Infertility is defined as one of the hormonal disorders that occur in men and women, who in turn unable to conceive in the natural way. If a couple is trying hard to achieve pregnancy for more than 12 consecutive months and unable to give birth to a newborn, then the concerned couple is required to seek the best medical advice without any delay.

If a couple is unable to conceive, it’s always not the matter of female’s egg quality; it can also be the issue of the male fertility as well. It’s old thinking that a woman is supposed to be infertile when struggling to have a baby. Grow up! We are living in the modern era of the 21st century, here males and females are given equal rights.

Infertility, although it was supposed to be the women’s issue a few decades back. If talking about today’s era, 55-57% of the couple’s pregnancy, male factor infertility is involved. Usually, 40% – 45% of all males have infertility issues impregnating their partners. Therefore, when a couple is facing trouble achieving pregnancy, then the evaluation of both- man and women should be done.

Different medical conditions and other external factors also contribute to fertility issues, and some of the cause of infertility case is unexplained. Unexplained or unknown infertility issue occurs when the male has everything normal (in the evaluation test) still unable to impregnate his partner.  Approximate, one-third of the infertility cases are set off due to the male reproductive issues, whereas, one third is associated with the female reproductive issue and one-third by both- men and women or by unexplained infertility issue. All in all, male factor infertility is nowadays prevalent and a common problem these days.

When to seek Medical Guidance

You need to seek medical guidance when you have been trying to impregnate your partner after a year of regular and unprotected intercourse. You can find the doctor’s help when –

  • You do have ejaculation issues
  • Very low sex drive
  • Problems with the sexual function
  • Swelling in the testicle area
  • Pain or discomfort in the testicular area
  • Prostate issues
  • You have undergone a major surgery
  • Penis, testicle or scrotum surgery

How is Male Infertility diagnosed?

A male, if facing infertility issues, need to know what exactly fertility problem he has. To see the cause of infertility, there is some diagnostic process in which a man undergoes a thorough physical examination, medical history, etc. The very next step is sperm evaluation, also referred to as a semen analysis test.  This is the test, which is performed inside the lab under the guidance of the fertility team.

For the semen analysis test, a male provides his semen sample to the centre for the evaluation. The lab will monitor the sperm count in the seminal fluid, check the morphology of the sperm, and also the movement of the sperm (are the sperms moving in a motile way or not). These tests are done to determine sperm quality and health.

Fertility Treatments that help with male factor Infertility?

There are several ways of treating male infertility issues. The exact method depends on the source of the male fertility problem. Let’s look into some of the male infertility treatments

  • IUI Technique –

This is one of the male fertility treatments, where washed sperm is directly placed into the uterus. During IUI treatment, a semen sample is submitted by the male partner to the centre for the next procedure. IUI is the primary male fertility treatment, where minor fertility issues are solved.

In the process of IUI, the semen sample received by the male partner is washed by a unique technique. After washing the sperm, the sperms are out of any impurity and dirt substances; it thus helps the couple to conceive. IUI can be done with or without stimulation medication. If medication is not used then the washed sperm is transferred into the female’s uterus at the time of her ovulation. Ovulation is either determined by the ovulation predictor kit or estimated by the cycles (if the female has a regular menstruation cycle). IUI is recommended when a male has underlying fertility issues.

  • IVF treatment with ICSI –

IVF is one of the advanced therapies of the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and is used to eliminate the tag of childlessness from one’s life. During the IVF technique, eggs are retrieved from the female partner and mixed with the sperms. If the male has an issue in his semen or sperm quality, then the expert will apply the ICSI technique with IVF.

During ICSI, a single sperm is injected into each egg (retrieved through the procedure of IVF) directly. ICSI is the process where the expert chooses the most motile and active sperm for direct insertion. ICSI is the best technique for men who have low sperm count or less mobility.

  • IVF-ICSI with Surgical Sperm Retrieval way –

SSR or Sperm Surgical Retrieval procedure is a process, in which sperms are surgically collected from the male’s reproductive part (such as testes, epididymis). This process is accomplished with the technique of IVF-ICSI.

SSR is performed when a male is supposed to have no sperm in his semen ejaculation.

Who We Are –

Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the fastest and growing healthcare sites that serve the best medication in the fertility domain. We are specialized in providing a decent success rate of IVF treatment. Also, we provide all the exceptional amenities all through the way of the couple’s infertility. The team of Go IVF Surrogacy will first analyze the couple’s (whether male or female) infertility case, and then the specialist will evaluate which treatment supposed to be applied.

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    It takes two to create a baby. Although a woman carries the baby and delivers the child after the completion of 9 months of pregnancy duration, a male partner to contributes an imperative position to put forward the result (i.e. baby).

    If you are trying to conceive then you need to know that fertility potential plays the most vital role in achieving the pregnancy. Male and female fertility- both serve an important function to get conceived. Several people think that female fertility is all we need to get a baby but here’s a Big NO, because female fertility is not the only one that plays a significant role, male fertility potential imparts an equal role in it. During this page, we will be gathering some essential details about male fertility, factors like –

    • How a male can maintain his fertility? Or
    • How to boost up man’s fertility?
    • What are the ways to enhance the capacity of male’s fertility?

    What are the requirements for successful fertilization?

    When a motile and active sperm self penetrates with the wall of the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg, then here’s the positive indication of successful fertilization. To make fertilization happen, the male partner must be able to make a healthy and enough sperm. Not only healthy sperm is enough, normal shape and a perfect movement are also important to penetrate the egg’s wall. An issue with any of this step can create a hurdle to achieve pregnancy.

    Several factors from genetics and lifestyle to the environmental exposures and also hormones affect a male’s fertility and therefore it is hard to find the exact cause for infertility issue in male. Work environment and chemical exposures also cause an adverse effect on male fertility.

    There are some effective steps, which men can opt to enhance or to improve their fertility. Let’s read some of the points in details. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility centres that come up with the most amazing success rate in male or female fertility treatments. The specialists of Go IVF Surrogacy provide unsurpassed consultation to the couple (regarding any issue related to fertility and pregnancy) in a very satisfied manner.

    How to maintain fertility in males?

    1. Get your health condition under control –

    Controlling BP (blood pressure), diabetes may improve a man’s chances of making his partner pregnant. If a male is facing a hard time with his high Blood Pressure then there are some medications which are prescribed by the specialist to control high blood pressure (beta blockers), depression, and anxiety. But sometimes this medication could also give a negative result on fertility so you need to consult with a specialist first before starting the medications.

    1. Regular exercise –

    Health and Body are totally interconnected with each other. If you will have a sound body then you need not face any issue in your life.

    And what makes the body healthy? There are several methods to make your figure up to the mark by doing proper exercise, being physically active, walking, jogging, etc. Researchers have researched that regular exercise helps in reducing stress level and makes a man feel better.

    1. Say No to Smoking –

    As we already know that smoke causes an adverse effect on fertility then why male or female takes this toxic product- Cigarettes. A cigarette is a hazardous product that harms greatly our body system, especially fertility potential in male.

    Smoking is directly linked with the breakdown of sperm quality and quantity. Researchers have shown that the men who smoke daily are likely to have less sperm than the men who least smoke. Male smokers have decreased sperm count, less sperm movement and have a higher number of abnormally shaped sperm.

    Drinking habit or heavy alcohol also causes male sperm decreased and result in poor quality. Marijuana and other anabolic steroids for bodybuilding should also be avoided as some of the studies depicted that intake of such drugs impacts negative sperm production.

    1. Lose extra pounds if you are in the group of extra-weight –

    A 2012 study has shown that obese and over-weight men take longer to make their female partner conceived than those men who haven’t any weight issue. Males who have weight problem are more likely to have low sperm counts, decreased sperm motility, and may have damage to genetic material in sperm. It has been said that too much body fat is directly linked with the changes in testosterone.

    NOTE – Healthy diet and a proper day to day activity influences male fertility potential. Diet chart may include fresh fruits, plenty of vegetables (a rich source of antioxidants helps to make healthy sperms). Avoid heat exposures, long hot tubs, steam rooms; these are some factors that increase the scrotal temperature and this, in turn, reduces the sperm count and the quality of the sperm.

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      Infertility or sterility can’t be weed out from its root but it can be treated artificially. Male infertility is found to be undistinguished nowadays. Male infertility refers to a male’s inability to impregnate his fertile female partner. Male infertility affects approximate 7-8% of all men. Male fertility depends upon the quantity and quality of the sperms.

      A man’s fertility generally relies on the quantity and quality of his sperm. If the number of sperm a man ejaculates is low or if the sperms are of poor quality, it will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for him to make his female pregnant.

      Couples, who face with infertility disorder, approximately 35% is due to male factor, 35% is of female, 20% of cases have a combination of both male and female factors, and the last 10% are unexplained causes. It is estimated that 1 in 20 men faces with some kind of fertility issue throughout life (especially a low number of sperm and sperm less motility). However, only one in 100 men found to be no sperm at all in his ejaculation.

      There are numerous reasons why some male doesn’t seem to be a father of his own toddler, the first factor of male infertility is his quality & quantity of the sperm and the second factor is quite rare, i.e. no sperm at all in the semen. Male infertility treatment depends on the matter of infertility case. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading health care companies that serve infertile patients, who are seeking for the best and peerless fertility treatment to get rid of their infertility cause.

      How to Find Out if a Male is Infertile?

      In the case of males, there are no obvious signs of infertility. Physical exam by a urologist, Semen Analysis, Blood check up to know hormone level, STD Testing, Ultrasound (that evaluates male seminal vesicles and scrotum), Vasography, Testicular Biopsy, Acrosome Reaction, Post-ejaculation urinalysis- these are some of the most preferred male fertility tests and out of all, semen analysis test is the most acceptable testing procedure to check male fertility.

      During semen analysis, the semen sample is collected into a sterile jar and bestowed to the fertility lab under the guidance of experts; they examine the sample underneath a microscope to know the sperm count, its shape, appearance, and quality of the sperm.

      What is the Common Judgement by General People about Male Infertility?

      Since women give birth to a baby and men don’t, people often have faith that infertility is all due to the female body. Historically, according to the biblical, or the texts of the classical Greeks, women were primarily blamed for not conceiving. This misperception is somewhere going on these days as well.

      Infertility is not always a woman’s issue; man is solely responsible for it. Both, male and female are equally in charge of infertility diagnosis. Most male infertility is linked with low sperm count, poor sperm quality, abnormal shape, and poor sperm movement.

      There is a term, known as Menopause (when a female completely loses her ability to become pregnant) but not Andropause, that doesn’t mean a man does not lose his fertility potential, at a certain age, man’s sperm count and motility becomes low. Moreover, nowadays, men are overtaking women in the counts of infertility issues.

      Factors that affect Male Fertility –

      There has been strong evidence globally that sperm quality of men has been coming down over the past few decades and the main cause of it is environmental, occupational and urban or modern lifestyle factors, these are some of the significant points that hit male fertility case.

      Lifestyle factors include unhealthy diet, smoking cigarettes, intake of alcohol, use of illicit drugs, stress & tension, lack of sleep, exposure to industrial area chemical, electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone, coffee consumption.

      Cigarette smoking is referred to as a high potential risk for decreased male infertility. Smoking causes a decline in sperm quality. The concentration of sperm in male smokers is found to be 15-18% lower than of non-smokers. The cigarette has been adversely linked with sperm counts, sperms motility and its shape or morphology. The decline in male’s semen quality was found to be heavier (>20 cigarettes/day) and moderate smokers (10–20 cigarettes/day) compared to mild smokers (1–10 cigarettes/day).

      Diet and nutrition always matter for a healthy body and sound mind. Proper diet and nutritious food play a vital role in semen quality. Balanced diet improves male fertility rate and ameliorates semen quality.

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        From male member’s low sperm counts to smoking makes a man impotent, the topic of male infertility is rife with myths and half-truths.

        There are treatments available to treat male infertility, however, first it is important to break the certain myths related to male infertility and these are as follows:

        • Myth: The biggest myth about infertility is that infertility is a problem of females only.
        • Fact: This is not true. According to the modern study, it has been found that 40% of cases of infertility are lie with the male member. We do see so many cases where thousands of tests to identify infertility in females are done but not a single semen analysis is done for the male partner.
        • Myth: Usually, people think that stress is one of the major causes of infertility.
        • Fact: False. Actually, stress only affects one’s sex drive but it will not affect the quality and the quantity of the semen and thus it will not lead to infertility. So, if the sexual relations between a man and a woman are ok and a woman still is not able to conceive, then both the partners need to meet the doctor.
        • Myth: If a man keeps his testicles cold that will enhance semen quality.
        • Fact: Again this statement is not true. Cooling testicles by ice is not only dangerous but ineffective too. However, men also need to avoid wearing tight undergarments, and prolonged driving because it raises the scrotal temperature and will affect the quality of sperm. Also, the men need to avoid the heat and radiation from the prolonged use of a laptop on their lap and frequent use of hot tubs is not good for sperms and it has been found that it will decrease the sperm counts.
        • Myth: Men of old age have infertility problems.
        • Fact: No, even young men can also have severe infertility problems such as the absence of sperms or very low sperm counts, poor quality of sperms etc. can be encountered to men at the age 20 years as well.
        • Myth: Does smoking and drinking alcohol can cause infertility in men?
        • Fact: Yes, this statement is true. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial as both affect the quality of men sperms.
        • Myth: Weight does not affect male fertility.
        • Fact: This statement is not true. Men with an optimal body mass index (BMI) which is of 20 to 25 tend to have better and normal sperm production. Men who are overweight or underweight need to manage their body weight according to their body mass index (BMI) to avoid male infertility issues.
        • Myth: Excessive cycling affects male fertility or sperm count
        • Fact: Not true as cycling does not affect men’s sperm count. However, there may be other problems occur due to cycling which could be related to erections.
        • Myth: Having regular intercourse may enhance fertility.
        • Fact: Not true as it may decrease the chances of conception because the life of women eggs are only 24 hours long, having regular intercourse will only help during the woman’s fertile period.

        What to do About Male Infertility?

        You need not to worry as the Go IVF Surrogacy has various male infertility treatment options. Depending on your case, you may decide to take medication, explore fertilization options, or consider an egg donor. The following are some common procedures and these are:

        a) IVF with ICSI: ICSI is considered to be one of the best male infertility treatments for a person who is undergoing for an IVF. ICSI is a procedure which will boost the IVF success rates and the study says that 75% of the women under age of 35 years who had undergone for the IVF with ICSI procedure have achieved the successful pregnancies. This treatment has bypassed many male infertility problems such as low sperm count, poor quality of sperms, blockage or irreversible vasectomy.

        b) Hormone treatment: Your fertility expert will prescribe some fertility drug treatment which helps to correct your hormonal imbalances and also improve the health of your sperm. Clomid is one of the most common drugs which men need to take a pill per day for about three to six months.

        Clomid is a powerful drug which helps men pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which communicate with their testicles to produce good quality of sperm.

        c) Testicular biopsy, TESA, MESA: With the advancement in medical science men who have few or no sperm in his ejaculate can create genetically-related children. During the IVF with ICSI procedure, your fertility expert will inject a single sperm directly into the women egg to make conception successful; however, if the fertility expert is unable to obtain the sperm from men ejaculate, then they can be surgically withdrawn from the testicle (TESA) or extracted directly from the epididymis (MESA) to make the conception happened.

        d) Surgery: When all the other non-surgical procedures are failed to provide a successful outcome then surgery is the only option left to treat the male infertility condition. Surgery can remove the barriers to pregnancy. Following are some examples:

        • Your fertility expert will remove a varicocele which can reduce sperm count and can decrease sperm quantity.
        • By performing surgery blocked fallopian tubes will be clear which affecting the pregnancy.
        • Surgery can remove uterine abnormalities such as polyps and fibroids.
        • With the help of surgery, the scar tissues will be removed due to which pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and other inflammatory conditions occur.

        Why Choose Go IVF Surrogacy for male Infertility Treatments?

        The people from across the globe choose Go IVF Surrogacy because here they get the best male infertility treatment with reasonable cost and also achieve the highest rates of successful conceptions. This is a center where you will get the highly skilled and trained professionals who support you 24*7 and will inform you about your treatment on each stage so that you can take good care of yours and also follow the healthy diet which allows you to fulfill your dream of having an own baby.

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          Infertility can be defined as a male or a female infertility problem, as the issues of infertility can be present within the female partner or the male partner and also it can probably become the issues of indemnifying the treatment to be made with such a projections that the treatment should be made available to the couples who are facing such kind of issues.

          And the relative treatment signs and symbols must be allured with infertility to be indemnified with the most effective treatment. As that the treatment will be done in a way that more or less insisting out the ways that define the treatment to be adjourned there within the accomplished format that made the treatment much more definite and most assessable and formatting that should be delivered in the enormous form.

          The relative signs of infertility should be made available in any of the partners within the couple whether the male partner or the female partner should be adjourned in such projections to be made effective in order to make the relative issues of infertility as an endangered issue.

          And the issues with such an aspect is evaluating the treatment to be acknowledged with the characteristic way that elaborates the more possessing acquisitions that are encompassing the most assertive way that is helpful in defining the treatment to be done.

          With the rich free diet, the most probable facts and figures should be inseminating and therefore eliminated with the relative ways that is scratched throughout the ways that is underdefined the most possessing way that is helpful in infertility factors to be resolved like the relative issues may be present in a male partner or the female partner or any other partner in making the treatment an associative treatment formatting.

          Who is more effective with the issues of infertility?

          Infertility issues can be present in any of the partner of the couple that the couple should be facing the issue of infertility due to the female partner or the male partner of the couple should be assessing such progressions that made the treatment an assertive way that may eliminate the issues of infertility.

          Infertility issues is being adjusted in making the elimination of the issues of infertility as with the treatment to be reflected out the way that endangers the issues to be probably inseminating the way out of the relative issues that is enhancing the projections that the enhancing way to be dealt with the relative issues that made the treatment an enormous treatment with all the facilitation to be provided so that the couples should be somehow evolved within such activists that made the treatment an accomplished treatment with all the aspirations that hardly matter in such a relative context.

          Infertility is now being considered as the big and the processed issue that made the signs and symbols to be encountered with the prominent ways and assumptions that made the treatment’s way back with the identified characteristics aspirations and is throwing back the way that is enhancing the formulized facts and figures to be made adjustable in such a relative aspect to be made adorable.

          As discussed Go IVF Surrogacy should be made adjourned with the most renowned characters that has simply helping in making the issues of infertility to be eliminated in such a relative aspect that has made the issues an enormous issues with all the facilitation to be made available in making the treatment of the issues of infertility to be done with the accomplished characters that is adorable within much effective formulations that is announcing the issues to be significantly mechanized in such a regard to be made adjourned.

          Treatment helpful in the removal of infertility issues

          IVF treatment should be encountered with the facts and figures that are insisting with the formulize way and the most appropriative character should be inseminated in finding the responsibilities of the infertility treatment so that the treatment should be made adjourned as in confirming out the way out of the factors of infertility that is adjourned with such figures to become out of the enormous way and formatting to be out of such issues of infertility.

          As the infertility relative facts should be encountered with the most enormous way that is delivering the ways towards the treatment so as to make the treatment much more enormous in making the issues of infertility to be eliminated within such a relative context that made the treatment an effective treatment that helps in the elimination of the infertility from the root to the tip and made the treatment more tremendous and effective.

          The infertility should be creating suitability, efficiency and other factors that are desirable with the treatment factors to be made acknowledged in inseminating the most desired facts and figures in acquisitions the memorable and insisting character that is more or less transverse the infertility factors that are enduring the more relative facts and characters that are to be done with the allured progressions that is in cognitive with the much endangered formulations.

          The factors of infertility within the male or female partner are not present since the childhood stage but are to be made available with the ways and suggestions that are considerable with the acquisitions as is being accrued with such characteristic feature that is in desirable in progressing the most enormous character that is definitely promoting with the affirmative infertility processions that are thereby endangering the diplomatic problems or issues to be adjourned in this respect.

          The treatment should be made effective in the acknowledgments that are made assessable in finding the tremendous way of the treatment that is encountered with the ways to be made out of infertility.

          So that infertility should be removed out of the life of the couple who is facing such kind of issues like may be the female partner is facing such issues or the male partner is facing the issues of infertility and must be trying to find out the ways that are much more significant as the treatment should be encountered with the IVF treatment in order to remove the relative issues of infertility.

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            Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

            No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

            About Go IVF Surrogacy:

            With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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