The Exact Cost of IVF Treatment in Kolkata

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If you are finding exact and complete detail about the Cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata, then Hurray you are on the right click. As the page goes on, you will get all the information of IVF in Kolkata and the cost of IVF treatment in Kolkata. Hope you are ready to read all the nuts and bolts points about IVF in Kolkata. Here we go in the ocean of the most miraculous fertility treatment, i.e. IVF.

What is IVF Kolkata?

IVF is one of the amazing fertility treatments and comes in the category of ART technique. Now you must be wondering what ART is? Okay so for those readers who already have sound knowledge of fertility treatment and ART techniques, they can revise these points.

ART technique is fully referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technology; it encompasses various advance fertility treatments. All the fertility treatments in Art technique are more effective compared with other basic fertility treatments. ART treatment is only recommended when the couple (either male or female) is facing with advance infertility issue. IVF is one of the advanced treatments in ART.

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization is sometimes in a general term referred to as Test Tube Baby treatment. The most astounding phase of IVF is its fertilization procedure. During IVF, a female partner has to be infertility medications and hormonal injection (for 12-14 days). These medications are given to the female in order to stimulate the ovaries and that in turns produces multiple eggs at the time of maturity. Collection of the egg (when the eggs are at full-fledged or matured level) is known as Egg Retrieval procedure.

Eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle under the ultrasound. These eggs are carefully pulled from each ovary and then places in the culture dish for fertilization.

Male has to submit his semen (on the same day of egg collection procedure) to the fertility clinic. The experts now mix the sperms and eggs on the same culture dish for fertilization.

Motile and active sperm swims in its best way and penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for cell division. From here naturally, embryo formation takes place. One or max two embryo(s) is/are transferred into the female’s uterus.

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading ART specialist centres that come up with a remarkable success rate and incredible fertility experts. What makes success rate high, obviously the clinic’s doctors and team. The fertility team and senior specialist of Go IVF Surrogacy are marvelous and perform superb IVF treatment. IVF Cost Treatment in Kolkata by Go IVF Surrogacy is far reasonable and transparent. Let’s gather Charges of IVF treatment in Kolkata.

The exact cost of IVF in Kolkata–

Cost of IVF in Kolkata is based on a marginal package and is easy to handle by the infertile couple. One of the significant factors about IVF Kolkata is that IVF is the miraculous treatment, which sometimes combines with other ART technique to get a more favorable outcome. IVF is applied with other ART technique on the basis of a couple’s infertility case. Combination of IVF with other treatments such as IVF with ICSI, IVF with an egg donor, IVF with donor sperm, IVF with IMSI, IVF with PICSI, etc. are some of the mixed treatment of ART technique. Cost of IVF in Kolkata varies on the basis of this combination. If the couple’s case of infertility treatment is IVF with donor egg then the sum amount of IVF with donor egg is quite expensive and hence the total cost changes.

IVF cost with self eggs and self sperms, during this procedure male and female both gives their own sperms and eggs for fertilization procedure.  Charges of IVF in Kolkata when eggs and sperms are collected from the couples, is INR 1, 75,000. In this package of IVF cost in Kolkata, given below steps or process are included –

Initial consultation, fertility medication, hormonal injection, transvaginal ultrasounds, hormonal level tests, lab charges, egg retrieval procedure, semen sample collection, fertilization, and embryo transfer- these all the steps are included in this package.

In some case of infertility situation, the female partner loses the ability to release healthy eggs or unable to fulfill the requirement of IVF fertilization, at this time the fertility experts suggest the patient go for Egg Donor with IVF. Though it’s an expensive procedure it offers best results because of healthy eggs provided by fit and qualified donor. The cost of IVF treatment with donor egg is INR 3, 00,000. Here the donor cost Rs. 1, 25,000. This is cost-effective and keenly priced of IVF treatment in Kolkata. Like this, IVF cost changes if it unites with other technique.

In an average, if we talk about the exact or basic IVF cost in Kolkata then it charges Rs.1, 75,000-2, 00,000, that includes the entire fertility medications, fertility drugs, ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests of a female partner, and the complete step of IVF.

One of the best and genuine factors of IVF cost in Kolkata is that the clinic never asks for any hidden charges during or after IVF treatment, the package of IVF in Kolkata is completely transparent and clear.

Why Choose Kolkata for IVF treatment?

  • It gives a decent success rate and complete satisfaction during the IVF treatment.
  • Veteran fertility experts and experienced team of fertility department
  • Advance equipment for IVF treatment
  • Hygienic fertility clinic
  • Reputed and well-famed clinic
  • Affordable IVF cost in Kolkata
  • Increased number of live births through IVF procedure
  • All the advance amenities are provided to the patient

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