How do I choose the best IUI treatment clinic in Mumbai?

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In order to choose the best IUI treatment clinic in Mumbai for the infertile couples who are facing the issues regarding male infertility treatment like IUI, ICSI etc. due to the low sperm count or even for the males whose sperm quality is not up to the mark in attaining the pregnancy of the female.

While choosing the best IUI clinic in Mumbai, following points should be considered in the mind:-

  • The centre that delivers the best results in the past few years in the removal of the issues relative to male infertility.
  • Since while doing the process of IUI, the sperms should be extracted out of the male’s reproductive part that means the sperms should be extracted out of the testis of the male and this is with the use of fine quality sperms.
  • The centre that delivers the proper semen analysis of the sperms of the male using the latest technology and the modernized types of equipment in such an aspect in order to remove infertility issues.
  • The centre which delivers the maximum successful results for making the treatment of male infertility in the form of IUI to be delivered in the way better that ascertains the accomplished results which are merely more or less than about 88% to be successful results delivered in the past years.
  • The centre should be acknowledged with the best IUI treatment to get the male infertility treatment through the male’s sperm who are delivering the results where the sperm count is barely very low that is not been sufficient in making the female partner pregnant.
  • At least mere about 8000+ successful cases should be delivered by the fertility experts and his/ her respective team in making the treatment much more affected and accurate during the preferential allotment of the time procedure to be assessable.
  • The centre whose IUI treatment cost is so very minimal that can make the treatment an affordable treatment even for all the couples who are facing the issues of male infertility and also for all the sectors of the society who are facing such issues.
  • As in IUI treatment the sperms should be extracted out from the male’s testis and then the sperms should be directly placed or transferred in the female’s uterus after analyzing the quality of the sperm and then the best and qualified sperms should be directly placed in the uterus of the female in order to attain the desired results over the same procedure to be completed.
  • The fertility experts at the centre should have mere about 30 to 40 years of prior experience over the same field so as to accelerate the results that are in positive attempt to be upholding the desired positive results.

Why Go IVF Surrogacy?

Go IVF Surrogacy should be chosen by more and more needed couples who are facing the problems as regarding male infertility because of the following points to be kept in the mind at the way that insistently worked upon the following and the results should be delivered:-

  • The fertility experts at the clinic Go IVF Surrogacy should have an experience of mere about 35 + years and the team including the lab assistant, lab technicians and embryologists should deliver the desired results within the time for the best resulting scenario.
  • The fertility experts should acknowledge the subsistence that IUI, ICSI and other male infertility should be delivered the best results at our clinic with the most prominent factors of using the best technique and latest equipment of machinery and other tools that increased the maximized results in such an aspect.
  • The fertility experts should provide the best guide to the childless couples and also prescribe the best medications and injections and all that must be in a most nominal amount that can be invested by the childless couples with ease, so as to enumerate the world-class facilitation to be provided at our clinic.
  • The team is much more supportive that each and every infertile and needed couple should be prominently indulged in the activism that is required by the couple to accompanying the factor that is needed by the couple during the treatment procedure of male infertility in the form of IUI from the point of time the treatment starts and continued till the time the treatment ends up.
  • At our centre, the success rate of IUI treatment barely lies in between 80% to 90%.
  • IUI should be completed by using the donor’s sperms as well so as to take the desirable results in such an aspect.
  • In case the male sperms are not up to the mark than the couple should take the sperms of the donor to make the treatment a result in oriented treatment for IUI relative treatments.
  • The treatment should be much more cost friendly that accomplished the affordable amount including the medications costing, lab charges, expert’s fees, the cost of injections and the other costs for the treatments including all the other relative costing that indemnifies the much more accuracy in the treatment and that too must be in affordable costs.

The main aim of the clinic is to serve more and more infertile couples by the end of the year 2020, so that the success rate of the clinic will be increased and also with the infertility issues to be removed from one’s life up to the maximum extent and every married couple is being blessed with their own child is the purpose that the clinic must resolve till the year 2020.

 What are the factors to make infertility treatment an affordable treatment?

The factors that are to be taken care of while choosing the affordable treatment:-

  • Use own sperms for the treatment in spite of the donor’s sperm.This is because by using the sperms of the donor the couple needs to pay the additional charges for the sperm donors as well.
  • Sperms should be extracted directly out of the male’s reproductive organ using the fine quality needle that helps the fertility experts to take the sperms out of the testis and after analysis and deep observations the quantified and the most qualified sperms should be taken by the experts so to get the desired results in the form of pregnancy of the female partner of the couple.
  • After the male’s sperms should be deeply analyzed and verified the qualitative sperms should be placed in the female’s uterus so as to attain the prompt level of pregnancy that the signs of pregnancy should be seen once the completion of the ultrasound screening in a prompt and effective manner.
  • In case one attempt is not considered effective in delivering positive results than in such a case the experts should freeze the qualified sperms for future use in case the sperms should be failed in the very first attempt than the second attempt should be considered in one way or the other to make the treatment to deliver the positive outcome in case the treatment in the first attempt is not that much resulting as required in the female’s pregnancy.

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