Significant Points to Wrap Up Your Success Rate After Embryo Transfer

February 1, 2019 by ivfsurrogacyin0

The basic success rate after embryo transfer depends upon the performance of a fertility clinic and the way the couple cares themselves. In any of the treatments, whether it is fertility-related medication or any surgery, the patient is recommended to take rest as much as possible as per the guidelines said by the doctor. In this page, we are going to discuss that concern issue, which is revolving day by day around the world. Infertility and IVF treatment, infertility is defined as the inability to give birth. IVF treatment in the ART technique is the universal remedy to get rid of this issue. Though infertility can’t be eliminated by its base root it can be solved temporarily by the fertility treatment relate to the patient’s issue.

Once a couple undergoes IVF treatment, the couple is generally baffled about their successful pregnancy. The crucial point comes in the patient’s days after embryo transfer during IVF treatment. Yes! If a couple has their first IVF cycle, then their nervousness increases at the time of embryo transfer.

These are some important points, which a couple must follow after their embryo transfer to get a favourable result in implantation and pregnancy –

The first thing, which a couple should know is to avoid vigorous exercise –

Some females think that after embryo transfer, rest is mandatory as much as possible; it’s not true actually. This thing is obviously appropriate that a woman must have to avoid heavy workout and vigorous exercise but she should not leave her day to day activity after embryo transfer.

So, basically, you don’t have to restrict all your normal activities but it is strictly recommended for a female not to do high impact exercise, this is because a difficult exercise can stimulate her uterine contraction and if it occurs when there may be negative sign during her pregnancy.

Intercourse- Yes! Sexual intercourse should also be avoided during these days. Some fertility clinics might have a different opinion regarding this statement but it is sure, while you do intercourse, uterine contraction occurs and that obviously has an adverse effect on a woman’s pregnancy. So, it is better to walk on the safe side and abstain from sexual intercourse for some time.

Try to make yourself calm and positive –

Those females, who have been through so much in the weeks of her IVF up to the embryo transfer, such as taking regular medications, hormonal injections, egg retrieval and then the step comes embryo transfer, now this is an important time to make yourself at ease and nurture.

Try to take sufficient sleep and do that work, which makes you happy. If you want to watch movies, serials, go for it, enjoy your time and be positive. It happens in some cases, some females feel anxious and stressed so for them, the best option is to go for a walk with your partner and have a sweet talk together, this may create mood normal.

No to say hot Shower –

Yes! This is one of the important points, which has to be taken care of by the women who have completed her embryo transfer. Things you have to avoid are- taking hot tubs, hot yoga- by doing these activities, the female may raise her internal temperature and this should be totally avoidable.

You can have a soothing lukewarm shower (as per the recommendation by your fertility expert)

Eat the way as if you are Pregnant –

True! One of the biggest questions comes in the mind of the female at this time is – what to eat and what to avoid.

So, for them, who are confounded about their dietary chart, let them aware- No need to worry about your chart plan. You just eat as if you are pregnant.  Have lots of implantation diet and healthy foods. Stick on green vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, fiber-containing products, etc.

For some duration, say bye for that food, which contains high-mercury fish, soft cheese. You should better take a complete data or diet schedule from your fertility expert. She will give the best guidance in looking your case. Alcohol, nicotine, usage of drugs and caffeine- these are some harmful substances, which you need to avoid completely.

The Bottom line –

These are some significant points, which a woman should do after her embryo transfer to get a favorable result in her pregnancy. You can speak to your doctor about the dosage of the supplements. Supplements of mineral or vitamin can have a beneficial impact on these days. You can add a supplement of folic acid, vitamin D and also vitamin B.


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