To know whether a male or female facing fertility issues, the specialist will go over some sexual history, health history, any past medical problem, how often the couple involves sexual intercourse and some other relevant information.

A male has to undergo a physical evaluation test and if recommended then the male has to go for a semen analysis test too- these tests clarify the specialist to know the root cause behind his infertility (if there is any). Semen analysis test is a test performed to know if there are any issues in a male’s fertility system. If the sperm is found non-motile, inactive or very less in the count then the specialists will further look for the treatment suitable for his case. We are going to discuss the most preferred fertility treatment options for males (females also) as this page goes down.

Talking about the female fertility diagnostic tests, the specialist starts questioning about female’s any past medical history if any surgery she has been undergone; a physical exam and a pelvic exam is carried out. The specialist makes sure that the female is ovulating properly and releasing the eggs from her ovaries without any barrier. Specialists also take blood tests to evaluate hormonal levels. If necessary, female’s uterus and fallopian tubes are examined by specific X-ray tests and ultrasound.

Approximate 70-80% of females have a common issue behind their infertility with their ovulation issue or have blocked fallopian tubes. Males have sperm issues (such as inactive, less motile, low count of sperm or morphologically unfit sperm). In 5-15% of infertility cases, the cause is unknown or idiopathic.

Women facing ovulation issues can be solved by fertility medication but if a woman faces severe infertility issues such as painful menstrual cycle, irregular ovulation (or menstruation for the past few months), then she needs to undergo advanced fertility treatment options to have own baby. The same goes for males if a male experiences mild male factor infertility, then by the help of IUI treatment he can impregnate his partner.

What are your Fertility Treatment Options- Let’s have a look 

Thanks to the advanced medical technology, this has opened many gates for the childless couples to get their baby by different fertility treatment options. Several Fertility Treatment Options are available to eradicate the couple’s infertility issue such as –

  • Fertility medications and drugs associated with ovary stimulation
  • High-tech ART technique (Assistive Reproductive Technology)
  • IVF or Test Tube Baby Treatment
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Surgery (if required)

Some other Fertility Treatment Options include the following –

  • One of the advanced Fertility Treatment Option is the Egg Donation Method – This is the procedure, where a fertile and healthy woman donates her eggs to help another infertile female to build her family. The woman who donates her eggs could be a known or unknown egg donor. This is the best treatment option available for those couples, wherein the female partner is unable to supply the fine quality of the eggs.
  • Gestational Surrogacy – This fertility treatment option is best for those couples, who are unfit to carry the pregnancy or have experienced multiple IVF failures; this procedure is best suitable for those females, whose uterus have some abnormalities or maybe the female has undergone the surgery of hysterectomy (the uterus is removed).
  • Adoption method – an option to have a kid (not biologically related) from the third party.

Some Best Fertility Treatment Options – 

I hope you have read the above methods of getting pregnant, along with the above infertility treatments, there are numbers of fertility treatments that are discussed below. These fertility treatment options are the best and preferred in almost all the infertility cases of males and females based on their reports.

It is always not important that a couple has to go for fertility treatment to have their child; rather there are some natural ways too such as weight loss, eating a proper diet, stick on healthy routine (that includes daily exercise, yoga). Yoga is the best way to transform yourself into the happiest way because there are some couples, who at initial phase get frustrated and anxious about not being pregnant, by dong yoga a person feels relax and calm at mind this is why yoga and breathing technique can give in a positive result for your pregnancy.

Those dealing with depression stress of infertility and restlessness can choose fertility treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and counseling.

Even if you are undergoing any advance fertility treatment then yoga helps you to relax and feel better all through the way of treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading centre that provides a familiar touch along with the best fertility treatment option. This centre is enriched with world-class fertility veterans, who have a high success rate giving maximum live births via IVF treatment.

  1. Medications –

Usually, more than 70% of females face ovulation issues; this disorder can be resolved giving fertility medications to the female. Your doctor can suggest you the way how to go for this treatment.

2. Artificial Insemination – 

This is one of the basic male infertility treatments, where washed sperms are directly placed into the uterus of the female (at the time of her ovulation). This treatment option with or without be done using ovulation medication because if the female is ovulating regularly then an ovulation detector can be used to find the exact date of the female ovulation phase.

3. IVF – 

As stated above too, IVF is one of the most productive and advanced fertility treatment options available to resolve infertility issues. IVF is also performed using different techniques such as donor egg, donor sperm, and donor embryo (as per the case of infertility in a couple).

  1. ICSI – 

ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection involves is followed by IVF treatment but during the procedure of fertilization during ICSI, a single (motile and active) sperm is inserted into each egg (that has been picked up from the female’s ovaries). ICSI is a male infertility treatment and shows a high success rate too.

  1. Fertility Preservation Option – 

Yes, now a couple can preserve their fertility for later, how? They can simply freeze the eggs by choosing an authentic fertility centre you can undergo this procedure.

  1. Egg Donation – 

Women who are unqualified to supply with healthy eggs during the egg retrieval procedure of her IVF treatment, donation egg is the best option to go for. During egg donation, an egg donor undergoes all the medications until the completion of her egg pick-up process.

  1. Surrogacy – 

Surrogacy is the best option in the ART technique and is used by those couples, wherein the female partners are unable to carry the baby in the womb due to any uterine issue (or removal of the surgery- Hysterectomy).


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      Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

      No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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