Do you think Donor Egg IVF increases the success chance of IVF Cycle?

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Completely Yes! Egg donor increases the chances of IVF cycle. But why egg donor is used? Who uses an egg donor and why it is efficacious than normal IVF medication? We will read the answers to these questions step by step. Before going deep into these points, we must gather some information about Egg donor IVF.

What is egg donor IVF?

IVF is an advanced technique of ART methodology, now you will be thinking what ART technique is; ART is fully known as Assisted Reproductive Technology. ART consists of several advances & productive fertility treatments that easily unlock the matter of infertility, whether it is male infertility or female and IVF treatment comes at the top of the list of ART methodology. We either can say that IVF is a panacea of all the fertility-related issues.

During IVF, sperms are penetrated with the egg in the Petri dish for fertilization. Yes! this is the special or unique quality of IVF treatment- mode of fertilization. Fertilization is done in this way because of bringing the best result.

IVF is done by retrieving the eggs from a female at the time of ovulation (after giving fertility medication) and on the exact day of egg retrieval, the semen sample is collected by the male partner. Once the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy get hold of sperms and eggs, the fertilization procedure begins.

Now here the question comes to light- when Egg donor is used. As mentioned above, IVF is achieved by acquiring eggs from the female, but what if at that situation when the female is impotent or unfit to lay her own egg for fertilization.

There are two essential requirements to accomplish the IVF cycle, first is female’s eggs and the second one is sperms motility & its count.

What if the female unleashes unhealthy eggs or no eggs at the time of fertilization-?

Here is what comes- Egg Donor IVF. True! When the female becomes unable to release healthy eggs for the step of fertilization that may be due to decreased age of the female or some other fertility-related issue, then Egg Donor is used to carrying forward the rest of the procedure of IVF.

As the woman’s age increases, her egg quality declines the capacity of fertilization day by day, so it is better to settle on IVF treatment once you become aware of your infertility.

There are several selection criteria of Egg Donor IVF to give her eggs; some of them are –

  • Egg Donor’s age must be in between the group of 21-39
  • She must have a pleasant personality (and decent education background)
  • Must have no reproductive disorder
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Have regular and timely cycles (menstruation)
  • The nondrug user, Non-nicotine and non-smoker user
  • Most important- must have the willingness of helping to build a family

These are the basic points, which egg donors IVF have to be crossed with before some further screening tests. Egg Donors are carefully selected and chosen for this procedure. Go IVF Surrogacy fulfills any of the fertility-related issues in a marked down package by giving all the advanced facilities to the patient.

The procedure of Donor Egg IVF treatment –

The donor and the recipient’s cycle are at first synced. Fertility medication and hormonal injections are given to the donor to have multiple eggs at the time of the egg retrieval procedure. While the egg donor is prepared for the production of multiple eggs, the recipient is prepared for her endometrial linings for successful implantation; the endometrial lining must be at least 7mm. Once the eggs are well grown-up, these eggs are retrieved with the assistance of a hollow needle and then placed into the nutrients containing culture dish.

These eggs are then fertilized with the recipient’s partner sperms, after fertilization, an embryo (that is formed by fertilization) or fertilized egg is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus (embryo transfer takes place on the third or fourth day of fertilization).

The role of an egg donor, once after giving her own egg is completed. It is the responsibility of the clinic is to make assure that the donor is recovering well.

Recipient female is monitored for the pregnancy on the day 14th or 15th of embryo transfer via a test known as HCG test.

Is Donor egg IVF right for you?

It is! Once your fertility experts confirm you about your impotency of the eggs, egg donor IVF is the best solution for you at this time. Don’t wait for more as Egg Donor IVF increases the chance of success rate of the IVF cycle.

One of the significant qualities of egg donor IVF is that she lays healthy and fine quality of the eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. If the eggs are capable of being fused with the sperm, then obviously healthy fertilization will happen.

It is suggested for the recipient female to take folic acid for at least 3-4 months before the transfer of embryo in her uterus. Have a healthy and balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, be positive and make your mind fit, strong, and ready to go through the procedure of embryo transfer, do regular exercise and stop worrying about the future, everything will be going to give a favorable result.

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