IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand

IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand – A clinic which delivers the genetic disease-free babies

IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand is a clinic where the fertility experts at the network hospitals under IVF Surrogacy, the medical tourism company properly examine the couples for their genetic disease and also all the egg donors or surrogates are properly examined for their genetic disease so that when the fertility experts at IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand transfer the embryo into the women uterus is gene free and they deliver the healthy and genetic disease-free baby to his/her intended parents.

PGD is a procedure where one or two cells are extracted from each fertilized 6-8 cell embryo after fertilization on the third day. The biopsy will be provided by the fertility experts at IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand at the blastocyst stage of embryo development and this is known as trophoectodermal biopsy. After that, your fertility expert will analyse that the core of blastomeres containing the chromosome by using a homologous test with a fluorescent label. If in case the colored fluorescent spots are found then the fertility experts at IVF PGD Clinic in Thailand able to know the presence or absence of certain chromosomes and accordingly they will conduct the DNA analysis to identify the embryos that are free of the disease and will transfer the only disease-free embryo into the uterus of fertile women to establish the successful pregnancy.


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Why the selection of embryo is performed at IVF PGD Centre in Thailand and what are the benefits?

The IVF PGD Centre in Thailand performed the embryo selection to provide the couple with a healthy baby who is free from genetic disease and this becomes extremely important. Earlier, the fertility experts have only the available criteria which are the microscopic appearance of the embryo through which they select the healthy embryo to transfer into the women uterus. Unfortunately, there is no correlation between embryonic appearance and genetic health. According to study, it has been found that the embryo which looks perfect in appearance can carry chromosomal abnormalities and sometimes the embryo which looks unattractive can be genetically normal. The advent of PGD gave the fertility experts and their patients with genetic disease an effective clinical indication for which PGD can be used. The following are the benefits of using PGD at IVF PGD Centre in Thailand:

  • PGD is a procedure which can be tested for more than 100 different genetic conditions.
  • PGD has reduced the risk of passing on specific genetic diseases to the baby’s body.
  • PGD is performed before implantation of the embryos in the uterus (after the IVF and ICSI) so that couples can decide whether or not they choose to go ahead with the pregnancy.









Success rates of the IVF PGD Hospital in Thailand

PGD IVF or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is a reproductive method which is used with an IVF cycle and this will be used to identify the genetic disease before the implantation of the embryos into the women uterus to provide the safe pregnancy.

The success rates of the IVF PGD Hospital in Thailand are around 70 to 80% which is significantly higher than international benchmarks. In many cases, the couple does not require having any tests, but in some cases, PGD may help your reproductive endocrinologist to find out the healthy embryos and will implant into your uterus during IVF treatment.

There are some countries where gender selection is also done using PGD, however, the IVF PGD Hospital in Thailand under the Go IVF Surrogacy; the medical tourism company not allow the gender selection after IVF as it is banned at all network hospitals or clinics under Go IVF Surrogacy. The success rate of IVF PGD Hospital in Thailand is also very high for that couple who had previous failed IVF cycles or had the recurrent history of miscarriages as the fertility experts at this hospital are highly qualified and can easily deal with such cases to spread the happiness among all couples.


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