Delhi is the hub of hospitals, several treatments, institutions, organizations and many more. In this entire page, we are talking about that hot potato issue which has become blot for many individuals’ lives. Infertility- Infertility or sterility can be defined as when a couple (either male or female) is incompetent to have his or her own baby by natural process. In India, approx 27.5 million couples are there, who are having a complication to conceive own child. Delhi is the urban place where the routine of the individuals get imbalanced and hence the numbers of infertile duos in Delhi are more comparing other states in India. Infertility is not any disease; it’s a hormonal disorder caused by unhealthy diet, urban lifestyle, smoking, drinking habit etc

IVF is the fertility treatment, which unravels infertility issue; IVF stands to In Vitro Fertilization. This treatment comes in ART technique; ART is the advance fertility treatment that solves the matter of infertility and IVF is one of the most selected fertility treatments in Delhi. IVF treatment Cost in Delhi is affordable for the one who is planning to go for this treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is that golden platform which provides the best and incomparable treatment of IVF all over the world.

Who are eligible to do IVF treatment-?

  • Those women who have fallopian tubes either blocked or damaged
  • Endometriosis (a case where uterine inside lining starts growing outside)
  • Male factor infertility (low sperm count, less motility of sperms)
  • Genetic disorder
  • Unexplained infertility

IVF Treatment and its Cost in Delhi  

Delhi is famous for many things, is always be in the limelight of its reasonable and cut-rate price of many treatments. One of them is IVF treatment. IVF treatment Cost in Delhi is much less than other states of India.  In the procedure of IVF, to stimulate the ovaries and to get mature eggs, the fertility experts will give you fertility drugs and medications for that. When the eggs are enough matured, then your fertility expert will retrieve the eggs by using of a special needle. On the same day, semen collection is taken. Now the most important step of IVF takes place, i.e. Fertilization. Fertilization is done in the lab under the guidance of the fertility experts, Sperms and eggs are mixed in a culture dish, and naturally, fertilization will take place. After fertilization, the embryo is placed in the female uterus to stick in the wall of uterine and if it sticks without any complication then most probably pregnancy happens.

Cost of IVF depends upon various factors, as we all know that IVF treatment is achieved by several methods. Now we will look into each method of IVF and its cost. The first method of IVF is done by using self eggs and self sperms from the female and male duo respectively. In this, procedure male’s sperm and female’s eggs are used for achieving fertilization in IVF process, and thus completing the cycle of this treatment. IVF treatment cost Delhi is INR 2,10,000. The second method of IVF is when a female can’t make the grade to release healthy eggs  here IVF treatment is fulfilled by not the eggs of the female partner but from the donor egg. The charges of this treatment while using donor egg in IVF is INR 3,35,000 (in this additional cost of a donor egg is added to the sum amount of IVF, cost of the egg donor is 1,25,000). The third method of IVF is when the male partner is unfit to release motile sperm for fertilization. Donor sperm is used in this case to complete a round of IVF cycle. Cost of IVF treatment using donor sperms is approx INR 2,45,000 ( donor sperm costs 33k-35k). Go IVF Surrogacy provides donors in the process of IVF treatment whoever wants. Let’s have a close look at each IVF treatment cost in Delhi.

IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

 IVF Treatments                                  Cost in INR     

  1.  IVF  Using Self Eggs & Sperms                                                       2,10,000             
  2.  IVF Using Donor Eggs                                                                       3,35,000
  3. IVF Using Donor Sperms                                                                  2,45,000


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