IVF Treatment in Noida

What are the Phases involved in IVF in Noida Procedure?

The phases of IVF in Noida include the following:

a) Preparation Phase: This is the first phase of the IVF in Noida procedure where the fertility expert will suppress the monthly cycle by giving the fertility drugs called Lupron or similar to Lupron. This is the fertility drug which tells the women body not to ovulate so that the clinic experts can easily retrieve the eggs at 14 days after Lupron begins.

b) Egg retrieval: In this phase of the IVF in Noida procedure the fertility expert will retrieve the eggs from the women ovaries using the hollow needle which will be easily inserted through the cervix into the women uterus.

c) Egg Fertilization: This is the most important phase of the IVF in Noida procedure where the retrieved eggs will be combined with the sperm of the intended father in Petri dishes in a controlled setting. After the embryo formed, the best will be chosen by the fertility expert for transfer.

d) Embryo Transfer: This is the phase of the IVF in Noida procedure where the fertility expert will place the formed embryo into the uterus of the intended mother using a special catheter device. This process involves entering the uterus via the cervix and strategically placing the embryos.

e) Pregnancy Test: The final phase of the IVF in Noida procedure is the pregnancy test which will be conducted after two weeks of the embryo transfer and if the pregnancy is positive then the women will be hand-over to her gynecologist and the pregnancy will grow as normal. In case, the first attempt at IVF in Noida procedure fails then the couple can repeat the cycle to achieve the successful outcome of the treatment.

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IVF Treatment in Noida

Is IVF Noida is a Painful Procedure?

With the understanding of the above IVF treatment steps, the people can see that the IVF Noida involves the insertion of tools into the woman’s body and in this entire procedure, the most painful part is injecting with medication. The other sterile catheter and tools are not much pain but they can cause some discomfort or mild pain which can be cured by taking the prescribed painkillers.At the time of egg retrieval procedure, small hollow needles are inserted into the women ovaries and uterus which produces the pain and the women will also experience some mild cramping which can persist for several minutes to hours after the egg retrieval procedure. When the fertility expert will transfer the embryo into the women uterus at that time also she feels some bloating, mild pain and cramping which will be taken care of by the fertility expert by giving the painkillers.IVF Noida is a procedure which gives the benefit to the women with tubal issues as this process bypasses the fallopian tubes entirely which helps the women to get pregnant whosoever have had tubal pregnancies that scarred the tubes. However, IVF Noida is a procedure which is not recommended to everyone. In case, the couples are over the age of 38 years or older, then they need to use the egg donors to increase their chances of conception.









IVF Treatment in Noida – The most beneficial procedure

IVF Treatment in Noida is the beneficial procedure for the couples dealing with the following causes:
  • If a woman has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes or any other problem then the best option for her is the IVF Treatment in Noida which help her to get pregnant.
  • In case male member has a minor problem with his sperm than it can be treated by using IVF with ICSI procedure where the fertility expert will extract the sperms from the men ejaculate using two methods which is Testicle, testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) or Epididymis, percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA). If enough sperms are not produced than the fertility expert use the advanced method which is testicular sperm extraction TESE.
  • If the couple has tried fertility drugs, such as clomiphene, Metformin, or another fertility treatment such as IUI but unable to achieve the successful results then for those couples the best is the IVF Treatment in Noida which helps them in conceiving their own baby.


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