All You Should Know About Gestational Surrogacy Procedure

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Surrogacy is the best procedure to get your own child; did you know what surrogacy actually means? The actual meaning of Surrogacy is Rental Womb. True! Surrogacy is the process, where a woman keeps the fetus of another couple for 9 months in her womb carefully. Surrogacy is a boon for those couples who are due to their medical reasons, unable to carry a pregnancy. Gestational Surrogacy is the ultimate procedure to attain parenting and enjoy the most unforgettable days of your parenthood days.

Who doesn’t want to hold tiny little fingers and hands of a baby in pink? Guess No-One, at a certain phase of a couple’s life, there is a requirement to welcome a new member and to get promoted from husband and wife to Mom and Dad.  At Go IVF Surrogacy, we fulfill this requirement and try to make the impossible task a possible one by elimination a tag of infertility in an individual’s days.

What is Infertility and at which case, Gestational Surrogacy should be chosen?

Infertility is all about misbalancing of the hormones due to the number of reasons that may arise from environmental factors, lifestyle factors (such as smoking, consumption of heavy alcohol, unhealthy diet plan, etc.), chemical hazardous in work area and many more variables affect individual’s fertility. Some medical reasons in female could be – damaged or blocked the fallopian tube, uterine issue, etc.

Infertility disorder is of several types and so their treatments are. Since each individual is unique in his or her own way and that’s why a patient’s case fluctuates from one person to another.

Now the question comes here that when Gestational Surrogacy should be considered? Okay, so before going into this chapter, let’s gather some basic info about Gestational Surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy – During this surrogacy, a surrogate carries an embryo after the intended couple’s IVF performed. Surrogacy is a complete-time taking procedure because here, a couple has to wait for more than 9 months to have their own baby but let the reader be aware of Gestational Surrogacy’s success rate is higher than any other ART techniques or we can say that it gives almost 100% success result to attain parenthood.

Majorly in gestational surrogacy, the main responsibility is of a Gestational Surrogate, who begins her role from the step of embryo transfer and completes the task once she delivers a baby to the intended couple. Later on, post-care of a surrogate is taken care of by the fertility centre, which has provided the agreement of surrogacy and surrogate.

The intended couple can choose surrogate mother by own as well, methods to go for a surrogate–

  1. She can be couple’s close relative, friend or family member
  2. A couple can choose the surrogate from the surrogacy agency
  3. the surrogate mother is best available at ART specialist centre too

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading ART fertility centers that provide fit and healthy surrogate during the surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy and other ART treatments are performed under the guidance of the best fertility team and veteran fertility specialist, who have more than 30 years of experience for eradicating infertility issue.

Gestational Surrogacy should be considered by the couple when –

Gestational surrogacy is the second to none advance Art technique that comes up with the highest success rate and a decent delivery count. This surrogacy should be planned when –

  • A couple has been experiencing repeated miscarriages
  • Female has been undergone surgery of uterus removal (hysterectomy)
  • Female has some severe uterine issue
  • Has an anxiety disorder or acute disease
  • A woman, who produces healthy eggs but due to her uterine issue, she can’t carry the pregnancy
  • Recurring IVF treatment failure

Gestational surrogacy is chosen by gay couples as well, where one of the partners provides own sperm sample and with the help of donor egg, fertilization is accomplished. Once an embryo is created, the embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate.

Surrogacy has been a blessing for not only infertile couples but also a single parent and a gay couple. There are different surrogacy agreements in various countries and on the basis of the country’s rules and guidelines, Gestational Surrogacy is performed.

The procedure of Gestational Surrogacy –

Gestational Surrogacy as earlier said is the best ART technique and always accomplished by IVF treatment. Surrogacy without IVF method is not possible, although there is one surrogacy that not requires IVF and that surrogacy method is referred to as Traditional Surrogacy. During this surrogacy, a surrogate uses her own eggs and by the technique of Artificial Insemination or IUI, sperms are washed carefully and placed into the uterus of the female (by knowing the exact ovulation date of the surrogate). This method takes a risk of emotional bonding because here the baby is related to the surrogate mother by genetic bond, hence traditional surrogacy is not preferred by the couple, and even this surrogacy is banned in many of the countries too.

During Gestational Surrogacy, the initial steps are the same as IVF treatment. Ovary stimulation is done, where a female has to undergo with fertility drugs and regular hormonal injection, this course is of 10 to 13 days until the female reaches the level of a matured egg.

Via Transvaginal ultrasounds, experts evaluate the maturity level of eggs and once they get confirmed about full-grown eggs in the female’s ovary, they start preparing for the next step that is – Collection of the eggs or Follicular Aspiration. This is a minor surgical procedure, where a female is given local anesthesia before collecting the eggs. It might happen that a female experiences cramp after this process but no worries, as this cramp and discomfort will go by 5- 6 days. The experts of Go IVF Surrogacy carry out this step in a calm and careful manner by cutting down any discomfort and pain throughout the entire procedure.

These eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle from each ovary. Keeping all the eggs on a culture dish, the fertilization process is initiated.

On the very same day of the egg collection process, collecting the semen sample is done; by mixing the sperms and retrieved eggs in the same culture dish, the process of fertilization is carried out. Fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy hand-pick one or two (by the consent of the couple) fine embryo (s) for the last step of IVF- embryo transfer.

But here, the story turns left, instead of placing the embryo into the recipient’s uterus, this embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. And from here, Gestational Surrogate takes the role over.

Since now, the vital role plays by surrogate mother or gestational surrogate. Once the surrogate mother completes 9-month pregnancy duration, Gestational Surrogacy is about to end. So, the last step of this surrogacy is done by submitting the new-born to the intended couple.

Here we are, providing each and every minute detail of Gestational Surrogacy and its procedure.

Take-Home a Message –

Gestational surrogacy is the preferred method to have your own biological child. Another plus point of this surrogacy procedure is that the toddler has a direct relation with the intended couple or actual couples. There is neither any risk nor any emotional attachment that could happen all through the journey of Gestational surrogacy method. So, if a couple is experiencing recurrent miscarriages or a female partner has uterine issues, maybe the absence of uterus, then the couple must consider for gestational surrogacy to enjoy their parenthood days soon.

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