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Have you ever been in that phase when you have donated something to someone, that could be of your old shoe/ old clothes or anything to the one who is needy? If yes! Then it is confirmed you must had felt peachy and joyful at that time. Why we are discussing this thing? It’s because, here in this page we are going to discuss those donors, who despite tolerating stress, discomfort during the entire procedure of donation, she is a good mood donates- hope you must have guessed about whom we are talking – Egg Donor India.

Egg Donor India is a blessing for those infertile couples, wherein the female partner unable to supply healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization. Since you all know, for fertilization, eggs and sperms must be of good quality, if any one of the partners lacks the quality, then you really need to take fertility treatment to conceive. In the entire story of fertilization, whether it is the natural or unnatural mode, it is mandatory that female must have to lay the eggs in a good shape for fertilization.

Couples for whom Egg Donor India is the boon –

Egg donor Delhi is supposed to be as the boon for several hopeless couples, who have believed that they won’t conceive further. Egg donor Mumbai is best suitable for –

  • The woman, who have premature ovarian failure (It is a case, where the menopause starts earlier than usual age, usually before 40)
  • Couples, who have been undergone for IVF treatment but unfortunately, treatment fails because of the poor quality of the eggs.
  • Female, who possess any genetically transmitted disease and wants not to pass it in the embryo can choose Egg donor Delhi.
  • Women, who have crossed the age of 40, produces the low quality of egg- this case could be referred to as diminished ovarian reserve.

Seeking for the best and A-1 Egg donor in India –

You need to keep several things in your mind before going for Egg Donor Mumbai. The first and the major thing about Egg Donor Mumbai is the fertility clinic you decide on. Exactly, Fertility clinic always plays a crucial role in the entire procedure of egg donation. Fertility clinic’s success rate is one of the crucial points, which decides the positive outcome of the egg donation procedure in India. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility clinic that gives physically fit and experienced egg donor India. It not only gives healthy donors but also gives favourable results via fertility treatment.

How the selection of Egg Donor India goes –

The procedure of selecting Egg Donor India is planned wisely and is strictly followed by each egg donors. Let’s get through the details of egg donor India that how it goes –

  1. Filling the application form – The first step for Egg Donor Delhi is the online application form, which has to submit by the donor (who wants to become an egg donor). She has to fill some necessary details via that form. If the form is initially accepted by the clinic or donor bank, then the second step is further stepped in.
  2. Screening procedure If the form is accepted by the clinic, then the Egg Donor Delhi will be called in the clinic for further analysis. There will be fertility screening, during the first step of egg donor screening, donor’s ovaries will be examined and monitored carefully to check the ability, whether she is producing eggs, this process is completed through a pelvic exam and blood tests.
  3. Medical Screening :- is also been performed to go through some facts like –infectious diseases, blood type, drug usage, screening for sexually transmitted disease and entire physical health.
  4. Genetic Screening– During this phase, the donor’s family history is evaluated to know of any possible hereditary diseases or if any genetic disorder present or not. If the family history is free from any disorders, then egg donor procedure is carried forward.
  5. Psychological Screening– In this stage, the clinic makes sure about the female, whether she is aware of all the consequences of egg donation procedure (if any like discomfort in egg retrieval or at any stage), if she after knowing happily wants to become Egg Donor Mumbai, she is accepted as Egg Donor in India.

Modus Operandi of Egg Donation –

During egg donor procedure, the donor is given injections (fertility drugs) in order to provide multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval. These fertility and medications are beneficial for better fertilization.

The follicles are monitored with the assistance of transvaginal ultrasounds. Once the eggs are matured enough, anesthesia is given to the donor and gently eggs are retrieved by the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy, these eggs are obtained out with the help of fine and hollow needle used in fertility treatment.

Once the egg retrieval process is completed, the donor can go home on the same day (within 3-4 hours). Eggs from the Egg Donor Mumbai then fertilized with the recipient’s husband’s sperm inside the laboratory by IVF fertility medication.

By IVF treatment, if the procedure is not accomplished with the sperms or the male partner is unable to unleash active and average count of sperms, then the process is fulfilled with the help of ICSI treatment with IVF medication. Embryo once forms by fertilization (3-5 days later of the fertilization), two of the best embryos are hand-picked and then transferred into the uterus of the infertile female.

Requirements for selecting the egg donor India –

  • She must be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Healthy, Young and fertile woman can go for donating her eggs
  • Should not have any severe disease
  • Away from any genetic disorder and hereditary disease
  • Far from any addiction (of smoking, drinking, usage of drugs)
  • Physically strong to carry forward the entire procedure of egg donation]


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