Surrogacy for Gay Men and Couples in India is not allowed by Law

Welcome to Go IVF Surrogacy India. Go  IVF Surrogacy and its Surrogacy clinics in India have been working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and single parent in their quest to become a parent since 2007. We strive to be transparent and provide egg donors and gestational carriers to carry your baby with high standards of medical care and ethical practice.

Please note that a due to a recent regulation by the government of India only married couples from abroad can now apply for surrogacy in India. Unmarried Indian citizens and singles can still apply.

Also, you will need to visit India for surrogacy on a medical visa only. To apply for a medical visa, send us your details here and we will send you an invitation letter to apply for medical visa at the Indian embassy.

We understand that the process of surrogacy is stressful and complex, and it is our endeavor to make your journey as smooth and straight as it could be.

Today, many Lesbian and Gay couples and individuals are deciding to have children through surrogacy and egg donation. Go IVF Surrogacy provides a holding hand with you throughout your journey to create families and in making your parenthood dreams come true.

Go Surrogacy’s program maintains excellent standards and ethical aspects in the surrogacy industry and gives personalized care and attention in each case.


Egg Donors for Same Sex Couples

Donor Egg is a very successful option for a positive pregnancy as it has higher success rates than IVF cycles using a woman’s own eggs. The primary reason is that the eggs are collected from young donors who are carefully screened to assure safe and successful pregnancy. For gay men, having a baby with surrogacy through IVF requires an egg donor and a gestational surrogate.

The egg donors recruited by our clinics are selected after a series of medical tests and counseling. We offer egg donors who are primary educated and premium Indian egg donors who are university students or graduates and post graduates. With our International donor agency we can also offer Caucasian and other race egg donors. To receive our latest egg donor profiles, click here.

Affordable Services for Gay Men and Couples

Go IVF Surrogacy has one most transparent fees and payment structure, yet affordable. We are dedicated to helping couple who cannot afford the exuberant fees. We believe that it doesn’t take a lot of money to provide our services, just a lot of heart and devotion.Go IVF Surrogacy is proud to offer three programs as per the individual needs of our clients. We offer all inclusive gestational surrogacy packages with Indian or Caucasian egg donors. To avoid emotional disturbance of not having positive pregnancy in the first attempt, we offer gay men and couples the options of surrogacy packages with two surrogates, two attempt packages and a guaranteed baby delivery package.The payment plan is made in such a way that you pay post pregnancy at every pregnancy term. To know more on packages, click here.









Intended Parent Requirements

Go IVF Surrogacy does not discriminate against any person desiring to be parents regardless of gender, financial situation, color, race, religious affiliation, fertility issue, marital status or sexual orientation. Go IVF Surrogacy requires that our Intended Parents meet the following before registering with our program:

  • Be Honest
  • No criminal history, able to pass a background check
  • Complete paperwork fully
  • Financially stable
  • Be respectful of Surrogate’s time and commitment
  • Between the ages of 21-60
  • Be in a stable living situation,
  • Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable),

Go IVF Surrogacy takes the safety of our Surrogates very seriously and reserves the right to refuse service to any potential Intended Parent that does not meet these basic requirements.


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