Infertility is when a couple is unable to bear pregnancy due to various reasons and there are a plethora of reasons that contribute to such inefficiency. Amongst various reasons imbalanced FSH levels adversely impact the fertility in a woman as they play a major role in determining if you would be able to get pregnant or not. Fluctuation in FSH levels indicates the number and quality of eggs in your ovaries. For a healthy pregnancy to occur, it is crucial for a woman to have the best quality and adequate quantity of eggs, which is determined by her FSH levels. However, it is not essential that the FSH level is the only factor that helps in assessing whether you could conceive and a woman may be able to conceive if she does not have balanced FSH levels.

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What is FSH?

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is a hormone released by the pituitary gland responsible for controlling the functions of ovaries and testes. Inefficient functioning of these hormones can cause serious reproductive issues when it comes to pregnancy and fertility. It is one of the two gonadotrophic hormones, another is a luteinising hormone, and both the hormones are produced and released by the pituitary gland, which is situated below your brain. FSH is crucial for reproductive development and effective functions of the woman’s ovaries.

The FSH aid in regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman and the speed and efficiency with which ovaries produce eggs. There is fluctuation in the FSH levels while a woman is on her periods and reaches its peak when a woman ovulates. On the other hand, FSH helps in managing healthy sperm production, however, imbalanced FSH levels is rarely an issue that men deal with. Balanced FSH levels imply a healthy and perfect functioning of male and female sex hormones.

FSH and Infertility

The uneven FSH levels negatively impact a woman’s fertility as it diminishes her ovarian reserve. High levels of FSH mean that there is a problem in the development and maturity of eggs. Diminished ovarian reserve is the term for mild to moderate FSH levels and indicates that a woman’s ovaries make less than required eggs for pregnancy. One of the symptoms of increased FSH levels is the short duration of a menstruation cycle.

FSH levels are a great indicator of the possibility of achieving success with infertility treatments such as IUI or IVF. Apart from impacting natural pregnancy, high FSH levels also indicate that fertility treatment may not produce desired results as the fertility medication may not be effective or undergoing the IVF or other fertility treatment may result in failure. The number of eggs in your ovaries is mutually related to your FSH levels during the second and third day of your menstrual cycle. A high FSH level implies less quantity of available eggs.

FSH level test is done on usually the second or third day of your menstrual cycle, where blood is obtained from your vein through injection. The test helps in accurately assessing your reproductive and ovarian health but however, an FSH test is not helpful when it comes to finding the exact cause of infertility.

What different levels of FSH indicate?

If it has been more than a month since a woman’s menstrual cycle has occurred, then the probable reason behind high FSH levels is menopause, where a woman’s menstrual cycle permanently ceases to exist. The ovarian failure makes it impossible for a woman to get pregnant via natural means. Females having high FSH levels may not benefit from the fertility medication as well because it may not help in stimulating a healthy egg production due to high FSH levels. However, there will be some fertile eggs but a fertility treatment may not bear the expected results as a large number of quality eggs are required for ensuring great results in IVF or other types of fertility treatment.

Low FSH levels are usually due to issues in the effective functioning of the pituitary gland, which is a critical part of the brain performing the important role of managing the functioning of your reproductive system. Whereas a normal FSH level indicates the better chance of a woman achieving pregnancy and have a reproductive system highly responsive to fertility medication and fertility drugs.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, our fertility specialists efficiently diagnose the patient’s condition in order to suggest the best suitable fertility treatment. They make sure that you get desired outcomes in your fertility treatment and receive a great treatment experience at the concerned hospital provided by our medical tourism company.







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There are various ways in identifying the signs and symptoms of sterility issues to be available in the men and women or may be present in both the partners of the particular couple should be facing the issues relative to the factors of infertility and also there are some ways which are to be proved helpful in finding the platform so as to be helping in curing the infertility issues.

Nowadays, it becomes the common issues that are to be finding the cause to the factors of infertility to be considered as the best pathway out of the acquisition to be assessed therewith the relative scenario in such aspect.

Infertility becomes a common issue and factor that is affecting the health of the couple whether the the male is infertile or the female is infertile should be suspected with such kind of issues and wants to be indemnified with the relative issues to be moved away from their lives and infertility to be converted in fertility.

Go IVF Surrogacy ascertains the symptoms relative to sterility

Go IVF Surrogacy helps in identifying the relative signs and symptoms of sterility related issues and also helps in analyzing the common cure which is to be more or less proves fruitful in finding a common solution to the particular kind of problem.

The most common signs and symptoms to be available in women

  • Irregular Periods

The average cycle of the period is about 28 days but it may somehow have fluctuated between 31 to 33 days, so it is not a big deal as it is a normal scenario that is to be done with a probable acquaintance of normal periodic cycle. But the periodic cycle is to be considered irregular if the periodic cycle may be circulating after 35 to 40 days or a gap of 2 or 3 months as irregular periods so it is the matter to be considered and may somehow relative to irregularity or an issue relative to hormonal factors.

  • In case of heavy fall or a painful periodic cycle

Most of the time women may experience cramps which becomes the issues in their daily life during, before or even after the menstruation cycle so it may sometimes become the sign or a cause for the issues which are being related to endometriosis.

  • In case woman face absence in periodic cycle

It’s been now a day becomes a common issue for the females if she is facing the absence of periods or skip of a month or more than 2 or 3 months in the periodic cycle of the particular female.

It is because of the reason that the workload is very high or because of some kind of stress or some of the issues like stress or heavy work pressure may lead the woman periods to be skipped as in the busy schedule of now a day it is merely a common one. In case the females are facing such kind of issues than it is to be checked by the fertility experts.

  • Signs and Symptoms of hormonal changes

Signs and symptoms to find common in case the female is facing the issues which are to be probably concerned with the issues relative to infertility.

In case the female is experiencing issues with the skin, reduction in sex ability, facial hairs to be grown, hairs strength becomes thinner and in case the female is having pain during the intercourse and also the weight of the female is to be gained. Common signs of infertility to be present in man are as described under

Common signs of infertility to be present in man are as described under

  • Sexual desires are now not an important one

Priority relative to sexual drive or having the desires to do sex should be decreased or gets disappeared in such protests as if the male is not having healthy hormones than in such a case the fertility issues should be trying to resolve for long and trying to get disappeared such kind of infertility issues from the male.

  • Swelling and the feeling of pain at the time of sex

These may be because of different variations that are more or less contributes to the issues of infertility found in the male partner.

  • Erection relative issues and ejaculation issues

An erection should be maintained in the male’s body because of the fact that the hormonal factors     an also, the ejaculation issues should be resolved soon.

Go IVF Surrogacy help in curing infertility in most adjourned way

Go IVF Surrogacy helps in finding the ways that are more or less becomes suitable for the factors that becomes helpful in indemnifying the issues that are most probably becomes the cause for the infertility and must be resolved soon so as to procure the fertility and helps female in conceiving the way she wants to conceive and also when she wants to conceive without taking the help of artificial insemination and typically diagnosed the factors which are certifying the factors to be made accused as with the intake of medicines which are being prescribed by the experts should help in ascertaining the cause of infertility and makes the way in transforming the conversion of infertility towards fertility.

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