It is a known biological fact that fertility tends to decrease with the increase in the woman’s age. Women over the age of 35 have 15% fewer chances of conceiving as compared to women in her 20s. If you are one of those women in her 30s wanting to get pregnant, then there is one thing that must have occurred to you and it is the use of IVF treatment.

IVF is a revolutionary ART technique that makes pregnancy possible for a couple without undergoing the natural method of attaining pregnancy. But there are certain things to keep in mind before you try this famous method of assisted reproduction as the treatment does not guarantee success to all. IVF treatment journey is a tiring process involving both emotional and financial investment.

Therefore, it is important for you to get acquainted with certain facts listed below before you take the plunge to undergo the complex process of IVF treatment.

  • Know the level of your fertility

Before you decide to undergo any type of fertility treatment, it is crucial to find out the severity of your infertility. Many of the infertility conditions can be tackled with basic procedures such as fertility medicines, or IUI treatment; a simple fertility treatment that required artificially inseminating the woman with the father’s sperms. In some cases, the woman may not even need any medical treatment as making some changes in her lifestyle can give successive outcomes for her pregnancy.

Therefore, the best way to identify the quality of your fertility is to consult with a fertility specialist because he will perform lab tests and other medical tests on you to provide you with the exact information regarding the level of your fertility. According to the test results, he will advise you on the most appropriate course of action for effectuating pregnancy.

  • IVF gives better results for a young woman

Like pregnancy, the success in IVF is also related to age as the woman below 30 has comparatively more chances of attaining pregnancy with IVF as opposed to women over the age of 35.  The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs start to reduce as she ages and a substantial quantity of eggs is required in IVF treatment for getting the best results. Also, women develop certain uterine conditions at an older age such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc., that cause hindrances in the way of parenthood. Therefore, the chances of you conceiving with IVF are less when you have hit 35.

  • IVF treatment demands patience and efforts

When you have decided to undergo IVF, know that the road to parenthood via IVF won’t be that easy and involves a great deal of patience from the side of the couples. IVF is a long-drawn journey involving medications, tests, ultrasounds, and lab procedures, and therefore, you have to be physically and mentally ready before you undergo the process and understand all the intricacies that you have to encounter in the treatment.

  • Involvement of the man is equally important

While you are the one who is going to carry IVF pregnancy but the male partner plays a crucial role in the treatment as his sperms are used in the process. The production of quality sperms by a man decreases after the age of 40, therefore, he may not be able to provide effective sperms required for IVF treatment. But in IVF treatment, you can take the help of a sperm donor whose sperms can be used in the process and you can get better results. This treatment is called IVF with donor sperm.

  • The fertility specialist plays a major role in IVF

The couple sometimes neglects this part and thinks that any doctor who knows how to conduct the IVF treatment will give them a child. But doing the proper research so as to find the best fertility specialists is important before you make headway towards your journey to IVF pregnancy. The experience and qualification of the fertility experts decide whether you will receive success in your IVF treatment as it is important for the fertility doctor to have a proven track record of performing successful cases of IVF treatment.

  • There are other alternatives to IVF

Infertility does not always point in the direction of IVF as there are options you can try before you go for IVF. A fertility specialist can best tell you which path to take as it may be possible that you may not require any treatment and making alternations in your diet can lead to improved fertility and the attainment of pregnancy. Sometimes the couples can benefit from simple ART methods such as IUI or Intrauterine insemination where the time of the process is short and complexity is minimal.

Go IVF Surrogacy is the fertility treatment services provider company in India that works with the best fertility specialist with ample experience in the domain of fertility treatments. They suggest the best course of fertility treatments to the patients after comprehensively screening them for their medical health. We also have the highest success rates for IVF in India, which makes the best option to undergo IVF treatment.


IVF or Test tube baby- What is it and how is it performed?

Test-tube baby is the simple term for the most famous fertility treatment known as IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is the first treatment option that comes to the mind of the couple dealing with infertility and wondering the best fertility treatment for completing their family. It is an extensively used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method to help couples get pregnant with the assistance of reproductive treatment. The test-tube baby treatment is becoming increasingly popular as it offers the benefit of having a child without actually undergoing the natural process of attaining conception.

In vitro means in a glass, this means that the fertilization occurs in a glass or outside the woman’s body. In the course of the test tube baby treatment, the intended parents undergoing the treatment are asked to provide their gametes for facilitating the process of fertilization; the male partner has to provide his semen sample and the female has to give her eggs. Once the gametes are obtained, they are combined in a petri dish in a lab. This mixing leads to fertilization and the formation of an embryo, which then gets transferred to the woman’s womb with the help of a process called embryo transfer. After two weeks, blood tests and pregnancy tests are done to confirm a healthy pregnancy.

Surrogacy- Process and types

Surrogacy is an arrangement that involves utilizing the pregnancy or surrogacy services of a woman called a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother carries the pregnancy on behalf of the infertile couples who hire her in order to have a baby. After nine months, surrogate hands over the baby to the intended parents and revoke any rights on the child. It is a legally transparent arrangement or contract as both the parties sign an agreement that describes their roles and duties as to the surrogacy process and none of them can deny performing their part after signing the agreement.

Different Types of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the most advanced ways of having a baby as it offers the advantage of having a baby without actually requiring the intending mother to carry the baby. There are two main types of surrogacy arrangements that are explained below.

Traditional Surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy is a process in which the doctor artificially inseminates the surrogate with the sperms. The surrogate mother attains pregnancy and carries the baby till term and delivers it to the intended parents in due course. This type of surrogacy arrangement is less desirable as the child does not share biological ties with the intended parents. However, the child may get genetically related to the father if his sperms were used for insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy or gestational carrier is a preferred surrogacy treatment because here the child can share genetic relations with both the parents. In the process of gestational surrogacy, first IVF treatment is performed in which the eggs and the sperms of the intended parents are obtained for effectuating fertilization. The resulting embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother who then carries the pregnancy to term. She relinquishes any rights on the child upon the delivery and the intended parents are considered as the legal parents of the child.

How Test tube baby differs from Surrogacy?

Both test-tube baby and surrogacy are famous fertility treatments as they offer the highest success rates and effective results to the patients. However, both the two fertility treatments are different from another on the basis of the method by which they are performed.

Here are some key differences between Test-tube baby and Surrogacy.

  • Test-tube baby treatment fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a lab environment and then implanting the resulting embryo inside the womb of the mother or a surrogate mother. Whereas, surrogacy involves explicitly using the services of another woman who carries the baby for another woman as she cannot do it herself due to various reasons or health issues.
  • IVF or test-tube baby is performed by one method only and surrogacy can be arranged in two ways, which are the traditional method and the gestational method.
  • In the test-tube baby, fertilization happens in a laboratory petri dish instead of the human body. On the other hand, traditional surrogacy involves fertilization inside the surrogate’s body as she uses her own eggs for fertilization.
  • Test-tube baby treatment can cause damage to the ovaries of the woman, while there are fewer chances of ovarian damage in the traditional surrogacy treatment.

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What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment?

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a widely used form of ART method where infertile couples get a chance at pregnancy by undergoing the unnatural method of attaining conception. The treatment is opted by couples who are due to a number of reasons that fail at having a child and are labeled as infertile. Infertility is a sad situation and taking the help of assisted reproduction seems to be the only option for couples who wish to have a child despite their problem of infertility. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is a family of various fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy, performed in order to assist the infertile couples in their road to parenthood.

It is a famous treatment option and is commonly referred to as test-tube baby treatment. This advanced reproductive method makes fertilization possible in a laboratory instead of a human body. In the course of IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai, the eggs and the sperms are fused in a laboratory petri dish with the purpose of forming an embryo. The embryo then gets implanted inside the woman’s womb and eventually, she attains pregnancy within a period of two weeks. A lot of couples have received successive results by using IVF and the fertility treatment continues to fulfill the dream of childless couples.

Go IVF Surrogacy is an eminent medical tourism company in India providing its affordable fertility services all over India. We operate with skilled fertility specialists having experience of over 30 years in performing the supreme quality fertility treatments in India. Our fertility experts put concerted efforts with our other team members at the network hospital for making certain the highest chances of success in the IVF treatment.

What does IVF in Navi Mumbai involve?

The process of IVF treatment at a sensible IVF cost in Navi Mumbai begins by giving fertility medicines to the patient for encouraging the production of eggs inside her ovaries. For IVF treatment, an adequate amount of healthy eggs is required for having better chances of conception through the treatment. The medication triggers ovulation and during this phase, the developmental stage of the eggs is continually assessed with the help of ultrasounds. When the eggs are perceived as mature, they are pulled put from the ovarian follicles with a sharp needle.

The next phase involves acquiring the sperms and for that, the male partner has to provide his semen sample in the fertility clinic. The doctor picks the best-quality sperms from the sample and abandons the rest of the poor-quality sperms and the chemical content. The sperms received from the process are combined with the eggs in a lab, this leads to fertilization and the mixture turns into one or more embryos. These embryos are then implanted into the patient’s uterus and pregnancy is awaited. Two weeks later, the patients are invited to the clinic for performing some tests and ultrasounds for confirming pregnancy.

Are you a suitable candidate for IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai?

IVF treatment is needed when a couple due to various reasons is not able to get pregnant. This could be due to different causes such as low sperm count, inadequate production of eggs, ineffective functioning of the ovaries, and other potential health conditions that prevent them from having a child.

Here are some of the common reasons that make IVF treatment the best option for you.

  • When a woman makes poor quality eggs that are not healthy and fertile enough to effectuating pregnancy.
  • When a woman has certain uterine conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, that makes pregnancy unattainable.
  • When other basic fertility treatments such as fertility medicines or artificially insemination do not give effective results.
  • When a woman has dysfunctional ovaries and she does not ovulate properly.
  • When the male partner has low sperm count, abnormally shaped sperms, low motility sperms, etc.
  • When the couple is diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Where to find marginal IVF Cost in Navi Mumbai?

If you are searching for the best fertility centre that provides the lowest price for IVF treatment in Mumbai, then you have reached the right destination. Go IVF Surrogacy is a popular medical tourism company in India offering the finest quality IVF treatment at a low price. Our fertility experts and IVF specialists have over three decades of experience in performing the efficacious IVF treatment with positive outcomes. IVF cost in Navi Mumbai ranges between INR 2,10,000 and INR 2,25,000 that is the best price range you can get for IVF treatment in Mumbai.



Top-quality IUI treatment in Delhi          

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is one of the simplest and minimally invasive ART methods that involve the transfer of sperms into the recipient’s uterus through the cervix. It is the first fertility treatment option that comes to the mind of the infertile couples before they go for more advanced ART techniques such as IVF. There are certain that you should consider before going for the IUI treatment such as your age, your current health condition, your previous medical records, etc. Out of all the factors, another most important factor is the cost of the IUI treatment and the fertility centre that offers affordable IUI treatment alongside maintaining the quality of the treatment.

The process of IUI is quite simple when contrasted with procedures of other fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, etc. However, IUI aids in treating mild to moderate cases of infertility and the severe cases require more advanced methods of assisted reproduction. The direct insertion of sperms into the uterus substantially increases the chances of fertilization as the sperms bypass certain stages involved in the natural method of attaining conception. The purpose of IUI is to enhance the number of sperms that reaches and enters the egg, which also significantly increases the chances with which a woman achieves pregnancy.

If you are looking for a fertility clinic that offers a reasonable IUI treatment cost in Delhi, then your quest is over. We are a famous medical travel agency in India that offers affordable fertility services worldwide. The fertility experts associated with us possess ample experience in implanting the best course of IUI treatment in Delhi. They make sure to offer desired outcomes to the patients and put collaborated efforts with our team at the network hospital for confirming the same.

Go IVF Surrogacy offers a supreme quality IUI treatment to the patients at a price that is not too heavy for their pockets. We have connections with world-class hospitals that offer the finest treatment experience to the patients in conjunction with the best facilities.

What does IUI treatment involve?                                                    

  • Natural IUI Cycle

The single cycle of IUI involves the direct placing of sperms into the woman’s uterus via the cervix. But before that, the sperms have to be obtained from the father or a sperm donor. The father has to visit the clinic for providing his semen sample from which the doctor separates the high-motility sperms from bad-quality sperms and uses them for insemination. This is a natural IUI cycle as it is performed by following the natural ovulation cycle of the woman and does not involve any fertility medicines for triggering ovulation.

  • IUI cycle with Clomid

The second type of IUI cycle is performed with the help of a fertility medicine called Clomid. This medicine is used to induce ovulation in women who due to many reasons do not ovulate properly. The use of Clomid enables the woman’s ovaries to produce the desired quantity of eggs that are required for promoting a healthy pregnancy.

  • IUI cycle with Gonadotropins

The third type of IUI treatment is with Gonadotropins, which is fertility medicine containing FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) are given along with other fertility medicines when the medication does not work alone. This medication is given in a form of injection and once the surge in the LH hormone is noticed, the doctor begins the IUI treatment.

  • IUI cost in Delhi for a single cycle

The IUI treatment cost in Delhi depends on the type of IUI cycle the patients opt for, such as a natural IUI cycle, IUI with fertility medication, and IUI with gonadotropins injections. Regardless of the type, we offer a highly reasonable cost of IUI, which starts from INR 15,000 that also includes the cost of the different fertility medicines. This is the lowest cost you can get for a single IUI cycle in Delhi. We also have the highest success rates for IUI treatment in India, which is why patients from across the world choose our fertility services so that they can get success in their fertility treatment within an economical price range.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent medical travel agency in India having top-notch fertility specialists that have a proven record of performing various fertility treatments with successive results. Our patients experience a stress-free treatment as our team members are there to assist them at each step of their fertility treatment. We make certain that our patients go home with a baby in their arms and get the tag of infertility removed from their life.


What is Mini IVF Treatment in India?

Mini IVF treatment is also the same as the traditional IVF treatment, the only difference is the type and intensity of the medication used for stimulating the ovulation cycle of the patient. In the conventional IVF treatment, high dosages of fertility medication are given to the patient for triggering the ovulation cycle, while in Mini IVF treatment, a low dosage of fertility medication is given for the process of ovarian stimulation.

It can be called a low-intensity IVF treatment due to the usage of a low quantity of fertility drugs and medicines. Mini IVF is a good fertility treatment option for the woman who wants to prevent the chances of the bad impact that can be caused by high-intensity stimulation medications or reduce the chances of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). The traditional IVF treatment involves producing an adequate amount of fertile eggs and for that purpose, the patient is given a high dosage of fertility medicines or drugs. Mini IVF treatment is also known as micro-IVF or minimal stimulation IVF treatment.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a popular medical travel agency in India that provides patients with the best Mini IVF treatment in India at a low cost. Our fertility experts have considerable experience in offering the best quality treatment to the patient at a low price. Our team at the concerned fertility hospital makes sure that the patient gets the best-quality treatment within a reasonable price range. The fertility specialists use sophisticated technology and equipment for operating patients for different types of fertility treatments in India.

How is Mini IVF treatment performed in India?

The process of Mini IVF treatment in India is similar to that of the conventional IVF from a holistic view. At the beginning of the Mini IVF treatment, the doctor will suggest the patient take some fertility medicines such as Clomid for about 10-14 days. During this period, the woman undergoes ultrasounds and other tests to evaluate the condition of eggs inside the ovaries. As the eggs mature enough to be taken out of the ovarian follicle, they are retrieved from the ovaries in the process of egg retrieval.

Afterward, the rest of the process is identical to conventional IVF treatment. The retrieved eggs are mixed with the sperms obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor. This results in the formation of an embryo, which is placed inside the uterus of the woman during the process of embryo transfer. In the end, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy.

Is Mini IVF treatment in India for you?

Mini IVF treatment is the right treatment if you have a condition where taking high dosages of medicines is harmful to them. Therefore, undergoing Mini IVF treatment is advisable before you go for the IVF treatment in India.

Below are the suitable candidates for Mini IVF treatment in India.

  • Women with PCOS should go for Mini IVF as the high dosage of fertility medication in the conventional IVF can lead to OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).
  • Women with poor ovarian reserve should opt for Mini IVF as high-intensity medication would result in the production of healthy eggs.

How Mini IVF is different from traditional IVF?

Mini IVF treatment differs from the conventional IVF as a lower amount of fertility medicines is prescribed to the patient in their IVF treatment. This also reduces the cost of the treatment as a low amount of medication is used in the treatment. The weaker medicines results in the development of fewer eggs, but the patient can attain success infertility if they already have enough healthy eggs. It also reduces the risk of OHSS and other side effects caused due to fertility medication such as abdominal pain, swollen stomach, etc.

Reasonable Mini IVF treatment cost in India

Go IVF Surrogacy offers a highly affordable Mini IVF treatment in India. The fertility experts and hospitals associated with us have extensive expertise in providing the best quality treatment to the patients. Our fertility experts employ state-of-the-art equipment while operating patients for Mini IVF treatment in India. Our patients get the finest treatment under a world-class infrastructure.

The Mini IVF treatment Cost in India is the most reasonable and affordable, which is why patients from over the world prefer India for experiencing the best treatment. Our affordable prices and the services of best fertility experts make us the best option for receiving the best results in their Mini IVF treatment.



You must have been told to stop trying to get pregnant if you are a woman in her late 30’s or 40’s. While it is a fact that a woman’s tendency to achieve pregnancy reduces as she ages owing to the diminishing quantity of eggs. However, there are still chances that you might achieve if you are serious enough to have a child and dedicated enough to follow and implement the instruction listed in this article.

There are various reasons that compel a woman to post her pregnancy such as deciding to get married at a later age, relationship concerns, career concerns, postponing pregnancy because you were not ready to get pregnant at that time, etc. No matter the concern, there is always a possibility of the woman attaining conception if she takes all the necessary steps and follows a plan that includes incorporating healthy foods in her diet and avoiding certain foods that might be preventing her from attaining pregnancy.

It is obvious that a woman over 35 or 40 has far fewer chances of attaining conception as compared to the woman in her 20’s because the young age women are more fertile with the availability of the substantial quantity of fertile eggs. There is also an option to use donor eggs if the woman does not have enough eggs to facilitate conception and pregnancy. She can also opt to undergo fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF if natural pregnancy seems unachievable.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a well-known medical travel agency in India working in association with the best fertility specialists over three decades of expertise in providing effective procedures of different types of fertility treatments. Our medical experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the domain of fertility health and treatment and offer the best advice

Below are the essential tips for increasing the likelihood of conception even at 40.

Go for healthy meals

The first and foremost thing is to watch what you eat. Your diet majorly impacts your reproductive and overall health and it is important to make some important changes into it if what are you eating right now is not what we call a nutritious diet. Recommended foods for boosting your fertility are Brussel sprouts, eggs, oysters, carrots, bananas, etc.

Ensure a good preconception health

Creating a good infertile environment inside your body is essential long before you plan to get pregnant. Making certain a good preconception health is a lot more important when you try to get pregnant at a critical age. It is also advisable to get your health evaluated by experienced faculty so that they can inform you about whether you will be able to conceive and provide necessary suggestions accordingly.

Avoid intense physical activity

Rigorous physical activities should be avoided as they can cause to your reproductive organs. However, it is recommended to exercises that do not physical intense physical exertion such as stretching, walking, yoga, etc. Complete resting can also lower the chances with which you attain conception.

Analyzing your ovulation cycle

Keeping a track of your ovulatory cycle can help in assessing the right time to have intercourse. Women over 40 have fewer chances of achieving conception (as low as 5%). Therefore, for the purpose of enhancing her chances of conception, it is important for her to pay attention to her ovulation cycle and various other indicators and accordingly, plan the time to get pregnant.

Abstain from alcohol

It is always good to avoid various addictions such as alcohol, smoking and it is especially advisable to stop the consumption of alcohol when you are trying to get pregnant as it badly affects your fertility and prevents you from conceiving successfully. It is also observed that the women who drink have fewer chances of conceiving as compared to the women who cannot.

Maintain a good body weight

Overweight women experience difficulty getting pregnant as compared to women who have a healthy weight. Underweight is also not a favorable condition to be in as the underweight woman is not healthy enough to carry the pregnancy. Therefore, maintaining a good weight is essential for getting pregnant carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.

Keep your stress levels down

When thinking of getting pregnant maintain your mental health is equally important as maintaining your physical well-being. It is normal to be worried as to whether you will be able to get pregnant and being concerned about the baby, but stressing too much can really affect your fertility health and the chances with which you attain pregnantly.











For curing the problem of infertility, the help of various ART techniques is taken and IVF is the most popular fertility treatments performed for helping the infertile couples attain conception. It is an extensively utilized assisted reproductive technique for having a baby by technical means. If you are an infertile couple looking for IVF treatment, then you need to choose the best weather as it aids in increasing the chances of conception.

Infertility is a complex problem affecting millions of people across the world. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that when you take the plunge to experience IVF, you are doing everything in your power to get the best results in your IVF treatment in India. Choosing to undergo IVF treatment in the best weather does not necessarily ensure that you will certainly get success in your IVF treatment but will significantly aid in achieving the most coveted outcomes. There are a lot of other important aspects that impact the chances with which you gain success in your IVF treatment such as your health condition, medical history, and the number of IVF cycles you have undergone, the fertility centre you choose for the treatment.

IVF is a fertility treatment process in which the eggs and the sperms are combined and fertilized together in a lab. This combination results in the occurrence of fertilization and the formation of an embryo. This embryo is then gets transferred inside the recipient’s uterus in the process of embryo transfer. Thereafter, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy. The month in which you undergo IVF treatment is critical for determining the chances of success in your IVF treatment.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, we work in collaboration with the best fertility specialists and hospitals over the world and make sure that our patients get the best fertility treatment without paying much. Our fertility specialists effectively diagnose the patient’s condition and make certain to perform the IVF treatment for the patient in the best weather that will yield progressive results for them. Our fertility experts have over three decades of expertise in performing the most effective IVF treatments in India. Regardless of the weather, if you choose our fertility centre for undergoing the IVF treatment, then there are high chances of success in your fertility treatment as our team at the network hospital put combined efforts with our doctors in offering a comfortable treatment experience to the patients.

Spring season- the Best Weather for IVF in India

Fertility specialists and medical professionals from over the world have analyzed that the season and month in which you undergo the IVF treatment impacts the chances of success in your IVF treatment. Generally, the spring season is believed to be the best season for undergoing IVF treatment in India. It is the season where the highest fertilization rates are observed for the patients undergoing IVF treatment in India. The chances of attaining a healthy pregnancy naturally and with the help of IVF treatment are the highest in the spring season. Also, June, July, and, August are the best months for IVF treatment in India.

While there is no surety of success if you conceive in the spring season, as there are many other factors that lead to success in the IVF treatment. The reason why spring is considered to be the best season for IVF treatment is that in the spring season, the 17-β estradiol levels of the patient are considerably higher as compared to in other seasons. The 17-β estradiol is an important female sex hormone that regulates the healthy functioning of the reproductive organs of the woman. Enough estradiol levels are essential for the eggs to mature and other reproductive processes. This indicates if you are thinking of undergoing an IVF treatment, then it is better to choose the spring season for having better chances of achieving pregnancy.

If you are searching for the best fertility centre for IVF in India, then there is no better option than the fertility tourism company of Go IVF Surrogacy. We are a famous medical travel agency in India that offers the services of best fertility and IVF experts possessing over three decades of experience in performing the supreme-quality IVF treatment with the best chances of success.

Our patients are given the option to choose the best fertility clinic that matches their requirements within the most economical price range possible. In addition to the low cost, our patients receive their fertility treatment from the top-notch fertility specialists that have performed several successful fertility treatments with successful results. Our fertility experts perform comprehensive diagnosis on the patients to analyze their health condition and perform the best IVF treatment in the best weather for IVF in India.








25 July 1978 – The remarkable date in the pages of Assisted Reproductive technology, when the first test-tube baby – Louise Brown was born. Since this year, more than 9 million test-tube babies have come into existence via this procedure. Test-tube baby is also termed as In Vitro Fertilization- is one of the processes, where the embryo is created outside the human body and transferred back into the womb of the mother for the implantation and pregnancy. The chances are although not 100% of achieving pregnancy, but if the couple is evaluated appropriately of their root cause of infertility, then applying suitable treatment would give the beneficial result.

What is Test-Tube Baby and why it is popularly in use?

Test-Tube baby, as mentioned earlier is also termed as In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, is one of the advanced forms of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), and is preferred by those couples who have been trying to achieve pregnancy for the past one year. Couples, who are under 35, they should wait for at least twelve months before seeking fertility options and couples who are in between the age group of 35-37, they must seek medical guidance once after trying for six months. Fertility potential slips down as the age increases; thus, it is recommended by the experts to go for test-tube baby treatment at the appropriate time.

During the procedure of the test-tube baby course, the woman goes through with some medications that in turn stimulate her ovaries for the production of multiple eggs. The main motto of receiving multiple eggs via this procedure is to avoid the negative outcome of fertilization. If there will be a scarcity of the eggs and out of all the eggs say 80% of the eggs are unhealthy, then there would be less chance of positive results of IVF, and hence, ovary stimulation plays an important role all through the way of IVF. Test-Tube Baby Cost in India by the team of Go IVF Surrogacy is very reasonable and within reach by each couple, who are planning for their IVF treatment.

Why Choose Test-Tube Baby Treatment in India?

Several people think that the cost of fertility treatments is much expensive than the other medical procedures, and therefore, some of the couples drop their plan or postponed their treatment. If you are too thinking about the same matter, then here you have got the wrong idea. India is the only country that offers fertility treatment at the lowest cost providing all the exceptional amenities without even compromising global technologies and types of equipment.

If we talk about the Test Tube baby cost in India, then no need of doing your finger cross because the price is entirely in your budget. India always remains in the centre of attraction amongst couples seeking their test-tube baby treatment. Couples from USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and other international places, choose India as their test-tube baby destination for its highest success rate along with the reasonable package.

Several factors make India like the famous hub for test-tube baby treatment or IVF treatment; some of the reasons are mentioned below –

  • Professionals who perform test-tube baby treatment are highly experienced and veteran in the relevant felid. A proper team will be there for the patient’s IVF cycle such as embryologist, nurse, junior IVF expert and senior IVF specialist.
  • There is not a single technology, which the best IVF centres in India do not have. Each ultra-modern technique and all the assisted reproductive technologies are available here.
  • Highest success rate. Test-tube baby treatment with self eggs and donor eggs may fluctuate. However, the success rate of IVF (using self-eggs) is fair enough (55-60%).
  • The transparent and clear cost structure of test-tube baby treatment
  • World-class high-technology
  • Well-reputed test-tube baby centres
  • World-class Infrastructure

What is the Test-Tube Baby Cost in India?

Here’s your wait ends! Yes, the answer you are searching for is finally here. The Cost of Test-Tube Baby in India ranges between INR 1, 75,000 – 2, 00,000, including all the medication and all the steps. If the couple is undergoing test-tube baby treatment with their own medical components (eggs and sperms), then the cost is the same as mentioned above. But, if the couple has severe infertility issues and is recommended to go for advanced test-tube baby treatment, then the patient needs to pay extra or additional charges for their course of treatment.

A couple needs to make sure about some aspects before finalizing their IVF or Test-tube baby centre in India. Factors are –

  • You should ask for the full breakdown test-tube baby cost from the centre’s management.
  • Make sure the centre is offering a substantial cost. Some couples fall in the trap after listening over-cheap offer (less than 1 lakh or so) by some centres, and later they get shocked and powerless when the centre adds hidden charges at the end of the patient’s bill. That’s the reason why it is suggested to shortlist some satisfactory (with a decent success rate) centres and pays a visit to each centre to know actual information with the comparison.
  • Since how many years the centre is running at its peak?
  • Don’t be shy or hesitate to ask about the experience and the qualification of the IVF specialist.
  • Notice the way the specialist is communicating with you and analyzing your case, is the fertility team co-operating and so on. Focus on these minute things as well.

Factors that Influence Test-Tube Baby Treatment Cost in India –

As mentioned above, when the couple is diagnosed with an advanced fertility issue, it might not be possible to solve the case with test-tube baby treatment alone. During the problematic fact of the fertility problem, the specialists prefer the couple to choose advanced test-tube baby treatment. Advanced Test-tube baby treatment influences the overall cost structure of the patient’s bill.

For example, if the couple’s IVF treatment could not be accomplished with the woman’s egg, then the cycle will be fulfilled using the donor’s egg. Egg donors provided by the best test-tube baby centres in India are healthy enough. Test-tube baby treatment with donor egg is one of the examples of advanced test-tube baby methodology, apart from this process, there are many ART techniques which are used to solve the advance fertility cases. Based on these superior treatments of test-tube babies, the sum amount of treatment gets influenced. Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading medical tourism facilitators that provide unsurpassed treatment along with the highest success rate. The fertility centres and hospitals under this group offer the economical cost of test-tube baby treatment in India.

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ICSI – the advanced infertility treatment in India

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection treatment is used when the infertile patients fail to get the desired results from the IVF treatment. It is an enhanced version of IVF treatment mainly performed in cases of severe male factor infertility. This is an advanced fertility treatment that gives better chances of success in fertility treatment. It is usually performed when the male partner is not able to produce a sufficient quantity of healthy sperms, which are essential for making the woman pregnant. Infertility is a condition that is believed to be in women but however, men are proved to be equally responsible for infertility in couples due to various conditions such as low sperm count, poor sperm motility, erectile dysfunction, etc.

In the ICSI treatment, a single high-motility sperm is selected for the purpose of injecting it into the egg for assuring effective fertilization and increased chances of conception. This is the best treatment option for couples who did not benefit from other types of fertility treatment and are looking for a better treatment option that will produce the best results. It is one of the most successful fertility treatments done to treat male factor infertility. The injection of a single sperm cell into the egg significantly increases the probability of a woman attaining conception with the aid of ICSI treatment in India.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a famous medical tourism services provider in India having the best fertility and IVF experts with significant experience in the domain of fertility treatment. They are known for performing the best course of fertility treatment that assures the highest chances of success. Our team at the network hospital offer immense care and assistance to the patients at each step of the treatment and make sure that they get the positive outcomes in the treatment. We provide a highly economical ICSI treatment cost in India and our fertility experts do not compromise the quality of the treatment to accommodate the low-prices of the treatment.

The process of ICSI treatment in India

The only difference between the conventional IVF treatment and ICSI treatment is the method by which fertilization is attained. During the course of ICSI treatment, the female has to take fertility medicines so that her ovaries could produce a better quantity of healthy and fertile eggs. The condition of the eggs is monitored with the help of ultrasounds and once they reach maturity, it is time to perform egg retrieval. In the process of egg retrieval, the surgeon pulls out the eggs from the ovarian follicle with the help of a sharp needle. After collecting the eggs, the next step is semen collection.

For semen collection, the male partner has to provide his sperm sample and for that purpose, he is invited to the clinic. From the obtained semen sample, the doctor discards the poor-quality and low motility sperms and selects a single sperm of the highest motility for the procedure. Then, the doctor injects the selected sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg with the assistance of a hollow needle. Afterward, the formed embryo from the ICSI treatment is placed inside the uterus of the woman in a process called embryo transfer. In the end, some blood tests and ultrasounds are performed to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy.

The fertility specialists at Go IVF Surrogacy carefully analyze the condition of the patient in order to perform the best course of ICSI treatment in India. They ensure to put all their efforts in confirming that the patients get the best quality treatment and experience success in their fertility treatment.

Low-priced ICSI cost in India

The ICSI treatment cost in India ranges between INR 2,10,000 to INR 2,25,000, which is the cheapest price range that you can get for ICSI treatment in India. At Go IVF Surrogacy, we have highly experienced fertility experts and specialists providing the most affordable cost for different types of fertility treatments in India. The aforementioned price range is the lowest price range you can get offered for ICSI treatment in India in combination with the services of the adroit fertility specialists and includes the cost of the fertility specialists, various lab tests, ultrasounds, the cost of the fertility medication, and every other cost. We do not charge anything once we have received the final payment, unlike others.

Also, our success rates for ICSI treatment are the highest, which is why international patients prefer India for their fertility treatment. Our team at the concerned fertility clinic put concerted efforts in making sure that the patients get the desired outcomes in their fertility treatment and return home with a baby. Our fertility experts use state-of-the-art equipment for performing ICSI treatment and work with all their might to ensure high chances of success in the fertility treatment.

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A BABY GIRL this time! Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her businessman husband Raj Kundra have publicly announced today (Friday, February 21-2020) that they have got been once more blessed with a Child (Born through Surrogacy). The couple embraced their second child for the first time on February 15th and announced this pleasant news today on 21st February. The baby girl has been delivered through the surrogacy procedure.

Shilpa was 37 years old when she had her first baby son– Viaan (May 2012) and now the charming couple has become parents to a baby girl, named – Samisha Shetty Kundra. The couple said a big Hello to their second child on February 15 and introduced today about the same.

“Our prayers have been answered with a miracle. With gratitude in our hearts, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our little Angel. Samisha Shetty Kundra. Born on 15th February 2020 Junior SSK in the house,” Shilpa said.

Further, she added the meaning behind the baby’s unique name – Samisha. “Sa’ in Sanskrit is “to have”, and ‘Misha’ in Russian stands for “someone like God”. You personify this name – our Goddess Laxmi and complete our family” she put pen to paper.

The beautiful Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra is quickly going to be visible on the PVR screen. Yes, you’ve got heard it right, after a gap of thirteen years, she is making her comeback with Sabbir Khan’s “Nikamma”. This movie stars Abhimanyu Dassani and a well-known personality (singer) Shirley Setia. This film is going to release in June 2020.

We wish her Best of luck for upcoming movies!

If you are unable to conceive on your own or have serious uterine issues, then choosing surrogacy is the best option you could do to attain the tag of PARENTHOOD!  Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility platform serving the best surrogacy plans across India. If you have any issues associated with your fertility then you can drop the query. We would be pleased to help you!

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