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IVF – a brand new technology to decipher Infertility disorder. Infertility – Guess! You must have ample knowledge about this word, Isn’t it? Okay! If not, then let’s get underway with this word only. Infertility is that parasite, which when sticks the individual’s life it is very hard to eliminate that permanently and IVF is the panacea to straighten out this syndrome. Trying to conceive with sexual intercourse (more than a year) but unfit to achieve pregnancy-referred as infertile couple and syndrome they are facing is Infertility. IVF Clinic Delhi gives one of the efficacious treatments to disentangle the obstacle of infertility and that is IVF treatment Delhi.

Delhi, being capital and the heart of India is well-known for numerous things; out of several famous things, we will be discussing that topic, which has become run-of-the-mill topic nowadays. As early talked about IVF treatment Delhi, it is a way to get rid of infertility syndrome but not forever as there is not any treatment or technique which eradicates infertility for always. Not to worry as IVF treatment Delhi is the universal remedy to do away with Infertility tag.

What IVF treatment Delhi is and why it is favored by all?

IVF – In Vitro fertilization sometimes it is referred as test tube baby treatment also. IVF comes in an advanced treatment of ART technique. You may be thinking what ART is, ART can be sum up as Assisted Reproductive Technology, it mainly belongs to the department of infertility. There are various fertility treatments (advance) that are included in this medical procedure of ART amongst many techniques, IVF treatment in Delhi is one of the best cure-all medication to put an end to Infertility issue and this is the reason why fertility experts favor for IVF treatment. During this treatment, fertilization occurs outside the female’s body; eggs and sperms are obtained and kept on the culture dish to facilitate fertilization (entire detail of each procedure is given in this page later on). Go IVF Surrogacy is the foremost leading fertility clinic that gives a-1 IVF treatment all over India.

IVF treatment Delhi involves five to six steps to be carried out that involves- giving the fertility medications, egg retrieval, semen collection, fertilization, embryo transfer, rest of ultrasounds and further tests etc. Before jumping in for IVF steps, we should know why IVF treatment is used and who can choose IVF treatment Delhi to eliminate their infertility cause.

 IVF treatment Delhi best suits for –

  • Those females who have blocked fallopian tubes
  • Females who have had their fallopian tubes removed
  • Women, who are facing an issue for premature ovarian failure
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Irregular ovulation or suffering from ovulation disorders
  • Individuals carrying a genetic disorder
  • Male factor infertility ( low sperm count, less sperm motility)
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Endometriosis

Note – IVF treatment Delhi is combined with ICSI technique to get a successful result when the male partner’s sperm is unfit to penetrate with the eggs. During ICSI technique, the most motile sperm is directly injected into the egg so that it can easily get fused with the egg.

How IVF Treatment in Delhi works- Step by Step mechanism of IVF –

  1. Giving the Fertility Medication This is the first step of the IVF process in Delhi, during this step, fertility medications and drugs are prescribed by the fertility specialist. These medications are given in order to stimulate the female’s ovaries. Fertility medications stimulate follicles in order to get multiple eggs instead of a single egg. Until unless the follicles will not develop properly the eggs will not from, so it is compulsory recommended having these medications timely without skipping any doze.
  2. Egg retrieval procedure and collection of the semen sample The female patient needs to visit fertility clinic often for the check-ups; once the fertility doctor make sure regarding the maturity of the eggs once browsing blood secretion level and by transvaginal ultrasounds, trigger shot injection is given at the last stage of full- fledged of matured eggs. This trigger shot injection is given in order to get all the eggs matured. Within 24-34 hours of this trigger shot; the procedure of egg assortment is started. With the assistance of a hollow needle, eggs are retrieved bythe fertility consultants. A semen sample is also collected on the same day of the egg retrieval procedure.
  3. Fertilization- Once the eggs and sperms are received from the partner, the process of fertilization is on the way. This step is one of the important stages of IVF treatment in Delhi. Now after collecting the eggs and sperms from an infertile couple, these are then kept altogether on the petri dish to enhance the function of fertilization. This process is also known as insemination. Once, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm (known as a fertilized egg) and cell division starts to take place, within 2-3 days fertilized egg is known as an embryo.
  4. Embryo Transfer As soon as the embryo reaches blastocyst stage (generally takes 3-4 days from the day of fertilization), two of the best embryo is handpicked by the fertility specialist and is placed into the female uterus by using a catheter or by a small tube. Embryo transfer is painless and free of troublesome procedure; it could happen that you may experience mild cramp on the day of embryo transfer. After 10-14 days of embryo transfer, a pregnancy test is scheduled by your fertility expert to check whether the embryo has attached with the uterine wall (lining) or not.

Here we are at the end –

These are the steps of IVF, which is best carried out by the IVF Clinic in Delhi. Experts or Doctors are undoubtedly the godsend person, so each and every doctor is of a good repute, but you really need to think twice before undergoing IVF treatment, because it’s not a simple and easy to play treatment, this treatment requires a veteran specialist in the department of fertility-related problem. IVF Clinic in Delhi performs IVF medication in a superb manner, giving all the facilities to the patient like a separate compartment, advanced technologies and experienced fertility doctors to carry forward the treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy welcomes those couples who are confused and puzzled of their fertility related issue.

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