If you want to delay your parenthood days but at the same time you are unsure about your future fertility level then here you are – you do have several options to make sure you get conceive later in your life. Today there have been several latest techniques introduced in front of us treating infertility issues. One of the most preferred ART methods is IVF treatment that has been used to solve infertility issues for a long. The first IVF baby born in England- Louise Brown on 25 July 1978 and from this year more advanced procedures came into light such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Aspiration, etc. But what if when the couple plans to delay their parenthood and wants to have a baby later in their life. Yes, there is a special technique for this plan – the Egg Freezing option.

Egg freezing in Delhi is the most suitable technique to achieve the baby later in life. It’s a procedure of assisted reproductive technology, which has been used for the preservation of the woman’s eggs – this method is also called as oocytes cryopreservation. During this procedure, the woman has to undergo a few steps similar to IVF. The female at the beginning of the process has to undergo some fertility medication and hormonal injection so as to stimulate the ovaries aiming to receive multiple eggs. During the course of medication, the female has to regularly visit the centre for follicle-maturity checkups. Once an IVF specialist confirms the developed follicles, the very next procedure is to pick the eggs from each ovary. Egg-collection is a minor surgical procedure, where the specialist inserts a hollow needle for the eggs to be picked up into the ovary. This process is done with all the safety and under the guidance of ultrasound. The eggs, which have been harvested from the ovaries, are then frozen and stored in the fertility laboratory to be used later.

Egg Freezing Cost in Delhi is reasonable and the entire process is accomplished in a smooth manner performed by the specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy. The cost of egg freezing is also based on the time period of a woman wants, apart from this there will be the cost of fertility medication, hormonal injections, and egg collection charge.

Do you think Egg Freezing Cost in Delhi expansive or?

No, you don’t have to think much about the cost of egg freezing in Delhi because here you can easily get a reasonable Egg Freezing Cost in Delhi becomes low if the woman needs fewer injections for the stimulation. All in all, the Egg Freezing Cost in Delhi is INR 2, 00,000 approx. (wherein the charge of egg freezing is also included for six months). The cost of egg storage in the fertility lab for six months is INR 25k to 35k and for a year it will be approx 45k-50k.

The cost of IVF procedure (medications to egg-collection) during this technique is approx INR 1, 50,000 to INR 1, 75,000. You will find a bit different cost of egg freezing because of different locations and fertility centres but keep in mind to go for genuine and authentic egg freezing centres in Delhi.

Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading healthcare facilitator that serves quality treatment solving infertility issues. We serve the highest success rate of IVF and other fertility techniques across the globe; the success rate of live births via frozen eggs is 68%.

Egg freezing is appropriate for-

  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer and planning to undergo cancer treatment (chemotherapy) then Egg Freezing Delhi is the right to call for you to attain pregnancy after the treatment. During the radiation/ therapy in the cancer treatment, the fertility potential gets reduced drastically and it is a bit difficult to conceive by own after the treatment, hence egg freezing is the best option before you go to any of the major treatments.
  • During the IVF treatment sometimes the case comes when the male is unable to produce motile and active sperms for the fertilization and thence IVF is delayed. At this point, eggs are kept frozen for the following time of IVF treatment.
  • Egg Freezing Delhi is the best choice for those women who want to delay their childbearing days (due to any reason that could be carrier priorities or maybe some other)
  • Egg Freezing Delhi also be used by those females who are holding back marriage due to certain reasons but just to make sure future pregnancy well, they opt egg freezing procedure.

How long can the eggs remain frozen?

Long-term data is at a halt because most of the fertility clinics have the report for over ten years and that is reported as successful outcomes. So, if a female wants to preserve her eggs for five to ten years then she can easily go for this process to have a successful outcome. Although the woman can conceive with the frozen eggs in older age easily (only if the retrieved eggs at the time of egg-pick up are of healthy quality).  The egg freezing procedure in Delhi is completely safe. The entire process of egg freezing by the team of best egg freezing centre in Delhi is carried out in a superb manner.

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