How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

December 8, 2021 by ivfsurrogacyin0

Why Surrogacy in Bangalore?

Bangalore is one of India’s top cities, with excellent treatment services and facilities. Bangalore is the best city for fertility treatments because it is a metropolitan city with low costs. Surrogacy is the best treatment to deal with infertility. It is a highly successful approach that can successfully provide biological children to infertile couples. It recommends for persons who fail earlier treatments for infertility and have severe disease.

Due to different lifestyles and environments, people face infertility. You must be thinking about why surrogacy has high chances than other treatments?

 Yes, surrogacy has a high chance of giving you a biological baby in your arms. It is because another healthy woman conceives and delivers their baby. In it, the woman becomes pregnant with the insemination of eggs and sperm of the commissioning parents. Because conception is dependent on different factors such as age, it has a higher chance than other treatments. In surrogacy, the healthy and young woman conceives and gives birth to the child.

The woman is a surrogate mother who is willing to start the process of helping an infertile couple become parents. An end number of hospitals and centres provide surrogacy in Bangalore. You can have an affordable surrogacy cost in Bangalore.

Is surrogacy has rules and regulation in India?

Yes, since 2015, India has had some crucial laws to protect the surrogate mother exploitation and rights of a child born through it. If you are thinking of surrogacy in Bangalore or India, you should match the criteria based on laws. The laws are following in India:

  • An Indian resident can have surrogacy in India, as a commercial surrogacy ban in India.
  • You and your partner should be a heterosexual couples and in a married life at least for five years.
  • You should have some severe issues that do not have any chance of conceiving except surrogacy.
  • You have to select Gestational and altruistic surrogacy.  

Who is a surrogate mother in Bangalore?

Surrogacy is a procedure in which the commissioning parents select a woman to conceive and deliver their child. She should be physically and psychologically fit at a young age. You must investigate her family, educational and physical health history. All of these factors will have an impact on your child’s upbringing. She should have prior experience of pregnancy and delivering the baby. You have to confirm that she is free from any abusive addiction. Her husband should be aware and ready with the decision of becoming a surrogate mother. For high results of surrogacy in Bangalore, the surrogate mother should match the criteria.

What is the surrogacy procedure for intended parents?

Your surrogacy treatment in Bangalore will perform with the guidance of fertility experts and advanced devices. The surrogacy process for intended parents in Bangalore is following:

You will choose a surrogate mother based on your shared features. She should maintain a healthy weight and live a perfect lifestyle free of genetic disorders. Your surrogate mother will examine by your specialist to determine her health, physical condition, reproductive organs, pregnancy potential, and genetic problems.

The couple screen for the health status of their reproduction system as they can produce good quality sperm and eggs or not? Because the surrogate mother will conceive with the eggs and sperm fertilization of the couple.  

The hormonal drugs will stimulate the ovaries of the prospective mother, causing them to produce more eggs and mature faster. Using a catheter, your specialist extracts the eggs from the ovaries. With the help of transvaginal ultrasound, it will insert into the uterus. A fine needle will collect the eggs from the follicles.

Your expert will ask the intended father to produce sperm and provide them. It will prepare in the lab by washing and removing the hazardous particles. Your specialist will choose the healthy and sound sperm to inseminate with the eggs.

Your specialist will place the eggs and sperm for fertilization on a Petri plate in the lab. In which the sperm enters the egg cytoplasm. It will stay in the lab for several days and divide into cells that will turn into embryos after some days.

Your expert will observe embryos for four to five days to select the highly developed. It will implant into the surrogate mother uterus using the catheter. It will stick to the uterus wall and grow there to give the pregnancy results.

After a few weeks, the surrogate mother blood test will confirm the pregnancy and result of the conception cycle. The moreover process will be usual as conventional pregnancy and surrogates have to visit the clinic with the interval of every month till the four-month.

After the child delivery, the surrogate mother will hand the child to the commissioning parents. The child will have biological and genetic ties to the intended parents but will have no relation to the surrogate mother.

The technique of gestational surrogacy is a highly suggested variety by professionals in Bangalore. As per the couple condition, experts can advise another type of surrogacy that leads to the genetic bond of the child to the surrogate mother.

What is the surrogacy cost in Bangalore? 

Surrogacy is an expensive treatment that affects a person pocket thoroughly. The surrogacy cost in Bangalore is sensible than in another place. There you can have the low cost surrogate mother in Bangalore, which affect the overall surrogacy cost.

Your surrogacy Bangalore cost can affect through various factors.

Which centre is best in Bangalore for surrogacy treatment? 

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