertile couples who were unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months. According to research, the fertility experts in Finland use the latest and modern technology to treat the causes of infertility in couples which is stopping them to get pregnant. The couples who are dealing with the issues of not conceiving a baby after their one-and-half year of marriage then they need to try the IVF in Finland first before going to other expensive reproductive methods. Till date, the IVF in Finland is the procedure which delivers more than 3000 IVF babies in last year and continuing the same. Most of the women have achieved the successful pregnancy in first attempt only and in fewer cases, the women had undergone for more than one IVF cycle.

IVF in Finland

How does the IVF Finland procedure work to achieve the successful pregnancy?

The IVF Finland procedure consisting of 5 major steps and the couples who thoroughly follow the steps will achieve the successful pregnancy in the first attempt of IVF cycle. The following are the steps:

a) Ovulation Induction: This is the first step of the IVF Finland procedure where the fertility expert will give the female partner some fertility dosage which helps her in stimulating the ovaries and also the fertility expert will monitor her ovaries to note the exact time of the egg retrieval. The time plays an important role while retrieving the eggs because if the eggs were not collected on time then they won’t develop properly. The fertility expert is responsible to retrieve the women eggs on time and also ensures that the eggs which are produced by women are of good quality and they also keep a check on her hormone levels.

b) Egg retrieval: In the second step of IVF Finland the fertility expert will retrieve the women eggs from her using the fine thin needle called catheter which passes through her upper vaginal wall and after that the fertility expert will remove the fluid from the women follicles under gentle anesthesia by conducting the vaginal ultrasound. Once the fertility expert complete the aspiration procedure after that the women eggs will be isolated immediately from the follicular fluid and will be kept in the culture dish that contains nutrient media and will be transferred to the incubator.

c) Fertilization: The most important step of the IVF Finland procedure is the fertilization where the fertility expert will mix the women eggs with her husband sperm to facilitate the fertilization and once the fertilization takes place the embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer into women uterus.

d) Embryo transfer: This is also an important step of the IVF Finland procedure where the embryologist will transfer the selected embryo into the woman’s uterus and will wait for the signs and symptoms of the pregnancy.

e) Pregnancy Test: This is the last step of the IVF Finland procedure where the fertility expert will conduct the pregnancy test after two weeks of the embryo transfer and if the results are positive then your pregnancy will grow as normal else the couple can repeat the procedure or can opt for other reproductive procedure to fulfill the dreams of having an own baby.









To whom the IVF Treatment in Finland is Recommended

The following are the conditions where the couple needs to undergo for the IVF Treatment in Finland and these conditions are as follows:

  • A woman who had blocked or damaged women fallopian tubes for her the IVF Treatment in Finland is the best solution to have an own baby.
  • A woman who had failed ovaries can undergo for the IVF Treatment in Finland.
  • A woman who had diagnosed with unexplained infertility factor.
  • A woman who had the previous repeated history of miscarriages can undergo for the IVF Treatment in Finland to conceive her own baby.
  • A woman who tried other fertility drugs such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and has not achieved the successful results can undergo for the IVF Treatment in Finland to achieve the successful results of pregnancy.
  • A man with poor or low sperm count.
  • A condition where sperms are not available in male member’s ejaculate.
  • A condition where the shape of men sperm is abnormal.


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