It takes two to create a baby. Although a woman carries the baby and delivers the child after the completion of 9 months of pregnancy duration, a male partner to contributes an imperative position to put forward the result (i.e. baby).

If you are trying to conceive then you need to know that fertility potential plays the most vital role in achieving the pregnancy. Male and female fertility- both serve an important function to get conceived. Several people think that female fertility is all we need to get a baby but here’s a Big NO, because female fertility is not the only one that plays a significant role, male fertility potential imparts an equal role in it. During this page, we will be gathering some essential details about male fertility, factors like –

  • How a male can maintain his fertility? Or
  • How to boost up man’s fertility?
  • What are the ways to enhance the capacity of male’s fertility?

What are the requirements for successful fertilization?

When a motile and active sperm self penetrates with the wall of the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg, then here’s the positive indication of successful fertilization. To make fertilization happen, the male partner must be able to make a healthy and enough sperm. Not only healthy sperm is enough, normal shape and a perfect movement are also important to penetrate the egg’s wall. An issue with any of this step can create a hurdle to achieve pregnancy.

Several factors from genetics and lifestyle to the environmental exposures and also hormones affect a male’s fertility and therefore it is hard to find the exact cause for infertility issue in male. Work environment and chemical exposures also cause an adverse effect on male fertility.

There are some effective steps, which men can opt to enhance or to improve their fertility. Let’s read some of the points in details. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility centres that come up with the most amazing success rate in male or female fertility treatments. The specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy provide unsurpassed consultation to the couple (regarding any issue related to fertility and pregnancy) in a very satisfied manner.

How to maintain fertility in males?

  1. Get your health condition under control –

Controlling BP (blood pressure), diabetes may improve a man’s chances of making his partner pregnant. If a male is facing a hard time with his high Blood Pressure then there are some medications which are prescribed by the specialist to control high blood pressure (beta blockers), depression, and anxiety. But sometimes this medication could also give a negative result on fertility so you need to consult with a specialist first before starting the medications.

  1. Regular exercise –

Health and Body are totally interconnected with each other. If you will have a sound body then you need not face any issue in your life.

And what makes the body healthy? There are several methods to make your figure up to the mark by doing proper exercise, being physically active, walking, jogging, etc. Researchers have researched that regular exercise helps in reducing stress level and makes a man feel better.

  1. Say No to Smoking –

As we already know that smoke causes an adverse effect on fertility then why male or female takes this toxic product- Cigarettes. A cigarette is a hazardous product that harms greatly our body system, especially fertility potential in male.

Smoking is directly linked with the breakdown of sperm quality and quantity. Researchers have shown that the men who smoke daily are likely to have less sperm than the men who least smoke. Male smokers have decreased sperm count, less sperm movement and have a higher number of abnormally shaped sperm.

Drinking habit or heavy alcohol also causes male sperm decreased and result in poor quality. Marijuana and other anabolic steroids for bodybuilding should also be avoided as some of the studies depicted that intake of such drugs impacts negative sperm production.

  1. Lose extra pounds if you are in the group of extra-weight –

A 2012 study has shown that obese and over-weight men take longer to make their female partner conceived than those men who haven’t any weight issue. Males who have weight problem are more likely to have low sperm counts, decreased sperm motility, and may have damage to genetic material in sperm. It has been said that too much body fat is directly linked with the changes in testosterone.

NOTE – Healthy diet and a proper day to day activity influences male fertility potential. Diet chart may include fresh fruits, plenty of vegetables (a rich source of antioxidants helps to make healthy sperms). Avoid heat exposures, long hot tubs, steam rooms; these are some factors that increase the scrotal temperature and this, in turn, reduces the sperm count and the quality of the sperm.

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