Finding the perfect AMH level for IVF

AMH or Anti-mullerian Hormone) is the name of the protein made by ovarian follicles and measuring AMH levels aids in determining the availability of eggs inside your ovaries. Identifying the number of eggs is crucial for the success in IVF and the higher quantity indicates higher chances of attaining pregnancy with the help of the IVF treatment.

For finding out the number of eggs in your ovaries, the AMH test is highly useful because the high number of AMH levels is the direct indicator of the number of eggs that are there in the ovaries. If you are someone with high AMH levels, then attaining pregnancy will be easier for you as compared to the woman with low AMH levels. Women with good AMH levels also have a good response to the fertility medications that are given to them during the process of the IVF treatment.

However, if you have faced difficulty conceiving in spite of a good AMH level for IVF then the reason behind infertility is probably something else that can only be diagnosed once you receive a comprehensive diagnosis from an experienced fertility expert. Also, low AMH levels do not also mean infertility as in various infertility cases women have attained conception despite low AMH levels.

It is an obvious fact that a woman loses the quantity and quality of eggs once she is her 30s and the quantity of eggs reduces to a bare minimum after the age of 40. Go IVF Surrogacy– one of the finest medical tourism companies in India works in collaboration with top-notch fertility experts having hands-on experience in conducting the most efficacious cases of different types of fertility treatments in India. We provide the lowest price range for different procedures that are performed in a fertility treatment including the AMH level test.

Estimated ranges for a good AMH level for IVF

The importance of the AMH level is no shorter when it comes to the use of IVF treatment. IVF is the most sought-after infertility treatment performed all over the world for providing reproductive assistance to the couples for having a baby because the normal road could not help them reach the destination of parenthood. Determining the AMH levels in advance is helpful in deciding the type of medication you will need for triggering your ovulation cycle during the IVF treatment.

A good AMH level for IVF is somewhere between 40.01 and 65.50. This level is considered to be the best for assuring success in pregnancy. However, this range should not be observed as the final word as the ranges may differ according to the different conditions and treatment requirements of the patient. But if your AMH level falls in this category, then consider yourself lucky or healthy as positive results in your IVF treatment are quite certain.

However, if you are AMH levels are as low as 2.20, then pregnancy will be a long-drawn journey for you and you will have to take high dosages of fertility drugs for stimulating the production of eggs inside your ovaries for the IVF treatment. Another satisfactory range for AMH is 21.50 to 48.60 where there are good chances of pregnancy with the help of IVF. However, there are equal chances of failure in the IVF cycle due to the descent AMH levels as other factors may hinder the effective attainment of conception.

Choose Go IVF Surrogacy for best results in IVF treatment

No matter the severity of your infertility or the low levels of AMH, the assistance of well-experienced and adroit fertility experts can help tackle even the most intricate cases of infertility. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we work with the first-rate fertility specialists and hospitals all over India. Our staff at the various network hospitals ensures supreme quality of various fertility treatments to the patients so that they can complete their family.

In addition to quality treatment, our patients also benefit from the low price ranges as we do not charge unreasonably to the patients and make a customized treatment plan for them after consulting them properly. We also provide high success rates for IVF that are authentic and are higher when contrasted with the other fertility clinics.

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    Age and fertility

    Fertility is the ability to achieve pregnancy by an individual and it is a known fact that such ability starts to decrease with the increase in the age of the individual. However, it is hard to tell when this happens as the exact age for reduced infertility differs from individual to individual. Sure there are some cases where the couples have conceived despite their old age but that happens rarely.

    In some cases, the couples intentionally postpone pregnancy due to career reasons, not ready to take the responsibility of the child, or due to some unforeseen events that force them to conceive at a later age in life. Age is one of the most crucial factors impacting the fertility of an individual. In women, the ability to make healthy fertile eggs declines as she ages and on the other hand, men also face difficulty producing high motility sperms after a certain age. However, the rate of decline in fertility is greater in women as compared to men.

    Generally, women over 35 and men over 40 deals with the problem of infertility and fails at achieving pregnancy despite multiple attempts of trying to do so. When in doubt your stage of fertility it is better to consult a fertility specialist as he can advise you the best as to the actions to take in order to have a child at an old age. He may recommend you undergoing methods of assisted reproduction where they employ a technique to effectuate fertilization without requiring the aid of a human body.

    Age of the woman and egg-quality

    When a woman is born she has all the eggs in her ovarian reserve that she will ever require in life. But with the increase in her age, she experiences diminished quantity and quality of the eggs as the years go by. The decreases quantity of eggs means the decrease in the chances of her attaining pregnancy. Therefore, there are fewer chances of pregnancy after you reach 30 and the chances become even fewer after the age of 45-50. But there is always hope as pregnancy does naturally happens in some cases and is possible for anyone if they undergo fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, etc.

    A woman is considered to be highly fertile before 30 and after the age of 30, her fertility begins to decline. The rate of decrease in fertility increases considerably after the age of 35 and when she reaches 40, the chances of her achieving pregnancy are cut-down to more than half.

    Age of the man and sperm-quality

    The age of the man also affects the fertility men above the age of 40 have less chances of making their partner pregnant as they become inefficient at making healthy sperms with the decrease in their age. A man produces millions of sperms each day but man over 40 produces less quantity of sperms due to many reasons. Both the quantity and motility of the sperms starts to reduce with the increase in the age of the man.

    However, in some instances, it has happened that men with age 80 and 90 have become a father, but again, that is a rare case and there are certain things associated with the whole scenario that lead to the attainment of pregnancy.

    Also, the average of the couple also matter when it comes to achieving pregnancy as most of the time there is a huge age gap between the couples. For instance, the risk of a miscarriage happening is greater in women (even if she is 25)  trying to conceive with a male partner who is over the age of 40, due to the old age of the male partner.

    What to do in order to conceive at an old age?

    If you have been trying to conceive for a long time and do not see any hope of getting a child, then it is the time to get yourself checked by a fertility doctor. The potential reason behind such inability can be your old age, bad-quality eggs, low motility sperms, or any other specific reason that can only be identified after you visit a fertility clinic. Some of the infertility cases can be cured with fertility medicines, while the more severe cases demand the use of fertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surrogacy, etc.

    Go IVF Surrogacy is a widely recognized medical tourism company in India operating in collaboration with the best fertility specialists having significant experience in performing various fertility treatments. Our fertility specialist will effectively asses your fertility health in order to find out the cause behind your infertility and will perform the best course of fertility treatment accordingly. We are known to provide affordable fertility treatment in India with high chances of success in the same.


    What is a low sperm count?

    Low sperm count is the inadequate quantity of sperms found in the seminal content of a man. When the sperms present in the semen is less than the normal sperm count, then the man is considered to have a poor or low sperm count. The low sperm count also impacts the motility and shape of the sperms that makes it nearly impossible for the man to make the woman pregnant due to the non-availability of healthy sperms.

    The condition is also known as oligospermia and is one of the most common reasons behind male factor infertility. The low sperm count leads to partial or complete fertility in men as the sperms are not sufficient enough to reach and penetrate the egg and thus, preventing the woman from getting pregnant. Also, it is observed that a low sperm count is a reason behind around 50% of infertility cases caused due to male factor infertility.

    It is also a cause behind infertility as it prevents the couples from achieving pregnancy and thus, giving them the tag of infertility. The number of sperms in the seminal fluid is determined by a process called semen analysis in which the male partner with problems in his sperms, provides his semen sample for diagnosis during the process of semen collection. The obtained semen sample is evaluated by the doctor for analyzing the morphology, motility, and quantity of sperms.

    The semen analysis aids in ascertaining both the quantity and quality of the sperms and the process is executed in a pathology lab. If the results of the semen analysis show that the levels of sperm count have to be at least 10 million to 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen and anything lower than that is considered as a low sperm count.

    How to tell if you have a low sperm count?

    If you are trying to conceive for more than a year and the issue behind such inefficiency to conceive is not identifiable yet, then it is time to go for a sperm diagnosis. To find out your sperm count, you have to visit a fertility clinic where a doctor will ask you to provide the semen sample for the process of semen analysis.

    The semen analysis aids in ascertaining both the quantity and quality of the sperms and the process is executed in a pathology lab. If the results of the semen analysis show that the levels of sperm count have to be at least 10 million to 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen and anything lower than that is considered as a low sperm count.

    Attaining pregnancy despite the poor quantity of sperms- some tips to increase your sperm count

    For improving fertility and sperm count, there are some tips and tricks you can use. It is not certain that the tips will definitely improve the sperm count but the individual will experience an enhanced sperm count for sure.

    • It is crucial to have a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins as it helps in improving the sperm health of the patient. The man with a low sperm count should consume foods rich in antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables, for increasing the sperm count.
    • Cut down the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol has proved to reduce the sperm count and negatively impact the fertility health of the man.
    • The man should have a balanced BMI as being overweight affects the sperm count. BMI of the man should range between 23 to 25 for assuring a healthy sperm count.
    • Also try various multivitamin supplements such as folic acid, Vitamin E, CoQ10, Vitamin C, etc. Ingesting such supplements will definitely aid in improving fertility and will provide better chances of conception.

    However, if none of the tips improve the sperm count, then the couple can go for IVF or other fertility treatment for having a baby. They can use the sperms receive from a sperm donor that can be used in the process of the fertility treatment to effectuate pregnancy.

    Go IVF Surrogacy is a famous medical travel agency in India offering the best course of fertility treatments with the highest chances of success. Our fertility experts have over three decades of experience in performing the effective procedures of different types of fertility treatments in India at reasonable prices.


    Top-quality IUI treatment in Delhi          

    IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is one of the simplest and minimally invasive ART methods that involve the transfer of sperms into the recipient’s uterus through the cervix. It is the first fertility treatment option that comes to the mind of the infertile couples before they go for more advanced ART techniques such as IVF. There are certain that you should consider before going for the IUI treatment such as your age, your current health condition, your previous medical records, etc. Out of all the factors, another most important factor is the cost of the IUI treatment and the fertility centre that offers affordable IUI treatment alongside maintaining the quality of the treatment.

    The process of IUI is quite simple when contrasted with procedures of other fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, etc. However, IUI aids in treating mild to moderate cases of infertility and the severe cases require more advanced methods of assisted reproduction. The direct insertion of sperms into the uterus substantially increases the chances of fertilization as the sperms bypass certain stages involved in the natural method of attaining conception. The purpose of IUI is to enhance the number of sperms that reaches and enters the egg, which also significantly increases the chances with which a woman achieves pregnancy.

    If you are looking for a fertility clinic that offers a reasonable IUI treatment cost in Delhi, then your quest is over. We are a famous medical travel agency in India that offers affordable fertility services worldwide. The fertility experts associated with us possess ample experience in implanting the best course of IUI treatment in Delhi. They make sure to offer desired outcomes to the patients and put collaborated efforts with our team at the network hospital for confirming the same.

    Go IVF Surrogacy offers a supreme quality IUI treatment to the patients at a price that is not too heavy for their pockets. We have connections with world-class hospitals that offer the finest treatment experience to the patients in conjunction with the best facilities.

    What does IUI treatment involve?                                                    

    • Natural IUI Cycle

    The single cycle of IUI involves the direct placing of sperms into the woman’s uterus via the cervix. But before that, the sperms have to be obtained from the father or a sperm donor. The father has to visit the clinic for providing his semen sample from which the doctor separates the high-motility sperms from bad-quality sperms and uses them for insemination. This is a natural IUI cycle as it is performed by following the natural ovulation cycle of the woman and does not involve any fertility medicines for triggering ovulation.

    • IUI cycle with Clomid

    The second type of IUI cycle is performed with the help of a fertility medicine called Clomid. This medicine is used to induce ovulation in women who due to many reasons do not ovulate properly. The use of Clomid enables the woman’s ovaries to produce the desired quantity of eggs that are required for promoting a healthy pregnancy.

    • IUI cycle with Gonadotropins

    The third type of IUI treatment is with Gonadotropins, which is fertility medicine containing FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) are given along with other fertility medicines when the medication does not work alone. This medication is given in a form of injection and once the surge in the LH hormone is noticed, the doctor begins the IUI treatment.

    • IUI cost in Delhi for a single cycle

    The IUI treatment cost in Delhi depends on the type of IUI cycle the patients opt for, such as a natural IUI cycle, IUI with fertility medication, and IUI with gonadotropins injections. Regardless of the type, we offer a highly reasonable cost of IUI, which starts from INR 15,000 that also includes the cost of the different fertility medicines. This is the lowest cost you can get for a single IUI cycle in Delhi. We also have the highest success rates for IUI treatment in India, which is why patients from across the world choose our fertility services so that they can get success in their fertility treatment within an economical price range.

    Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent medical travel agency in India having top-notch fertility specialists that have a proven record of performing various fertility treatments with successive results. Our patients experience a stress-free treatment as our team members are there to assist them at each step of their fertility treatment. We make certain that our patients go home with a baby in their arms and get the tag of infertility removed from their life.


    What is Mini IVF Treatment in India?

    Mini IVF treatment is also the same as the traditional IVF treatment, the only difference is the type and intensity of the medication used for stimulating the ovulation cycle of the patient. In the conventional IVF treatment, high dosages of fertility medication are given to the patient for triggering the ovulation cycle, while in Mini IVF treatment, a low dosage of fertility medication is given for the process of ovarian stimulation.

    It can be called a low-intensity IVF treatment due to the usage of a low quantity of fertility drugs and medicines. Mini IVF is a good fertility treatment option for the woman who wants to prevent the chances of the bad impact that can be caused by high-intensity stimulation medications or reduce the chances of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). The traditional IVF treatment involves producing an adequate amount of fertile eggs and for that purpose, the patient is given a high dosage of fertility medicines or drugs. Mini IVF treatment is also known as micro-IVF or minimal stimulation IVF treatment.

    Go IVF Surrogacy is a popular medical travel agency in India that provides patients with the best Mini IVF treatment in India at a low cost. Our fertility experts have considerable experience in offering the best quality treatment to the patient at a low price. Our team at the concerned fertility hospital makes sure that the patient gets the best-quality treatment within a reasonable price range. The fertility specialists use sophisticated technology and equipment for operating patients for different types of fertility treatments in India.

    How is Mini IVF treatment performed in India?

    The process of Mini IVF treatment in India is similar to that of the conventional IVF from a holistic view. At the beginning of the Mini IVF treatment, the doctor will suggest the patient take some fertility medicines such as Clomid for about 10-14 days. During this period, the woman undergoes ultrasounds and other tests to evaluate the condition of eggs inside the ovaries. As the eggs mature enough to be taken out of the ovarian follicle, they are retrieved from the ovaries in the process of egg retrieval.

    Afterward, the rest of the process is identical to conventional IVF treatment. The retrieved eggs are mixed with the sperms obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor. This results in the formation of an embryo, which is placed inside the uterus of the woman during the process of embryo transfer. In the end, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy.

    Is Mini IVF treatment in India for you?

    Mini IVF treatment is the right treatment if you have a condition where taking high dosages of medicines is harmful to them. Therefore, undergoing Mini IVF treatment is advisable before you go for the IVF treatment in India.

    Below are the suitable candidates for Mini IVF treatment in India.

    • Women with PCOS should go for Mini IVF as the high dosage of fertility medication in the conventional IVF can lead to OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).
    • Women with poor ovarian reserve should opt for Mini IVF as high-intensity medication would result in the production of healthy eggs.

    How Mini IVF is different from traditional IVF?

    Mini IVF treatment differs from the conventional IVF as a lower amount of fertility medicines is prescribed to the patient in their IVF treatment. This also reduces the cost of the treatment as a low amount of medication is used in the treatment. The weaker medicines results in the development of fewer eggs, but the patient can attain success infertility if they already have enough healthy eggs. It also reduces the risk of OHSS and other side effects caused due to fertility medication such as abdominal pain, swollen stomach, etc.

    Reasonable Mini IVF treatment cost in India

    Go IVF Surrogacy offers a highly affordable Mini IVF treatment in India. The fertility experts and hospitals associated with us have extensive expertise in providing the best quality treatment to the patients. Our fertility experts employ state-of-the-art equipment while operating patients for Mini IVF treatment in India. Our patients get the finest treatment under a world-class infrastructure.

    The Mini IVF treatment Cost in India is the most reasonable and affordable, which is why patients from over the world prefer India for experiencing the best treatment. Our affordable prices and the services of best fertility experts make us the best option for receiving the best results in their Mini IVF treatment.



    For curing the problem of infertility, the help of various ART techniques is taken and IVF is the most popular fertility treatments performed for helping the infertile couples attain conception. It is an extensively utilized assisted reproductive technique for having a baby by technical means. If you are an infertile couple looking for IVF treatment, then you need to choose the best weather as it aids in increasing the chances of conception.

    Infertility is a complex problem affecting millions of people across the world. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that when you take the plunge to experience IVF, you are doing everything in your power to get the best results in your IVF treatment in India. Choosing to undergo IVF treatment in the best weather does not necessarily ensure that you will certainly get success in your IVF treatment but will significantly aid in achieving the most coveted outcomes. There are a lot of other important aspects that impact the chances with which you gain success in your IVF treatment such as your health condition, medical history, and the number of IVF cycles you have undergone, the fertility centre you choose for the treatment.

    IVF is a fertility treatment process in which the eggs and the sperms are combined and fertilized together in a lab. This combination results in the occurrence of fertilization and the formation of an embryo. This embryo is then gets transferred inside the recipient’s uterus in the process of embryo transfer. Thereafter, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy. The month in which you undergo IVF treatment is critical for determining the chances of success in your IVF treatment.

    At Go IVF Surrogacy, we work in collaboration with the best fertility specialists and hospitals over the world and make sure that our patients get the best fertility treatment without paying much. Our fertility specialists effectively diagnose the patient’s condition and make certain to perform the IVF treatment for the patient in the best weather that will yield progressive results for them. Our fertility experts have over three decades of expertise in performing the most effective IVF treatments in India. Regardless of the weather, if you choose our fertility centre for undergoing the IVF treatment, then there are high chances of success in your fertility treatment as our team at the network hospital put combined efforts with our doctors in offering a comfortable treatment experience to the patients.

    Spring season- the Best Weather for IVF in India

    Fertility specialists and medical professionals from over the world have analyzed that the season and month in which you undergo the IVF treatment impacts the chances of success in your IVF treatment. Generally, the spring season is believed to be the best season for undergoing IVF treatment in India. It is the season where the highest fertilization rates are observed for the patients undergoing IVF treatment in India. The chances of attaining a healthy pregnancy naturally and with the help of IVF treatment are the highest in the spring season. Also, June, July, and, August are the best months for IVF treatment in India.

    While there is no surety of success if you conceive in the spring season, as there are many other factors that lead to success in the IVF treatment. The reason why spring is considered to be the best season for IVF treatment is that in the spring season, the 17-β estradiol levels of the patient are considerably higher as compared to in other seasons. The 17-β estradiol is an important female sex hormone that regulates the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs of the woman. Enough estradiol levels are essential for the eggs to mature and other reproductive processes. This indicates if you are thinking of undergoing an IVF treatment, then it is better to choose the spring season for having better chances of achieving pregnancy.

    If you are searching for the best fertility centre for IVF in India, then there is no better option than the fertility tourism company of Go IVF Surrogacy. We are a famous medical travel agency in India that offers the services of best fertility and IVF experts possessing over three decades of experience in performing the supreme-quality IVF treatment with the best chances of success.

    Our patients are given the option to choose the best fertility clinic that matches their requirements within the most economical price range possible. In addition to the low cost, our patients receive their fertility treatment from the top-notch fertility specialists that have performed several successful fertility treatments with successful results. Our fertility experts perform comprehensive diagnosis on the patients to analyze their health condition and perform the best IVF treatment in the best weather for IVF in India.








    25 July 1978 – The remarkable date in the pages of Assisted Reproductive technology, when the first test-tube baby – Louise Brown was born. Since this year, more than 9 million test-tube babies have come into existence via this procedure. Test-tube baby is also termed as In Vitro Fertilization- is one of the processes, where the embryo is created outside the human body and transferred back into the womb of the mother for the implantation and pregnancy. The chances are although not 100% of achieving pregnancy, but if the couple is evaluated appropriately of their root cause of infertility, then applying suitable treatment would give the beneficial result.

    What is Test-Tube Baby and why it is popularly in use?

    Test-Tube baby, as mentioned earlier is also termed as In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, is one of the advanced forms of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), and is preferred by those couples who have been trying to achieve pregnancy for the past one year. Couples, who are under 35, they should wait for at least twelve months before seeking fertility options and couples who are in between the age group of 35-37, they must seek medical guidance once after trying for six months. Fertility potential slips down as the age increases; thus, it is recommended by the experts to go for test-tube baby treatment at the appropriate time.

    During the procedure of the test-tube baby course, the woman goes through with some medications that in turn stimulate her ovaries for the production of multiple eggs. The main motto of receiving multiple eggs via this procedure is to avoid the negative outcome of fertilization. If there will be a scarcity of the eggs and out of all the eggs say 80% of the eggs are unhealthy, then there would be less chance of positive results of IVF, and hence, ovary stimulation plays an important role all through the way of IVF. Test-Tube Baby Cost in India by the team of Go IVF Surrogacy is very reasonable and within reach by each couple, who are planning for their IVF treatment.

    Why Choose Test-Tube Baby Treatment in India?

    Several people think that the cost of fertility treatments is much expensive than the other medical procedures, and therefore, some of the couples drop their plan or postponed their treatment. If you are too thinking about the same matter, then here you have got the wrong idea. India is the only country that offers fertility treatment at the lowest cost providing all the exceptional amenities without even compromising global technologies and types of equipment.

    If we talk about the Test Tube baby cost in India, then no need of doing your finger cross because the price is entirely in your budget. India always remains in the centre of attraction amongst couples seeking their test-tube baby treatment. Couples from USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and other international places, choose India as their test-tube baby destination for its highest success rate along with the reasonable package.

    Several factors make India like the famous hub for test-tube baby treatment or IVF treatment; some of the reasons are mentioned below –

    • Professionals who perform test-tube baby treatment are highly experienced and veteran in the relevant felid. A proper team will be there for the patient’s IVF cycle such as embryologist, nurse, junior IVF expert and senior IVF specialist.
    • There is not a single technology, which the best IVF centres in India do not have. Each ultra-modern technique and all the assisted reproductive technologies are available here.
    • Highest success rate. Test-tube baby treatment with self eggs and donor eggs may fluctuate. However, the success rate of IVF (using self-eggs) is fair enough (55-60%).
    • The transparent and clear cost structure of test-tube baby treatment
    • World-class high-technology
    • Well-reputed test-tube baby centres
    • World-class Infrastructure

    What is the Test-Tube Baby Cost in India?

    Here’s your wait ends! Yes, the answer you are searching for is finally here. The Cost of Test-Tube Baby in India ranges between INR 1, 75,000 – 2, 00,000, including all the medication and all the steps. If the couple is undergoing test-tube baby treatment with their own medical components (eggs and sperms), then the cost is the same as mentioned above. But, if the couple has severe infertility issues and is recommended to go for advanced test-tube baby treatment, then the patient needs to pay extra or additional charges for their course of treatment.

    A couple needs to make sure about some aspects before finalizing their IVF or Test-tube baby centre in India. Factors are –

    • You should ask for the full breakdown test-tube baby cost from the centre’s management.
    • Make sure the centre is offering a substantial cost. Some couples fall in the trap after listening over-cheap offer (less than 1 lakh or so) by some centres, and later they get shocked and powerless when the centre adds hidden charges at the end of the patient’s bill. That’s the reason why it is suggested to shortlist some satisfactory (with a decent success rate) centres and pays a visit to each centre to know actual information with the comparison.
    • Since how many years the centre is running at its peak?
    • Don’t be shy or hesitate to ask about the experience and the qualification of the IVF specialist.
    • Notice the way the specialist is communicating with you and analyzing your case, is the fertility team co-operating and so on. Focus on these minute things as well.

    Factors that Influence Test-Tube Baby Treatment Cost in India –

    As mentioned above, when the couple is diagnosed with an advanced fertility issue, it might not be possible to solve the case with test-tube baby treatment alone. During the problematic fact of the fertility problem, the specialists prefer the couple to choose advanced test-tube baby treatment. Advanced Test-tube baby treatment influences the overall cost structure of the patient’s bill.

    For example, if the couple’s IVF treatment could not be accomplished with the woman’s egg, then the cycle will be fulfilled using the donor’s egg. Egg donors provided by the best test-tube baby centres in India are healthy enough. Test-tube baby treatment with donor egg is one of the examples of advanced test-tube baby methodology, apart from this process, there are many ART techniques which are used to solve the advance fertility cases. Based on these superior treatments of test-tube babies, the sum amount of treatment gets influenced. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading medical tourism facilitators that provide unsurpassed treatment along with the highest success rate. The fertility centres and hospitals under this group offer the economical cost of test-tube baby treatment in India.

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      Shilpa was 37 years old when she had her first baby son– Viaan (May 2012) and now the charming couple has become parents to a baby girl, named – Samisha Shetty Kundra. The couple said a big Hello to their second child on February 15 and introduced today about the same.

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      We wish her Best of luck for upcoming movies!

      If you are unable to conceive on your own or have serious uterine issues, then choosing surrogacy is the best option you could do to attain the tag of PARENTHOOD!  Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility platform serving the best surrogacy plans across India. If you have any issues associated with your fertility then you can drop the query. We would be pleased to help you!

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        Surrogacy Bangalore is one of the most advanced fertility treatments in which the couple is offered the facility to take the services of another woman called surrogate mother. The surrogate mother agrees to carry the pregnancy to term on behalf of the intended parents and deliver the baby to them in due course. This surrogacy treatment is done when the woman is not able to effectively execute the task of getting pregnant due to various health reasons.

        The surrogate mother is selected after extensive screening by our fertility specialists at Go IVF Surrogacy. We are a widely known medical travel agency in India having fertility specialists possessing over thirty years of expertise in the domain of fertility treatment. We offer the services of the best and healthy surrogates as we have a big database of a surrogate mother, which is curated after comprehensive screening and assessment of the potential surrogate mothers.

        Once the intended parents have selected the surrogate mother for their surrogacy treatment, they sign a legally binding agreement or contract where both the parties give their consent with regards to their role in the treatment. The involved parties cannot abstain from performing their role; the surrogate cannot deny giving up the child upon the delivery and the intended parents cannot refuse to acquire the custody of the child. Therefore, surrogacy is a transparent process in Bangalore and we offer the best-quality surrogacy treatment within a reasonable price range in Bangalore.

        Types of Surrogacy in Bangalore

        There are two main types of surrogacy arrangements in Bangalore, namely gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Out of these two surrogacy arrangements, gestational surrogacy is a preferred arrangement for Surrogacy in Bangalore treatment as it offers the advantage of having a genetically related child. It is a more widely performed surrogacy treatment in Bangalore.

        Let us understand both the surrogacy arrangements in Bangalore.

        • Traditional Surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy is a conventional surrogacy arrangement in which the doctor injects the father’s sperms inside the uterus of the surrogate mother and she gets pregnant using her own eggs. It is a less commonly performed surrogacy treatment as the baby does not get biologically related to the intended mother; however, the baby shares genetic ties with the father provided his sperms are used in the treatment process.
        • Gestational Surrogacy: This kind of surrogacy arrangement is the most common and widely performed as it involves the application of IVF treatment where the eggs and the sperms are obtained from the intended parents for transferring the resulted embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother. The treatment is the best option for couples who wish to have a genetically related child.

        During the process, the eggs are collected from the intended mother and the sperms from the intended parents for combining them in a laboratory setting. The fusion leads to the formation of one or more embryos, which are kept in the lab for further development or until they reach the blastocyst stage. The formed embryos are implanted inside the surrogate’s womb and eventually, she gets pregnant and carries the pregnancy to term. In the end, the surrogate then hands over the baby to the intended parents after the delivery.

        Go IVF Surrogacy- the best place for affordable Surrogacy in Bangalore

        Go IVF Surrogacy is a notable medical tourism company in India providing the services of its fertility specialists in Bangalore and our experts have more than three decades of experience in providing the best-quality surrogacy treatment with effective results. Our fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors make sure that the patients get the best-treatment experience that assures success in their treatment. Our medical tourism company works in conjunction with the best fertility experts from over the world and offers our patient fertility treatment services at an affordable price.

        We have the best infrastructure and our patients avail the best facilities within an economical price range. All the treatments that come under the surrogacy arrangement are performed under one roof and the patient does not have to go from one place to another for various treatments. In addition to the highest quality treatment, we offer the lowest price range for surrogacy arrangement and we make a customized treatment plan in accordance with the patient’s needs. Our fertility specialists utilize cutting-edge equipment while operating patients for different types of fertility treatments in Bangalore.

        Our high success rates and superlative quality treatment for Surrogacy in Bangalore is the reason that compels international patients to choose Bangalore in order to get affordable prices for the treatment. Our team at the concerned network hospital offers immense care to the patients so that they do not face any major difficulty while undergoing the treatment and get positive results in their fertility treatment. Our success rates are higher when contrasted with the success rates of other fertility hospitals in Bangalore.

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          Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF Cycle

          IVF is one of the most effective assisted reproductive technologies performed to assist the couple in achieving parenthood other than natural means. It is done when a couple deals with the problem of infertility, which is a condition that impairs the ability of a couple to produce their own child even after recurrent attempts of conceiving for about a year. During the IVF treatment, the eggs and the sperms are fused in a lab for effectuating fertilization and achieving pregnancy. This is an extensively performed fertility treatment for curing the issue of infertility. There are two types of IVF cycle, natural IVF cycle, and standard IVF cycle, differentiating only on the method by which eggs are attained for the process of fertilization.

          In the standard IVF cycle, the fertility drugs and medication is given for triggering her ovulation cycle. The fertility medicines help in producing a better quantity of fertile eggs, which are essential for a healthy pregnancy. After obtaining the eggs, the sperms are collected from the male partner for fertilizing the egg. The eggs and the sperms are combined in a laboratory setting. The fertilization leads to the formation of embryos. At last, in embryo transfer, the embryo is implanted into the recipient’s uterus.

          Whereas in the natural IVF cycle, fertility drugs are not used for stimulating the woman’s ovaries. The woman’s body on her own selects the best-quality eggs, which reaches maturity after 7-10 days of the ovulation cycle and retrieved from the woman’s ovaries in a process called embryo transfer. In the natural IVF cycle, the egg retrieval is a simple procedure as there is only one egg that is retrieved from the ovarian office. Sometimes, the egg retrieval can be performed without giving pain medication to the woman as the process takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Afterward, IVF treatment is performed in the traditional way.

          The main reason why a woman opts for natural IVF cycle is that it reduces the cost of the IVF treatment as fertility medicines are not used in this process. Also, some women may experience discomfort with the fertility medication as their body may not respond effectively to the medication. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we have the best fertility and IVF experts having over three decades of experience in performing the finest quality IVF treatment with effective results. Our fertility experts comprehensively examine the patient’s condition and provide the best fertility treatment according to their requirements. They perform natural IVF cycle treatment or standard IVF cycle whichever treatment best suits the condition of the patient.

          Difference between Natural IVF Cycle and Standard IVF Cycle

          The main difference between a traditional IVF cycle and a natural IVF cycle is that in the traditional IVF cycle, fertility medicines are utilized for inducing the ovulation cycle of the woman so that her ovaries can produce a better quantity of fertile eggs. This helps in ensuring high chances of success in the IVF treatment as the medication triggers the production of multiple eggs. On the other hand, in a natural IVF cycle, there are no fertility drugs or medicines used and the natural egg is retrieved from the woman’s ovaries. The retrieved natural egg is mixed with the sperms in a lab and accordingly, fertilization occurs and an embryo is formed. This embryo is implanted inside the uterus of the woman and consequently, she gets pregnant within two weeks.

          In the natural IVF cycle, the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is less in comparison to the conventional IVF cycle. It is a more effective treatment method involving fewer complexities. During the natural IVF cycle, few fertility medications are given to the woman, which reduces the chances of multiple egg production and multiple pregnancies. It is a low-cost treatment as the cost of the fertility drugs and medications gets eliminated.

          The patient undergoing the natural IVF cycle faces less risk as the treatment does not involve the use of high medication. The natural IVF cycle treatment is sometimes also performed in conjunction with the other types of fertility treatments such as ICSI, IMSI, as it helps in producing better results in the fertility treatment.

          Go IVF Surrogacy is a famous medical tourism company in India having the best fertility experts with substantive expertise in performing the most effective IVF treatment. They make sure that the patients get the best results in the treatment and return home with a kid.3

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            Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

            No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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            With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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