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Since Infertility is growing ahead in a rapid way affecting numerous couples resulting, they are unable to achieve the tag of Parents. Whether its male infertility or its female, both the individual faces the same struggling days, many of the couples become depressed and think they might not get pregnant by the natural process.

Azoospermia is one of the male infertility disorder, in which a male unable to become a father or he becomes impotent to impregnate his partner. Imagine a few decades ago, people were unaware about male infertility or we can say male were hardly found as infertile, on the other hand at the present time, the ratio of male infertility is approx the half of female infertility. Male infertility factor contributes approx 30% of all the infertility case. Days passed and so the changes have occurred drastically but thanks to the modern equipment that have made possible to resolve any of the issues whether the issue is related to male or female fertility.

Azoospermia – a male infertility issue that affects 10-15% of all male infertility; Azoospermia refers to that syndrome whereby ejaculation, no sperm is found or we can say – the absence of sperm in the ejaculation. Azoospermia male infertility occurs due to sperm production defect that triggers by various genetic or hormonal inadequacies, this infertility can also occur due to the obstruction of male’s sperm transport through the blockage in any part of a route of transport from the testicle to the outside.

During this page, we are going to discuss Male infertility treatment that is – Azoospermia treatment. Since you have gathered the basic information of azoospermia, let’s read the inside of the story of this disorder and its treatment. If we will talk the cost of Azoospermia treatment, then no need to worry as its cost is very reasonable and specially designed in the marked down package so that any of the male patients can go for the solution to untangle his infertility cause.

What causes Azoospermia –?

  • Childhood infection
  • Genetic factor
  • Physical abnormalities or may be the male is facing with hormonal disorder
  • Male, who does regular consumption of alcohol and smoking, sperm counts reduces by 15-20% if compared to the normal count
  • Swelling of the blood vessel ( near the male testes)
  • Stress and unhealthy diet or improper lifestyle

What happens in Azoospermia treatment?

Production of sperm occurs in male scrotum’s testes or testicles, it goes along with the reproductive tract to mix with the fluid of seminal ducts, and this is why the semen forms a white thick fluid released during ejaculation from the penis.

What happens when during the ejaculation, sperm is absent in the semen, No fertilization obviously, Right? If no fertilization will be supposed to take place then how one can achieve pregnancy. Fertilization means- a healthy penetration with sperms into the eggs and for this sperms and eggs- both must be of fine quality.

Azoospermia is known as no sperm, this case of male infertility is found in 10-15% of all the males, who are infertile. Azoospermia is of two types –

  • OA – Obstructive Azoospermia
  • NOA – Non-obstructive Azoospermia

Let’s read about these two terms in brief, in obstructive azoospermia, sperms are being produced but then get blocked in the male reproductive tract.

Those males who face with NOA i.e. Nonobstructive azoospermia found to be no sperm in his semen because of abnormal sperm production.

To eradicate this issue whether it is OA or NOA, fertility experts need to do surgical aspiration. To get to the bottom of this issue, TESA treatment is preferred by the fertility experts. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the biggest health service provider globally, it brings forth the best treatment in an affordable cost to the patient providing all the advanced facilities to them.

TESA treatment is globally accepted to resolve the matter of male infertility disorder – Azoospermia.  TESA is generally carried with ICSI technique; without ICSI, TESA procedure could not be fulfilled. The procedure of TESA involves a minor surgical method; it is totally a trouble-free surgery, where a male feels almost no pain. TESA with ICSI has given a far reasonable result to get to the bottom of azoospermia disorder. TESA won’t make the male permanently to achieve fatherhood but it allows one time when performing TESA procedure.

TESA offers 40-50% live birth rate from the matter of Azoospermia disorder. TESA comes in SSR (Sperm Surgical Retrieval), during this procedure sperms are extracted from the tests done by a surgical method. TESA process maximum takes 35-40 minutes of the patient or we can say it is an outpatient surgery, where a male can go home once he feels better.

TESA is often called as Testicular Fine Needle Aspiration (TFNA), TESA used to collect the sperms from male testicles. This is best done in a fertility clinic where veterans’ fertility surgeons are there.  During this procedure, a thin needle is inserted in the male testes and surgeon aspirates the fluid and the tissue with the negative pressure. The fertility experts extract sperm cells from this aspirated tissue and then using the ICSI technique the fertilization is done.

Want to know some best options to enjoy your Parenthood –

Other than TESA treatment, donor sperms or Micro-TESE could also be the best option if the male is facing severe azoospermia disorder that means no sperms at all.

If TESA or other techniques fail to work, then settling on donor sperm or Micro- TESE is the best option to welcome the days of parenthood. During donor sperms, your fertility clinic will provide the best donor for the fertilization procedure. That donor will donate his sperms and these sperms then mixed with female’s eggs in the petri dish (if the couple is undergoing IVF fertilization). These sperms can also be placed into the uterus of the female at the time of her ovulation (the process referred to as IUI treatment). If you are stuck in this situation and tried several methods but nothing good is happening then don’t think twice while selecting this (donor sperm) option; do away with your ego and false ideas and enjoy the days of your parenthood.

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