The situation, where the couple is unable to conceive and give birth to their own child, is referred to as Infertility condition. It is very hard to grapple with the infertility case but with the help of advanced fertility treatment, it is easily presided over. India is that country, which is well-known for its best and affordable fertility treatments all over the world.

Infertility treatments are best performed in IVF Clinic in Chennai by the master hands of Go IVF Surrogacy’s fertility veterans. IVF- In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most acceptable fertility treatments to eradicate infertility issue. You must have heard about ART technique, if not, then here is the brief definition of it, ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology is a medical generic term that encompasses various advance infertility treatments. IVF Treatment in Chennai is also one of the advanced treatments of the ART technique.

What is IVF treatment?

IVF treatment in Chennai is the most efficacious infertility treatment and is a universal remedy of any of the infertility disorder. Though there are many techniques or methods to treat sterility issue, IVF is on the top of the line ART treatment. IVF Treatment in Chennai is performed using various ways on the basis of a couple’s infertility condition. Infertility case could be of several types; it sometimes happens that the female is unable to unleash healthy quality of eggs, at this time egg donor IVF is used to achieve IVF fertilization, this situation same can go with the male as well (donor sperm is used at this case with IVF).

Let’s look elaborate structure of IVF Treatment in Chennai –

As mentioned above, IVF treatment, when combined with other ART technique is referred as advance IVF treatment and when the couple is fit and able to perform each step of IVF treatment, this conventional IVF treatment is known as basic IVF treatment.

Fertility doctors of IVF Clinic in Chennai do have best hands on each fertility treatments and performs matchless IVF treatment in Chennai, providing the entire advance amenities to the patient.

Who can settle on IVF treatment in Chennai?

  • Women whose fallopian tubes are damaged or removed
  • Women who are facing with PCOS disorder
  • IVF treatment is best for those women, who have irregular ovulation cycle
  • Male factor infertility (such as low sperm count, less sperm motility)
  • Individual with genetic abnormalities or chromosomal defects
  • Unexplained infertility

IVF Treatment – How it works?

The very step of IVF Treatment by IVF Clinic in Chennai is providing fertility medications to the female partner for a few days (for 12-15 days). The fertility medication is given to the female so that she will produce more than a single egg at the time of ovulation. Why multiple eggs are needed at the time of egg retrieval? This is because; it may happen that some of the eggs may lack the quality to be fertilized with the sperm, so for a safe side, doctors retrieve multiple eggs to achieve IVF fertilization. This is called ovulation induction.

During these medications, the female patient gets regular ultrasounds or blood hormonal tests to visualize the growth of the follicles in IVF Clinic in Chennai.

Once the female’s ovaries have produced matured eggs, the procedure of egg retrieval is started. Prior of the process of egg collection, a ‘trigger shot’ is given; this is a hormonal injection and is given just before 34 hours of egg collection. This injection is given in order to get all the eggs matured enough.

The egg retrieval process is a minor surgical process, where the doctor removes each egg carefully from the ovaries. During this step of IVF Treatment in Chennai, the female patient needs medicine to be relaxed and comfortable. By using ultrasound, the doctor sees inside the female’s body, inserting a thin & hollow tube through the way of the vagina into the female’s ovary, eggs are collected. This needle is attached with a suction device that gently pulls each egg out of each follicle.

When eggs are collected from the female recipient, on the same day, semen specimen is collected by the partner. In the fertility lab of IVF Clinic in Chennai, eggs are mixed with the sperm cell, this step of IVF treatment Chennai is referred as Insemination and when the sperms get penetrated with the egg inside successfully, that process is known as fertilization.

As soon as the fertilization takes place, cell division also begins and thus become an embryo. Within 3-4 days of fertilization, one or max two embryos are hand-picked and placed into the female’s uterus by using a catheter. Embryo transfer is not at all painful.

At the End –

Pregnancy occurs when the embryo has attached to the lining of female’ uterus. This is all about the steps, which are included in IVF Treatment in Chennai. Further, if the couple wants to go for Post embryo transfer steps, then they may go for it, post embryo procedure takes the additional cost. Each fertility clinic has its own criteria regarding the IVF package. The couple needs to seek the best IVF clinic for their IVF Treatment without any hurry.


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