What is the distinction among surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child?

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Phase-II chapter of life starts when you get into the stage of parenthood. This is the time when a couple changes their status from a couple into a parent. Seriously! The experience of motherhood and fatherhood is amazing and can’t explain that joy in a word. But, where there is happiness there is sorrow as well. Okay! Not going off on a tangent, would like to draw the reader’s attention on the middle-of-the-road topic- Infertility. Infertility is a common issue, which has affected many individuals resulting being infertile and unfit to perform natural cycle of fertilization.

What we are going to knock around?

We will be discussing two efficacious and productive ART technologies. Have you heard about ART before? ART (Assisted reproductive technology) is the latest and worthwhile fertility treatments, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, other sperm aspiration surgeries (PESA, MESA, TESA) and Surrogacy; these are included in ART treatments. Here you will be finding some key points and differentiation between Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child that means IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Surrogacy and IVF –

Surrogacy, till now has solved many of the infertile couple’s issue of not becoming pregnant. Surrogacy is an arrangement or a legal procedure where a surrogate has to sign the bond and should not have any issue to carry a baby for another couple or person. When a woman is unable to carry her own baby in her womb or have been experiencing repeated miscarriages, then undeniably the woman can think to have Surrogacy treatment. On the other hand, IVF is a technique, which resolves the issue of infertility- those women who are performing improper ovulation, have their fallopian tubes blocked or damaged are the best candidate for IVF treatment. Given below are points for suitable candidate of Surrogacy and IVF.

Who can plan for Surrogacy treatment-?

  • Those couples who have undergone fertility treatments like IVF / ICSI etc and have not achieved success in it.
  • Women who have been experiencing at the stretch miscarriages
  • Surrogacy is the best option for those women who are bringing off proper and regular cycle of ovulation but uterus is missing ( due to the surgery of hysterectomy)
  • Women who are unable to carry a baby in her uterus due to medical cause

Who can plan for IVF treatment-?

  • Women who have had their fallopian tube blocked or damaged
  • Fallopian tubes removed
  • Couples who have genetic disorder
  • Premature Ovarian failure
  • Improper ovulation
  • Infertility in males (low sperms counts or less motility of sperms)
  • Unexplained infertility

Procedure of Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child –

Now if we look on the procedure and steps of surrogacy and IVF then definitely we will get to know that these two are entirely opposite to each other. Let’s have a close look of these two processes.

Procedure of SurrogacyThree individuals who play an important role in surrogacy- a couple, a surrogate and none other than the fertility experts. Gestational Surrogacy is somehow not completed without IVF procedure. In this surrogacy, eggs are retrieved from the female partner, semen sample is collected from the male, and then keeping this combination on a culture dish, fertilization happens (by IVF). After fertilization, either one or two embryo is placed into the uterus of a surrogate who now onwards, has to take care of the baby till the delivery date. After completing nine month of pregnancy, the surrogate hands over to the intended couple.

Procedure of IVF – IVF is a simple and uncomplicated process. One major difference of Surrogacy and IVF is that, in surrogacy the female could not be able to hold the baby in her womb; while in IVF treatment, female partner carries an embryo till he/she becomes a baby in her own womb. During IVF, female partner starts taking the fertility drugs and medications, which have been prescribed from the fertility experts. Transvaginal ultrasound is performed after 8-10 days from the day-1 of fertility drugs. On the basis of the records, doctor fixes the date of the egg retrieval. On the day of egg retrieval, semen sample is also collected by the male partner. Placing these two combinations on culture dish, fertilization is achieved naturally (most active and highly motile sperm get fused in the egg). After successful fertilization, an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female, after 10-14 days of placing an embryo; pregnancy check-up is done.

Go for suitable treatment –

So, these are all about Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child. Based on the fertility mainspring or reason, either surrogacy or IVF is chosen by the infertile couples. Go IVF Surrogacy is that leading brand, which finds out the correct reason of your infertility and then fixes out that issue in a soothing way, giving 100% satisfaction to the couple. Pick out the appropriate treatment on the basis of your sterility cause and go for it. Cost of Surrogacy and IVF has major difference. IVF cost ranges between INR 2-4 lacs and surrogacy treatment is far expensive than IVF. Surrogacy ranges between INR 10-12 lacs. It is natural that some infertile couple easily afford the medicaments fees while some can’t afford the treatment cost, for this they can go for the loan and get their treatment done.

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