Nitty-Gritty Details of Donor Egg IVF– Must Go Through this info Before You Go for the Treatment

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Will IVF work for me, If not then what? Will, I ever get pregnant by the fertility treatment? If IVF didn’t work then what would be the next step and so on. Isn’t it true, I mean thinking numerous questions when you are planning to undergo IVF treatment? Practically saying, this count of question list is too short for the infertile couple.

Anyways, you know what matters during any of the fertility treatment- It’s the age of the female partner. As the age of the female increases, her egg quality declines. If the eggs of the female are of poor quality then it is very hard to get pregnant by IVF with self eggs, this time, egg donor IVF is the best option to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Donor egg IVF also comes in ART methodology. ART is a generic term, which encompasses the medical fertility treatments that help an infertile couple able to attain their parenthood.

So, here is the best solution- Egg Donor IVF, if you have lost the capacity to get conceived by your own eggs. Let’s go through some of the conditions, where egg donor is the ultimate treatment to have your pregnancy.

Who Can Choose Egg Donor IVF Fertility Treatment?

  • Women, who are above the age of 40
  • Egg Donor is recommended to those women, who have no chances of becoming pregnant by their own eggs.
  • Women, who are suffering from a premature ovarian failure
  • Women who have had more than three recurrent miscarriages, for them IVF with a donor egg is the boon to go ahead with this option
  • Single men, who want to become a father
  • Egg Donor IVF is also the best option for same-sex male couples
  • Women who have undergone major surgery, chemotherapy or ovarian surgery can opt for Egg Donor

You Should Know –

Thanks to Donor Egg IVF treatment that has made possible to achieve pregnancy even if the infertile female is unable to unleash healthy and standard quality of the eggs during IVF egg retrieval. During Donor egg IVF, it is the donor, who brings a jovial phase to the infertile couple by fulfilling their biggest dream of being Parents.

But before the consideration of egg donor IVF, the female is recommended to go for medical diagnosis, this makes sure about the female’s reproductive system, whether it stands for successful implantation or not.

This medical check up can be done through numerous medical tests, there is a counselling session, which a couple need to attend, and if the couple is all YES for choosing and settling on egg donor with IVF, then the fertility clinic starts preparing for the procedure of egg donor IVF.

Is really Egg Donor IVF works?

Yes! It does, if you are unable to give healthy eggs, or if you have issue from above mentioned statement, then egg donor IVF gives a favourable outcome.

As said earlier, that age always play a crucial role during any of the fertility treatment, so during egg donor IVF, egg donor’s age and health really matters.

Go IVF Surrogacy is well known for its high success rate amongst any of the fertility treatments. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading healthcares providing company that puts forward the best fertility doctor and if you are planning to undergo IVF with egg donor, then it brings forth the best and healthy donor. This is one of the crucial points that sums up for the accomplishment of the treatment. So, even if you are planning to choose your own relative or close friend to be a donor for your procedure then make sure her egg quality is healthy and have the capacity to be fertilized with your partner’s sperm during fertilization step in IVF.

Let’s read some of the basic rules to know how to choose an egg donor IVF-

  • Non- smoker, Non- nicotine, Non-drug user
  • Willing to take the hormonal medication happily
  • She must not carry any genetic abnormalities or chromosomal defects
  • Willing to commit her bond in the clinic for at least 6 month
  • Healthy and fit
  • Willing to serve infertile couples
  • Must have proper menstruation cycle
  • Must not contain any past or present major disease like depression, heart issue, BP issue etc.
  • She must be in the age limit of 21-35

So, if you are planning to choose your own donor for IVF treatment then make sure, she must qualify these conditions.

If the egg donor is below 35, then IVF success rate using donor egg IVF is 75-85% by the team and expert of Go IVF Surrogacy.

The success rate of donor egg with IVF largely depends on –

  • Donor’s age
  • Embryo quality
  • How many number of embryo transferred
  • The recipient’s (female partner) uterus health
  • The clinic’s doctors experience

It is always recommended before undergoing IVF with Donor egg to consult with an experienced Ob/Gynae or fertility expert and then step ahead for this journey.

Why IVF with donor egg fails?

There are certain factors, why IVF with using donor egg does not work; some of the cases of this reason are given below –

  • Abnormalities in the recipient’s uterus
  • Hypercoagulability (major vaginal bleeding)

At the End –

No matter, if you are unable to conceive by your own, and there is no sense becoming depressed as there are several fertility treatments for you, who can make sure of your pregnancy.  If you and your fertility experts think that egg donor is the best solution (by going through the reports of yours) to achieve pregnancy, then Go Ahead, it is the time.

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