Surrogacy Law in Kenya

Surrogacy Law in Kenya – Which helps many infertile patients to have an own baby

As such, there is no legal Surrogacy Law in Kenya, however, to run the process smooth and hassle free the hospitals and the clinics offering the surrogacy treatment ask both the parties to sign a mutual contract before they enter into the surrogacy procedure. The contract of Surrogacy Law in Kenya says that surrogate mother will carry the pregnancy in her womb until the baby birth and will hand-over the baby to his /her intended parents after the baby birth.

The contract of Surrogacy Law in Kenya for intended parents states that they will bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother which includes food, accommodation, clothes, legal charges etc. and pay the compensation to the surrogate mother for her services. The surrogate mothers will receive the amount in the monthly installments and the left out balance will be paid once the heartbeat of an infant is confirmed.


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It is one of our best specialties where women eggs are collected and mixed with her husband sperm to facilitate fertilization.

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Our fertility experts are specialized in treating the cause of male infertility due to which a fertile woman is not able to conceive a baby.


This is our specialty where eggs, sperms and embryos are frozen at a sub-zero temperature to preserve them for future need.

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With this advanced specialty the pregnancy rates have been increased as compared to conventional IVF.

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This technique helps many women over the age of 35 years who freeze their eggs when they were young and can use them in future.

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We offer the best care for women with a wide range of gynecology issues along with general obstetrics and gynecology services.

To File a Surrogacy Policy in Kenya

To file a Surrogacy Policy in Kenya the intended parents need to file a petition in Court on the third day of the baby birth for seeking the Court permission to be legal parents of the baby born. The Court then orders the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate which states the name of intended parents as legal parents and surrogate mother has no relationship with the baby born.

Filing a petition is an important part of the Surrogacy Policy in Kenya because this is a very critical procedure and it requires a lot of emotional and mental support. So the couples who are undergoing for the surrogacy make sure that they file a petition after the baby birth so that no one blames each other at the end of the procedure.

Once all the legal formalities are completed the surrogate will hand-over the baby to intended parents and now it’s a duty of intended parents that they should not allow the surrogate mother to meet the child in future because it is very difficult for a woman who carries the baby in her womb for 9 months and later on she doesn’t have any relationship left with that baby. This is the reason that surrogacy hospitals and clinics ask to sign a Surrogacy Policy in Kenya so that no one in an unstable condition.


Final Thoughts on Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya

The government of Kenya understands that this is a simple procedure which fulfills the emptiness in the life of childless couples, therefore, there is no such Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya is followed and the people of the same sex or different sex can easily avail the benefits of the surrogacy procedure in Kenya. As there are no such Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya more and more international patients are traveling from well-developed countries to Kenya for achieving their dream which is their own baby.

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