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Go IVF Surrogacy (GIS) offers egg contributors and sperm givers from Indian and abroad. Taking after are test giver profiles. Benevolent email us or send us a solicitation structure to get a complete rundown of current accessible givers to choose one for you. Fundamentally the patient is allowed to communicate with us through mail or talk. We are guaranteeing that the patient will get the best treatment and the 100% result. Donor sperm and ‘richness medications’ utilizing benefactor sperm might be acquired at a sperm bank or ripeness center. Here, the beneficiary may choose benefactor sperm on the premise of the giver’s attributes, for example, looks, identity, scholarly capacity, race, and numerous different elements.


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What Information you give Egg Donor Profiles?

Our comprehensive prescreening process starts with an extensive personal interview. Then potential donors have a complete physical by a board-certified IVF Specialist, followed by a thorough one-on-one psychosocial evaluation.

All of this information is compiled into an unedited, in-depth, 23-page personal and medical donor profile that examines her:

  • Personal characteristics
  • General health history
  • Reproductive health history
  • Extended family profile

Egg Donor’s Personal Characteristics

During the personal interview process, we evaluate potential donors for their level of maturity, personal integrity, personality traits, lifestyle choices, interests, goals, values, relationships, and overall accomplishments. We examine donor motivation, willingness and commitment. This rigorous evaluation of the donor gives you the most complete and meaningful picture possible in your search for the perfect match:

Appearance — In addition to their age and marital status, each candidate provides complete information on their physical characteristics. This includes height, weight, hair color and quality, body type, complexion, birthmarks, moles and dimples. We request childhood, adult and family photos covering three generations (when available). Donors supply other key information, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religious practices.

Interests/Aptitudes — Donors rate their math, mechanical, athletic, musical, and artistic aptitude. They list their favorite sports, music, foods, and color, pets, and travel destinations. Multilingual ability, special talents and hobbies are also disclosed.

Motivation to become a donor — Candidates’ motivation for becoming an egg donor are explored. Donors are asked how their family feels about their donation, how their specific culture perceives egg donation, and if they have a personal emotional support system. We makes sure each candidate is completely comfortable with the moral and ethical aspects of their donation, to assure their utmost compliance throughout the process. The fact that most of our donors participate in the program more than once is a direct result of our individualized attention, care, and counseling.

Educational/Professional Background — Each candidate supplies thorough educational and professional background information on themselves. This includes degrees attained, results of intelligence testing such as Grade Point Averages, SAT scores, and other aptitude assessments. Additional intelligence and personality tests are available upon request.

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    General Health History

    EFS donors are all in excellent mental and physical health, and have received a full medical and psychological suitability evaluation:

    Age — Candidates must be between the ages of 19 and 29, a non-smoker, and be within 5 to 10 percent of their ideal body weight.

    General health — Donors are questioned about allergies, dietary restrictions, hearing and vision acuity, and dental health. Caffeine and alcohol consumption, in addition to illegal / recreational drug history, are evaluated.

    Health history — Donors list any family history of birth defects, major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, liver disease, renal disease, or sexually transmitted diseases. They are also required to disclose any previous surgeries and / or hospitalizations.

    Disease screening — Candidates are routinely screened for hormonal status, infectious diseases, including AIDS, as well as the use of medication and/or illegal substances. Genetic screening based on ethnicity is performed to determine if they are carriers for Cystic Fibrosis, Tay Sachs, Sickle Cell, or Thaleassemia.

    Mental health — General mental, emotional and behavioral health is examined by a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist. Hospitalizations, medications or ongoing therapy is noted.

    • Reproductive Health History
    • Extended Family Profile
    Reproductive Health History

    The reproductive health history of each eligible donor and her family are examined closely:

    Pregnancy history — Donors are required to disclose the number of times they or their family members have been pregnant. Frequency of Caesarean sections and the number of times a pregnancy was not carried to full term are noted.

    Pregnancy conditions — Candidates disclose if they or family members have experienced pregnancy-related complications, which include gestational diabetes, toxemia, placenta previa, premature birth, still birth, ectopic pregnancy, and / or miscarriage.

    Offspring — Information on the number of children a donor has conceived, their age(s), sex, birth weight, and general health is required.

    Extended Family Profile

    EFS donors provide detailed information on all of their family members, dating back three generations: Health history — Physical and psychological health histories are examined in detail on all family members. Genetic conditions, birth defects, learning disabilities, or adoptions are noted. Physical descriptions — Detailed physical descriptions, including pictures when available, are collected for each family member. Background information — Complete information on personality traits, skills, talents, occupation, and education for each family member are recorded.

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