When Do I Need an Egg Donor?

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Females are born with a numerous number of eggs, slowly and gradually the number and so the quality of the eggs starts declining as the age of the female increases. Once the female reaches her 35 age, her egg quality becomes poor and impotent to be fertilized with the sperm. If the female loses the ability of her eggs then it is very hard to achieve the pregnancy by her own eggs, this time ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedure is needed.  ART is a generic term that encompasses all the medical treatments which help a woman to have a baby.

It may happen that younger women, who have undergone the surgeries or chemotherapy, have greatly diminished ovarian function. Let’s read some of the condition that requires the need of egg donor.

When to go for Egg Donor –

  • A previous history of IVF failure, where the fertility doctor has explained the cause of the failure IVF due to the quality of the eggs.
  • A woman with diminished ovarian reserve- that means- the female is producing the low quality of eggs. Diminished ovarian reserve is often caused by the increasing age of the female (more than 35).
  • Women, who face any genetically transmitted disease and do not want to pass it on her child, also have the best option of egg donor option.
  • Premature ovarian failure – this is the case when a female’s menopause has started earlier than expected (before the age of 40).
  • Women who have undergone major surgery, chemotherapy or ovarian surgery can opt for Egg Donor.
  • Donor egg is also the best option for same-sex male couples or a single male
  • Eggs that are originated from female may lack in potential or the quantity of eggs made is also of the low count to be effectively fertilized by male sperms

Let’s Read the Requirements for an Egg Donor-

Go IVF Surrogacy provides world’s best treatment of the fertility-related issue. Go IVF Surrogacy puts forward healthy and committed donor during IVF treatment with a donor egg. For potential egg donor, some of the basic requirements are required; they are –

  • She must be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Must have a proper menstruation cycle
  • Non- smoker, Non- nicotine, Non-drug user
  • Willing to take the hormonal medication happily
  • Willing to serve infertile couples
  • Should not have any genetic abnormalities
  • Willing to commit her bond in the clinic for at least 6 month
  • Healthy and fit
  • Must not contain any past or present major disease like depression, heart issue, BP issue etc.

These are the entire essential requirement for becoming an egg donor.

Let’s Gather the Steps of How the Egg Donor Works –

This procedure comes in ART method. The donor plays a very significant role in the entire process of IVF with an egg donor. We all know that without healthy and fine eggs, fertilization can’t be achieved, hence to get a favourable result by this process, healthy and experienced egg donor must be selected. Egg Donor is always followed by IVF treatment.

During the procedure of egg donor treatment with IVF, fertility experts start providing the fertility medication and the hormonal injections to the egg donor to produce multiple eggs at the time of ovulation.

Once the eggs are ripened enough, each of the eggs from ovaries is obtained by the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy with the help of a special needle. This is it of the role of the egg donor. Fertility clinic’s staffs take care to the egg donor after her egg retrieval process.

When the fertility expert gets multiple eggs, these eggs are placed in a culture dish for fertilization with the male partner’s sperms.

Within 3-4 days of fertilization, if everything goes well, a healthy embryo thus formed, and two of the best embryo is inserted to the infertile female partner’s uterus.

How much time does it take for picking up the eggs –?

It hardly takes 30-35 minutes and soon the egg donor is discharged from the clinic or hospital on the same day. It is the plus point of this process that Egg Donor can easily return in her daily routine after donating the eggs. Once eggs are obtained, the role of the egg donor is complete.

There’s not any complication during the donation of the eggs but there are some rules before selecting Egg Donor, which has already mentioned above. Variety of medical and blood tests are carried out before the final procedure of Egg donation because selecting an egg donor is not an easy task.

A woman who is planning to settle on egg donor option should have to undergo a complete evaluation with the physical examination, genetic history, tests to check any kind of abnormalities that could affect implantation, pregnancy etc.

At The End –

If describing IVF cycle with egg donation, then we can simply say that- This is a process, where the eggs from an egg donor are fertilized in the IVF lab using the male partner’s sperm and then the resulting embryo is transferred into the recipient’s uterus. The woman, who receives the embryo, will be the legal mother (but not genetically related) of the child.

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