IVF treatment is one of the most preferred fertility solutions for those couples who are eagerly waiting to have their children and seeking the best way to attain the pregnancy. IVF is usually considered when the couple has been trying to get pregnant by following natural steps (doing sexual intercourse near the ovulation-phase); however nothing came as a positive result. The very first step is the fertility assessment test, where the specialist clarifies how the test is carried out. Once the report of the couple comes, the appropriate solution will get figure out by the senior fertility doctor.

IVF treatment is either performed when the couple has already undergone the basic medication with no results or there gets the issue on the report where IVF is the only method to solve the case. IVF is a best fertility treatment, where the couple has to undergo with proper and step-by-step method to complete a single IVF cycle.

IVF, is undeniably the top-notch method to stamp out the problem of infertility, at the same time, its success rate based on some factors; such as –

  • The age of the couple
  • The quality of the eggs
  • The motility of the sperms
  • Embryo quality
  • IVF with donor procedure
  • IVF with advanced technique

Let’s learn all these facts in details –

Some common factors that decides the failure and the success of IVF –

  • Age and IVF Treatment Success Rate –

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    Fertility and age of the couple is one of the major aspects that decide the success and failure of the IVF treatment. Age of the woman carries a special role in deciding the end result of pregnancy – either by natural or by artificial procedure. As the age increases, the quality of the woman’s eggs starts going depleting. It is usually prescribed that a couple should try for a baby by the age of 30 or maximum 32, if the age of fertility is gone, then there gets the issue of having a baby naturally and that’s where IVF is recommended. If the couple is planning to conceive later in their life, then they should opt egg freezing/ sperm freezing option to make sure soothing pregnancy in the future.  Hence, age is one of the most vital elements affecting the fertility of a person. In ladies, the capacity to make healthy and sound fertile eggs decays as she ages and then again, men additionally face trouble creating high motility sperms after a specific age. Nonetheless, the pace of decrease in fertility is more prominent in ladies when contrasted with men.

    By and large, ladies more than 35 and men more than 40 arrangements with the issue of infertility and fizzles at accomplishing pregnancy regardless of numerous endeavors of attempting to do as such. If all else fails your phase of fertility it is smarter to counsel a senior fertility specialist as they can exhort you the best concerning the moves to make to have a kid at a mature age. The doctor may suggest you going through strategies for ART where they utilize a strategy to effectuate the fertilization in order to get the maximum result.

    • The quality of the eggs in determining the IVF Success rate –

    At the point when a lady is born she has all the eggs in her ovarian save that she will actually need throughout her life. Be that as it may, with the expansion in her age, she encounters reduced amount and nature of the eggs as the years pass by. Thusly, there are less odds of pregnancy after you arrive at 30 and the odds become much less after the age of 45-50. In any case, there is consistently trust as pregnancy does normally occurs sometimes and is workable for anybody in the event that they go through fertility course of medicines, for example, IUI, IVF, and so on.

    A lady is viewed as exceptionally fertile before 30 and after the age of 30, the level of fertility starts to decrease. IVF treatment results best when the sperm is fertilized with the healthy eggs to form a healthy embryo; IVF has a decent success rate when fertile eggs are combined with the partner’s sperm for fertilization. When the woman arrives at 40, the odds of her accomplishing pregnancy are chopped down to the greater part. And this time, if self-eggs have come up with a decent success rate, that would be best otherwise IVF is accomplished using the donor eggs.

    • The sperm motility and number of count –

    Men over the age of 40 have less odds of making their accomplice pregnant as they become less fertile at making sound and motile sperms with the decline in their age. A man produces a large number of sperms every day except man more than 40 delivers less amount of sperms because of numerous reasons. Both the amount and motility of the sperms begins to lessen with the expansion in the age of the man.

    In any case, in certain occurrences, it has happened that men with age 80 and 90 have become a dad, however once more, that is an uncommon case and there are sure things related with the entire situation that lead to the achievement of pregnancy.

    The motility of the sperm and number of count are the crucial factors that fix the success or failure of the IVF treatment. If the couple is undergoing IVF (standard method), and the sperms are found either very less in counts or less motile, then the IVF will have to completed by using advanced technique and that costs additional.

    The Closing Lines –

    IVF has been the number one fertility treatment solving the issue of infertility in men and women. IVF is, basically used by two methods – the first is the standard/ conventional IVF and other is advanced IVF. Both these treatment cost different – the conventional IVF method is always less compared than the advanced IVF treatment cost.

    There are some factors that determine the success and stoppage of the IVF treatment; however, one should not think negative about this treatment as there is not just a single way to perform this treatment rather there are multiple techniques that when needed is applied.

    Looking for IVF treatment in India  at the best IVF clinic nearby? Contact the support team of Go IVF Surrogacy! We would be happy to guide you with the best counseling session with the senior IVF expert providing the suitable fertility treatment in order to help you to attain the pregnancy very soon.


    IVF treatment- your way to making a baby

    As an infertile woman, you are probably familiar with the term called In Vitro Fertilization or IVF- a treatment that incorporates making a child with the help of technological reproduction. The main reason for the use of such a technique has been the prevalent problem of infertility. Infertility affects millions of couples over the world and is a condition where they fail to experience the sweet joy of parenthood due to their biological health issues.

    If you are one of those who have decided to experience IVF and are thinking about the possibility of having a child that shares your physical attributes, then we are here to help you with the relevant information. The only option to have a baby that looks like you when conceiving the unnatural way is using donor eggs.

    There so many things to consider when looking for an egg donor. The mother has to first find the potential donor that looks like her to a considerable extent and then has to make sure to build a good relationship with her. With the increase in the number of couples choosing to get pregnant late in life, the task of choosing a suitable egg donor has become a little complicated.

    You need not worry if you are considering using donor eggs, the best way is to contact an agency that provides such services within reasonable prices. Go IVF Surrogacy is one such place where you can use the services of the best egg donor without having to pay large amounts. We are a famous medical tourism company in India operating with the best fertility specialists and hospitals with a great deal of experience. Our network fertility hospitals provide the best egg donors and help them in finding a donor that looks like them.

    Vividly specify your requirements when choosing the egg donor

    For having a baby that is like you in most aspects, you have to communicate with the fertility centre about the details of the qualities and traits that you want in your child if appearance is not the only thing you want to share with the baby. The details provided by you will be used by the doctors at the fertility centre to fetch the egg donor that has most of the qualities and use her eggs in your IVF treatment.

    You can be as particular as you want when informing them of the itsy-bitsy details such as the color of the baby’s hair, eye, physic, complexion, or anything you would like to add on to the list. This way the doctors will be better able to find out an egg donor of qualities that you have envisaged. You can also have a friendly bond with the egg donor once found because she is going to carry the child that is going to be like you.

    Is there any possibility of sharing some genetic traits with the baby?

    If you still do not feel overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby that resembles you and want to pass on some other genetic qualities, then there is a slight possibility. Since you are going to carry the baby in your womb because the embryo formed using eggs of the donor gets implanted into your uterus, it is quite evident that some of your genetic ingredients will get transfer to the baby through the endometrial fluid. However, the chances of this happening are extremely low because the donor egg majorly impacts the development process of the child.

    What about the baby’s health?

    The health of the baby is going to be excellent provided that you use the donor eggs of a healthy donor. That’s where the part of searching the best egg donor comes and for that, you will need the assistance of the best fertility centre. There is a risk of transfer of some genetic defects to the baby if it was there in the eggs of the egg donor. But such a possibility gets eliminated if the egg donor is properly screened for her medical health before confirming her eligibility as an egg donor.

    Services of the egg donor are needed when the mother is not able to produce fertile eggs and finding a suitable egg donor becomes a lot more important when you want a baby that resembles you. At Go IVF Surrogacy, our egg donors are comprehensively diagnosed for recognizing any kind of bad health conditions before we confirm them apt for using their eggs in the IVF treatment of the patients.

    The extensive medical screening indicates that the eggs provided by the donor are of the finest health and will help effectuate healthy pregnancy in the intending mother. We offer the services of our egg donors at a sensible price as compared to the other fertility hospitals.

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      IVF continues to be the famous fertility treatment option for achieving pregnancy unnaturally. Before during, and after the IVF treatment, various tests are performed to analyze the various hormonal levels and conditions of the patient undergoing the fertility treatment, and the number of tests includes various blood tests. Infertility is a pervasive issue affecting millions of people around the world and is a problem where the couple is deprived of becoming pregnant regardless of their repeated attempts of attaining conception and IVF is a fertility treatment done to help combat the issue of infertility.

      Why is a blood test done?

      A blood test is done to determine the hormonal levels of a woman, which are extremely essential to find out whether she has a responsive reproductive condition and hormone levels for an IVF treatment. Finding out the hormone levels helps the fertility specialist in identifying the most appropriate course of IVF treatment that conforms to the patient’s needs and will be highly beneficial in producing positive results in IVF. The fertility experts will give fertility medication or fertility drugs to the patient only after measuring their hormone levels via a blood test.

      The doctor never begins and ends the IVF procedure without performing the blood tests. In the beginning, they are performed to finalize the course of medication, and a particular method of IVF to be adopted for effectuating the best results. In the end, they are done to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy. There are also other tests performed such as AMH (Anti-mullerian hormone) level test, FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) test, etc.

      Blood tests- for determining your medical condition and suitability for IVF

      Before even deciding whether IVF is a perfect treatment option or when the couples are pondering over the thought of undergoing IVF, some blood tests are done to measure the FSH levels of the patient. The FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) helps in recognizing the number of healthy and fertile eggs available in a patient’s ovarian reserve. Besides determining the FSH levels, blood tests also aid in identifying any genetic disorders, infections, diseases, and other serious conditions that may be detrimental to the success in IVF treatment.

      The right time to perform a Pre-IVF blood test

      A pre-IVF blood test is performed to find out any hormonal changes in the woman right before beginning the IVF treatment and is usually performed on the third day of the menstrual cycle of the woman. However, the right time for your pre-IVF blood test is determined only after you consult with your fertility expert as he may suggest something else for you in accordance with your medical condition.

      Blood test for confirming pregnancy

      Once the embryo transfer is done which the transfer of the embryo to the recipient’s uterus that is formed by combining and fertilizing the eggs in a laboratory setting, now the only thing left to do is waiting for pregnancy. The eggs are taken out from the woman’s ovaries in the process of egg retrieval and are introduced back inside her womb in the form of an embryo. Pregnancy is confirmed by measuring the presence of the hCG (human chronic gonadotropin), which is a pregnancy hormone indicating that pregnancy has occurred. The blood test is done after two weeks of embryo transfer and the positive results mean success in IVF or results otherwise can lead to the failure in the IVF cycle.

      The chances of failure in IVF are very less if the fertility specialist has conducted your fertility treatment by carefully taking each step during the course of your IVF treatment. The blood tests help in determining your different hormone levels and the alterations are made accordingly in the process of your fertility treatment so that the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment are assured.

      IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a fertility treatment done to help the couple in completing their family as they could not complete it due to their infertility problem. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we provide our patients with the best fertility treatment options along with the services of highly qualified fertility experts with considerable expertise in providing the most efficacious fertility treatment procedures to the infertile patients. Our medical tourism company has tie-ups with the best fertility hospitals and experts all over the world and offer high success rates for IVF treatment.

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        What is Mini IVF Treatment in India?

        Mini IVF treatment is also the same as the traditional IVF treatment, the only difference is the type and intensity of the medication used for stimulating the ovulation cycle of the patient. In the conventional IVF treatment, high dosages of fertility medication are given to the patient for triggering the ovulation cycle, while in Mini IVF treatment, a low dosage of fertility medication is given for the process of ovarian stimulation.

        It can be called a low-intensity IVF treatment due to the usage of a low quantity of fertility drugs and medicines. Mini IVF is a good fertility treatment option for the woman who wants to prevent the chances of the bad impact that can be caused by high-intensity stimulation medications or reduce the chances of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). The traditional IVF treatment involves producing an adequate amount of fertile eggs and for that purpose, the patient is given a high dosage of fertility medicines or drugs. Mini IVF treatment is also known as micro-IVF or minimal stimulation IVF treatment.

        Go IVF Surrogacy is a popular medical travel agency in India that provides patients with the best Mini IVF treatment in India at a low cost. Our fertility experts have considerable experience in offering the best quality treatment to the patient at a low price. Our team at the concerned fertility hospital makes sure that the patient gets the best-quality treatment within a reasonable price range. The fertility specialists use sophisticated technology and equipment for operating patients for different types of fertility treatments in India.

        How is Mini IVF treatment performed in India?

        The process of Mini IVF treatment in India is similar to that of the conventional IVF from a holistic view. At the beginning of the Mini IVF treatment, the doctor will suggest the patient take some fertility medicines such as Clomid for about 10-14 days. During this period, the woman undergoes ultrasounds and other tests to evaluate the condition of eggs inside the ovaries. As the eggs mature enough to be taken out of the ovarian follicle, they are retrieved from the ovaries in the process of egg retrieval.

        Afterward, the rest of the process is identical to conventional IVF treatment. The retrieved eggs are mixed with the sperms obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor. This results in the formation of an embryo, which is placed inside the uterus of the woman during the process of embryo transfer. In the end, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy.

        Is Mini IVF treatment in India for you?

        Mini IVF treatment is the right treatment if you have a condition where taking high dosages of medicines is harmful to them. Therefore, undergoing Mini IVF treatment is advisable before you go for the IVF treatment in India.

        Below are the suitable candidates for Mini IVF treatment in India.

        • Women with PCOS should go for Mini IVF as the high dosage of fertility medication in the conventional IVF can lead to OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).
        • Women with poor ovarian reserve should opt for Mini IVF as high-intensity medication would result in the production of healthy eggs.

        How Mini IVF is different from traditional IVF?

        Mini IVF treatment differs from the conventional IVF as a lower amount of fertility medicines is prescribed to the patient in their IVF treatment. This also reduces the cost of the treatment as a low amount of medication is used in the treatment. The weaker medicines results in the development of fewer eggs, but the patient can attain success infertility if they already have enough healthy eggs. It also reduces the risk of OHSS and other side effects caused due to fertility medication such as abdominal pain, swollen stomach, etc.

        Reasonable Mini IVF treatment cost in India

        Go IVF Surrogacy offers a highly affordable Mini IVF treatment in India. The fertility experts and hospitals associated with us have extensive expertise in providing the best quality treatment to the patients. Our fertility experts employ state-of-the-art equipment while operating patients for Mini IVF treatment in India. Our patients get the finest treatment under a world-class infrastructure.

        The Mini IVF treatment Cost in India is the most reasonable and affordable, which is why patients from over the world prefer India for experiencing the best treatment. Our affordable prices and the services of best fertility experts make us the best option for receiving the best results in their Mini IVF treatment.



        For curing the problem of infertility, the help of various ART techniques is taken and IVF is the most popular fertility treatments performed for helping the infertile couples attain conception. It is an extensively utilized assisted reproductive technique for having a baby by technical means. If you are an infertile couple looking for IVF treatment, then you need to choose the best weather as it aids in increasing the chances of conception.

        Infertility is a complex problem affecting millions of people across the world. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that when you take the plunge to experience IVF, you are doing everything in your power to get the best results in your IVF treatment in India. Choosing to undergo IVF treatment in the best weather does not necessarily ensure that you will certainly get success in your IVF treatment but will significantly aid in achieving the most coveted outcomes. There are a lot of other important aspects that impact the chances with which you gain success in your IVF treatment such as your health condition, medical history, and the number of IVF cycles you have undergone, the fertility centre you choose for the treatment.

        IVF is a fertility treatment process in which the eggs and the sperms are combined and fertilized together in a lab. This combination results in the occurrence of fertilization and the formation of an embryo. This embryo is then gets transferred inside the recipient’s uterus in the process of embryo transfer. Thereafter, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy. The month in which you undergo IVF treatment is critical for determining the chances of success in your IVF treatment.

        At Go IVF Surrogacy, we work in collaboration with the best fertility specialists and hospitals over the world and make sure that our patients get the best fertility treatment without paying much. Our fertility specialists effectively diagnose the patient’s condition and make certain to perform the IVF treatment for the patient in the best weather that will yield progressive results for them. Our fertility experts have over three decades of expertise in performing the most effective IVF treatments in India. Regardless of the weather, if you choose our fertility centre for undergoing the IVF treatment, then there are high chances of success in your fertility treatment as our team at the network hospital put combined efforts with our doctors in offering a comfortable treatment experience to the patients.

        Spring season- the Best Weather for IVF in India

        Fertility specialists and medical professionals from over the world have analyzed that the season and month in which you undergo the IVF treatment impacts the chances of success in your IVF treatment. Generally, the spring season is believed to be the best season for undergoing IVF treatment in India. It is the season where the highest fertilization rates are observed for the patients undergoing IVF treatment in India. The chances of attaining a healthy pregnancy naturally and with the help of IVF treatment are the highest in the spring season. Also, June, July, and, August are the best months for IVF treatment in India.

        While there is no surety of success if you conceive in the spring season, as there are many other factors that lead to success in the IVF treatment. The reason why spring is considered to be the best season for IVF treatment is that in the spring season, the 17-β estradiol levels of the patient are considerably higher as compared to in other seasons. The 17-β estradiol is an important female sex hormone that regulates the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs of the woman. Enough estradiol levels are essential for the eggs to mature and other reproductive processes. This indicates if you are thinking of undergoing an IVF treatment, then it is better to choose the spring season for having better chances of achieving pregnancy.

        If you are searching for the best fertility centre for IVF in India, then there is no better option than the fertility tourism company of Go IVF Surrogacy. We are a famous medical travel agency in India that offers the services of best fertility and IVF experts possessing over three decades of experience in performing the supreme-quality IVF treatment with the best chances of success.

        Our patients are given the option to choose the best fertility clinic that matches their requirements within the most economical price range possible. In addition to the low cost, our patients receive their fertility treatment from the top-notch fertility specialists that have performed several successful fertility treatments with successful results. Our fertility experts perform comprehensive diagnosis on the patients to analyze their health condition and perform the best IVF treatment in the best weather for IVF in India.








        Phase-II chapter of life starts when you get into the stage of parenthood. This is the time when a couple changes their status from a couple into a parent. Seriously! The experience of motherhood and fatherhood is amazing and can’t explain that joy in a word. But, where there is happiness there is sorrow as well. Okay! Not going off on a tangent, would like to draw the reader’s attention on the middle-of-the-road topic- Infertility. Infertility is a common issue, which has affected many individuals resulting being infertile and unfit to perform natural cycle of fertilization.

        What we are going to knock around?

        We will be discussing two efficacious and productive ART technologies. Have you heard about ART before? ART (Assisted reproductive technology) is the latest and worthwhile fertility treatments, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, other sperm aspiration surgeries (PESA, MESA, TESA) and Surrogacy; these are included in ART treatments. Here you will be finding some key points and differentiation between Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child that means IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

        Surrogacy and IVF –

        Surrogacy, till now has solved many of the infertile couple’s issue of not becoming pregnant. Surrogacy is an arrangement or a legal procedure where a surrogate has to sign the bond and should not have any issue to carry a baby for another couple or person. When a woman is unable to carry her own baby in her womb or have been experiencing repeated miscarriages, then undeniably the woman can think to have Surrogacy treatment. On the other hand, IVF is a technique, which resolves the issue of infertility- those women who are performing improper ovulation, have their fallopian tubes blocked or damaged are the best candidate for IVF treatment. Given below are points for suitable candidate of Surrogacy and IVF.

        Who can plan for Surrogacy treatment-?

        • Those couples who have undergone fertility treatments like IVF / ICSI etc and have not achieved success in it.
        • Women who have been experiencing at the stretch miscarriages
        • Surrogacy is the best option for those women who are bringing off proper and regular cycle of ovulation but uterus is missing ( due to the surgery of hysterectomy)
        • Women who are unable to carry a baby in her uterus due to medical cause

        Who can plan for IVF treatment-?

        • Women who have had their fallopian tube blocked or damaged
        • Fallopian tubes removed
        • Couples who have genetic disorder
        • Premature Ovarian failure
        • Improper ovulation
        • Infertility in males (low sperms counts or less motility of sperms)
        • Unexplained infertility

        Procedure of Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child –

        Now if we look on the procedure and steps of surrogacy and IVF then definitely we will get to know that these two are entirely opposite to each other. Let’s have a close look of these two processes.

        Procedure of SurrogacyThree individuals who play an important role in surrogacy- a couple, a surrogate and none other than the fertility experts. Gestational Surrogacy is somehow not completed without IVF procedure. In this surrogacy, eggs are retrieved from the female partner, semen sample is collected from the male, and then keeping this combination on a culture dish, fertilization happens (by IVF). After fertilization, either one or two embryo is placed into the uterus of a surrogate who now onwards, has to take care of the baby till the delivery date. After completing nine month of pregnancy, the surrogate hands over to the intended couple.

        Procedure of IVF – IVF is a simple and uncomplicated process. One major difference of Surrogacy and IVF is that, in surrogacy the female could not be able to hold the baby in her womb; while in IVF treatment, female partner carries an embryo till he/she becomes a baby in her own womb. During IVF, female partner starts taking the fertility drugs and medications, which have been prescribed from the fertility experts. Transvaginal ultrasound is performed after 8-10 days from the day-1 of fertility drugs. On the basis of the records, doctor fixes the date of the egg retrieval. On the day of egg retrieval, semen sample is also collected by the male partner. Placing these two combinations on culture dish, fertilization is achieved naturally (most active and highly motile sperm get fused in the egg). After successful fertilization, an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female, after 10-14 days of placing an embryo; pregnancy check-up is done.

        Go for suitable treatment –

        So, these are all about Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child. Based on the fertility mainspring or reason, either surrogacy or IVF is chosen by the infertile couples. Go IVF Surrogacy is that leading brand, which finds out the correct reason of your infertility and then fixes out that issue in a soothing way, giving 100% satisfaction to the couple. Pick out the appropriate treatment on the basis of your sterility cause and go for it. Cost of Surrogacy and IVF has major difference. IVF cost ranges between INR 2-4 lacs and surrogacy treatment is far expensive than IVF. Surrogacy ranges between INR 10-12 lacs. It is natural that some infertile couple easily afford the medicaments fees while some can’t afford the treatment cost, for this they can go for the loan and get their treatment done.

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        Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

        No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

        About Go IVF Surrogacy:

        With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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