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February 8, 2019 by ivfsurrogacyin0

It’s very important to find an appropriate fertility doctor to treat with any kind of issue related to your infertility. Infertility is one of the concern issues that is revolving around the world. Infertility could be easily explained as the impotency to conceive.

If you are facing any type of syndrome, which is related to your pregnancy or fertility, then the first thing that each couple looks forward is fertility expert. Those couples, who do not have enough knowledge to choose the right fertility doctor, may not get that medication, which they deserve to.

Trust me! It is not easy as a pie but it is not that difficult as above one’s head! What you really need to know several points before choosing a fertility specialist. We know all the medications are crucial but if talking about male or female fertility, then stop, stop, Stop! Think twice or thrice while coming on a single decision. You are not only hand-picking fertility expert for your consultation and further treatment (if required) but you are going to choose a life saver for your future family. So again Think and Act.

To Choose Right Fertility doctor – Numerous points that You Need to Know  

There are numerous reasons too, to want to stay with your Gyn., but don’t be hesitate to ask how much experience, training and success she/he has had in treating infertility. Gynecologists are there to diagnose and medicate women’s reproductive issues and also they are masters in treating with women’s childbirth, prenatal, postnatal care and pregnancy etc.

It also can happen that a Gynaecologist may not have experience in the field of ART methodologies but may have enough experience in pregnancy, childbirth care etc. So, it is better to be asked from the couple to the gynecologist in which field she/he is specialized.

If you are planning for fertility treatments, then better is for you to take some healthy decisions to get you on the right track for medications. You need to seek a board-certified reproductive OB/ GYN or endocrinologist who has a good experience to diagnose and treat infertility in both women and men. Male also want to consult an andrologist, who is a urologist and certified to work on male infertility.

Initial Steps to Find suitable Fertility Specialist For You

Some of the men and women start their search with their regular and nearby gynecologist or primary care doctor, this step is okay for the first step or we can say at the initial consultation. And if you are facing with infertility problem and has to undergo some ART treatment, then take your time and search the best Gynaecologist to treat with your infertility hurdle. It is not at all mandatory to have your medication to begin nearby your locality, plz! Don’t do this silly mistake just for your comfort. If you are not getting a suitable fertility expert, then go ahead and find something best for you.

A veteran fertility specialist can better determine the exact course of medication if a woman is experiencing irregular menstruation, has a history of miscarriage, pelvic infection or she is unable to conceive because of her overweight (she might be in the clutch of PCOS then), or if a male is unfit to unleash healthy & motile sperms during his ejaculation.

Important Points to Look For Appropriate Fertility Doctor –

As mentioned above, there are certain aspects, which you need to know about the correct fertility expert. You should feel more than comfortable when meeting up with your fertility expert or we can say this that the expert’s behavior should be where you can easily feel pleasant instead of getting anxious or nervous.

See, the infertility topic itself is quite intimate and sensitive, so, it is mandatory that specialist must serve the patient in her calm and submissive nature instead of showing cold or dismissive nature to the patient.

At the initial consultation phase of yours, try to notice how much the doctor is showing interest in your case, is she listening to patience fully your matter or just taking for granted. If she rushes through the consultation only, or not wanting to explain the other medication/ treatment why this or that treatment is necessary or not, then move on- It’s going to be no use for you.

Net and website are also a medium to find the best fertility doctor, so once you stick on any of the fertility specialists, just do cross-check in the net for further confirmation.  Experience and success rate of the fertility treatments also matters a lot in selecting right and veteran fertility expert.

What Other Things Should The Couple Consider While Choosing Their Fertility Doctor?

There are some extra healthy points or questions, which a couple should focus on and ask their fertility doctor. They are –

From where did you receive the medical training and when?

  • How long have you been in the fertility department?
  • May I know how many successful deliveries or pregnancy you along with your team carried out?
  • If I will have any issue after your office hours, then whom should I call.
  • How much your fertility treatment cost? Does that package include- the entire medication, each procedure, and the lab work?
  • If you are an expert in IVF treatment, then how many cases you have solved till now successfully.
  • Can I get the entire information about your clinic’s success rate?

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