There are basically many factors that are most prominently affecting the fertility and lead the fertility towards infertility. The numerous factors that accelerate the treatment in accomplishing the infertility factors as mere about 15% to 20% couples are facing the issues of infertility and in order to remove them infertility relative factors one should have to consult the fertility experts for getting the treatment to be done for those infertile couples who are having the need to complete their own family with the fertility treatment in the form of IVF and having the child belongs to the couple that is only a possibility as created by the treatment of IVF.

Factors that are favorable in increasing the infertility are:-

  • Age of both the partners of the couple whether (the female partner and the male partner of the couple).
  • Tobacco intake by the infertile couples (whether the male partner or the female partner) or may be the case where both are indulged in such acts of taking the tobacco on regular basis.
  • Alcohol consumption is also playing an important role in increasing the factors relative to infertility.
  • Street drugs consumption like cocaine and marijuana.
  • Low sperm count or the motility of the sperms in the male partner of the couple that affects one’s fertility and leads infertility in the body of males.
  • Quality and quantity of the eggs in the female partner of the couple that affects one’s fertility and leads infertility in the human body.

Favorable symptoms present in the human body that defines  infertility

The most identified symptoms that define the infertility issues within the couple’s in arousing the fertility in the human body. The one most diagnosed symptom is an unprotected intercourse of more then a year if the couple is facing such kind of issues then the matter should be consulted by the couple to the fertility experts in order to resolve the issues relative to infertility.

Symptoms that are common in both male and female are:-

  • Hormonal changes that are rapid with the age of the couple (whether the male or the female).
  • Hair loss in case the couple is treating with the chemotherapy in case of the cancer treatment.

Differential forms of infertility in the female are:-

  • Damage found inside the fallopian tubes.
  • Blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Eggs are not of fine quality.
  • Feeling of restlessness.
  • Menstruation cycle are not timely may be before or after the described date of the menstrual cycle.
  • In case the female is facing the issues of regular miscarriages.
  • Cancer treatments in case the female partner is having the treatments with chemotherapy and having the medicines with the cancerous diseases.

Forms of infertility in the male partner:-

  • Male partner who is indulged in the treatment of cancer and having the treatment with chemotherapy and other relative treatments including the medicines and other treatments.
  • Semen analysis of the male partner in order to diagnose infertility related issues.
  • Quality of the sperms in case the sperms are not of the fine quality which is required to make the female pregnant.
  • Quantity of the sperms is not up to the mark as required in the female pregnancy.
  • Low sperm count and the feeling of swelling in the lower part of the testicles and also the redness found in the testicular part of the male reproductive organs.
  • In case the male partner is having the treatment because of sexual problems which are not disclosed by the male partner.

How incessant trying turns infertility into fertility with best success rate?

Success rate should be in upward direction that may increase the chances of the fertility and the  treatment may become successful for bending the infertility towards fertility and with having the fertility treatment with Go IVF Surrogacy that is having more and more successful ratios to be determined with the fertility. The success should be determined with the effective infertility to be removed in an effective form that accuses the treatment to be predetermined by most of the infertile couples that are facing the issues with the same and wants to get the success over the infertility through the IVF treatment with the guarantee to owe the child soon.

The fertility success rate should be determined according to the different states within the country India, where Delhi is the leader among fertility relative issues and having the highest success rate all over the metropolitan state of the country India having the success rate of about 88% as fairly known by many infertile couples.

Mumbai is the second leading state that provides the best success rate of the country India where the the success rate is merely about 84% which is really a good success rate for infertility removal in the whole country and also the state of Ahmadabad is the least among all the states of the country India with   having the success rate of merely about 70% on an average.

How to avoid the issues of Infertility?

The issues of infertility can be removed according to the factors that are playing the vital role for the removal of the issues of infertility from the life of the infertile couples who are facing the bare issues of infertility.

How does male partner prevent causes of infertility?

  • Consuming the drugs should be avoided by the male in case the male partner is getting rid of  the infertility issues.
  • Avoiding the high temperatures in the environment as recommended by the experts because it is highly impacting the motility of the sperms.
  • Avoiding the medicines that may cause infertility in the male’s body.
  • Regular exercise is also the cause for infertility to be seen by the experts as mere about 15% males are facing the issues of infertility because of the same.

How does female partner prevent causes of infertility?

  • In case the female partner is habitual of smoking than in such a case, the female should quit the smoking habit so as to raise the level of fertility and decrease infertility from the female’s body.
  • Not to intake excess of street drugs like the drugs of cocaine and marijuana.
  • Quit the consumption of alcohol in case the female is alcoholic.
  • In case the female is overweight or underweight so in that case, also the female is not able to conceive or may face regular miscarriages whenever she is thinking to conceive.
  • Exercise on a regular basis should lead the female partner not to conceive soon as required or as in the case of the fertile female partner of another couple.

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The pregnancy should be done with an ease and that too must be within such a very first attempt as usually happens with the couples but in some other cases the couple should have more than expected time to conceive as the particular couple have some kind of infertility issues they are more or less facing with or maybe the body of the patient not allowed in doing such a task in the very first attempt but for some couples maybe it is a ray of hope that fulfills their all dreams while treating with one cycle of IVF only as the possibility that is happening at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy.

It’s really an important task to be done with careful whole of the task as the couple is planning for the baby so in such a particular case the couple including both the partner should adopt a healthy lifestyle including: –

  • Nonsmoking atmosphere
  • Non-consumption of alcohol
  • Not to take drugs
  • And intake of prenatal vitamin

All the above factors should be taken care of and must be kept in mind to create a healthy environment which helps the female partner in conceiving.

The attempts for getting pregnancy should be totally dependent upon the factors like: –

  • Age of the female
  • The health of the male and female both as a couple
  • Now facing of the genetic disorder by the couple themselves and the family members of the couple including the family of both the male and female members.

How IVF helps in the removal of sterility issues?

As sterility becomes a common issue for the married couples now a day as one in every ten of the the couple is facing the relative issue of infertility and which becomes a common cause and IVF treatment helps in resolving such kind of issues with the same as the couple should be accelerating the fertility to be more or less announced with the pregnancy to be carrying with the woman facing difficulty to make it a term and so that it brings the issues for the females who are above the age of 35 years and despite then the female is not been able to produce the qualified eggs which are needed for the pregnancy to be have done with probable completion.

Also, the problem must be with the sperms of the male partner too as the male partner if having the age above 45 years than he is not able to extract the sperms which must be of the sound quality and also which is more or less required in making the female pregnant. Adding on to this also, he might face some problems of genetic disorders and genetic abnormalities relative and included within such an issue to be resolved with such kind of acquisitions and also with the increasing age too he is facing the relative issues of the same aspect.

How often the couple gets to know about the problem with sterility?

When the female is not able to conceive after one or two years of unprotected intercourse than in such a case the couple should be in a stage so as to consult the case with the fertility experts and with the the help of some kind of tests of the male and the female partner the experts should be able to analyze that the cause that is basically relative to which partner should be identified with such a kind and the relative solutions should be recommended by the doctor for the removal of such kind of problems the couple is more or less dealt with. This is the case of the couple who are within the reproductive age.

But in case the couple is over the reproductive age in such a case the couple should consult a doctor or a fertility expert if there are 6 months unprotected intercourse and the couple tried for the pregnancy of the female but it fails then the couple should undergo with the infertility programs and the relative treatment in the form of IVF and other such treatments of the same kind like the treatment of ICSI, IVF, IUI and Surrogacy are the common treatments advised by the fertility experts in case the couple is facing the similar kind of issues which is to be relative with infertility no matters who is the sufferer like the male or the female partner within the couple should be resolved by the fertility expert well.

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There are various ways in identifying the signs and symptoms of sterility issues to be available in the men and women or may be present in both the partners of the particular couple should be facing the issues relative to the factors of infertility and also there are some ways which are to be proved helpful in finding the platform so as to be helping in curing the infertility issues.

Nowadays, it becomes the common issues that are to be finding the cause to the factors of infertility to be considered as the best pathway out of the acquisition to be assessed therewith the relative scenario in such aspect.

Infertility becomes a common issue and factor that is affecting the health of the couple whether the the male is infertile or the female is infertile should be suspected with such kind of issues and wants to be indemnified with the relative issues to be moved away from their lives and infertility to be converted in fertility.

Go IVF Surrogacy ascertains the symptoms relative to sterility

Go IVF Surrogacy helps in identifying the relative signs and symptoms of sterility related issues and also helps in analyzing the common cure which is to be more or less proves fruitful in finding a common solution to the particular kind of problem.

The most common signs and symptoms to be available in women

  • Irregular Periods

The average cycle of the period is about 28 days but it may somehow have fluctuated between 31 to 33 days, so it is not a big deal as it is a normal scenario that is to be done with a probable acquaintance of normal periodic cycle. But the periodic cycle is to be considered irregular if the periodic cycle may be circulating after 35 to 40 days or a gap of 2 or 3 months as irregular periods so it is the matter to be considered and may somehow relative to irregularity or an issue relative to hormonal factors.

  • In case of heavy fall or a painful periodic cycle

Most of the time women may experience cramps which becomes the issues in their daily life during, before or even after the menstruation cycle so it may sometimes become the sign or a cause for the issues which are being related to endometriosis.

  • In case woman face absence in periodic cycle

It’s been now a day becomes a common issue for the females if she is facing the absence of periods or skip of a month or more than 2 or 3 months in the periodic cycle of the particular female.

It is because of the reason that the workload is very high or because of some kind of stress or some of the issues like stress or heavy work pressure may lead the woman periods to be skipped as in the busy schedule of now a day it is merely a common one. In case the females are facing such kind of issues than it is to be checked by the fertility experts.

  • Signs and Symptoms of hormonal changes

Signs and symptoms to find common in case the female is facing the issues which are to be probably concerned with the issues relative to infertility.

In case the female is experiencing issues with the skin, reduction in sex ability, facial hairs to be grown, hairs strength becomes thinner and in case the female is having pain during the intercourse and also the weight of the female is to be gained. Common signs of infertility to be present in man are as described under

Common signs of infertility to be present in man are as described under

  • Sexual desires are now not an important one

Priority relative to sexual drive or having the desires to do sex should be decreased or gets disappeared in such protests as if the male is not having healthy hormones than in such a case the fertility issues should be trying to resolve for long and trying to get disappeared such kind of infertility issues from the male.

  • Swelling and the feeling of pain at the time of sex

These may be because of different variations that are more or less contributes to the issues of infertility found in the male partner.

  • Erection relative issues and ejaculation issues

An erection should be maintained in the male’s body because of the fact that the hormonal factors     an also, the ejaculation issues should be resolved soon.

Go IVF Surrogacy help in curing infertility in most adjourned way

Go IVF Surrogacy helps in finding the ways that are more or less becomes suitable for the factors that becomes helpful in indemnifying the issues that are most probably becomes the cause for the infertility and must be resolved soon so as to procure the fertility and helps female in conceiving the way she wants to conceive and also when she wants to conceive without taking the help of artificial insemination and typically diagnosed the factors which are certifying the factors to be made accused as with the intake of medicines which are being prescribed by the experts should help in ascertaining the cause of infertility and makes the way in transforming the conversion of infertility towards fertility.

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In Vitro Fertilization means in the glass that the fertilization should be done in the laboratory dish with the usage of fine quality eggs and sperms that must be done along with the factors in order for the removal of infertility issues.

The first attempt of IVF on an average takes about 6 to 8 weeks to be completed as from the recommended treatment and medication till the transferring of embryos to the female’s uterus. Let us discuss the weekly cycle in detail: –

Week 1: – Prescriptions by the experts

In some of the cases, the treatment should be required with such aspect because of the stress and the hurdles that are because of the workload in the organization and the busy schedule as per the day to day uncomfortable with the work pressure and then which in turn may lead to courageous acquisitions which leads to infertility and towards the most significant opportunity for the treatment of infertility that starts with day 1 consultation and till the medication, it may cover the whole week.

And the medications that are being prescribed by the fertility experts should assess diagnosis with such a process that is more or less assessed within such a scenario to be over with the consultation option and a sound planning and progressions that is to be needed with the informed counseling and the maximize stress reduction process is to be explained by the consultant who is more or less accelerates with the IVF treatment and fertility program to be done with greater explorations dealing with the a financed and comfortable procedure that if the couple is not affording such a treatment than in such a case the financial supporter relative with the fertility insurance and other financial support should be chosen.  

Week 2 to 4: -Treatment starts

With such a weekly process, the treatment planning should be assessed and sorted as the doctor should prescribe for many tests that are needed before the treatment should be started. The tests include:-

  • Blood tests of the male and the female before starting the treatments of both in case of IVF treatment.
  • Ultrasound of the female should be done before, during and after the treatment relative to IVF.
  • Infectious Disease Screening should be accused of the fertility treatment relative to IVF.
  • Uterine evaluation of both male and female.
  • Male fertility tests and also the screening and analysis of the fertility related to males and
  • Females both.
  • If the couple wishes to start the cycle soon for the treatment than in such case experts prescribed to take birth control pills.

Week 5 to 6: – Start taking the medicines

After the 4 the weekend than the female should be advised to take the medicines that are more or less prescribed for fertility to be assessed herewith the procedure to be completed as normally the female should produce 1 to 2 eggs but with the help of the medicines that are being allured with such kind of intake of medicines than the female should produce triple the eggs as in the normal production but with this intake of medicines the female’s body should produce more than the eggs than through natural process.

But once the process regarding medications should be over than the female should be monitored well by the doctor and the expert should keep a close eye over the whole process before and after the medication procedure should be over.

Week 7 to 8: – Injections, egg retrieval and the fertilization process

After the days passed on, the fertility treatment should be monitored well and now the time to make the treatment sophisticated for the best result and the positive outcome.

Egg retrieval needs an injection so that the eggs should be retrieved out of the ovaries directly after using the fine quality needle which is being inserted in the ovaries and then the eggs should be extracted out of the female’s body. On the same day, sperms semen should be taken by the doctor as on the day of egg retrieval so that the combination of both the elements should be taken in order to complete the procedure of fertilization.

After the combination of both the elements should be completed then the fertilization should take place in order to obtain the embryos within the laboratory dish. Then they formed embryos should be transferred in the female’s uterus after 2 to 3 days of the completion of the fertilization process.

After the IVF Process to be completed

After the process of IVF treatment to be completed, then there should be 2 pregnancy tests that are being conducted within the clinic.

  • Pregnancy tests 1: – After 2 weeks of the embryos transfer, the pregnancy should be tested by the experts in the clinic. It is to be tested for pregnancy test 2 if the pregnancy test 1 is assisted positive outcome.
  • Pregnancy tests 2: After 1 week of the pregnancy test 1, pregnancy test 2 should be scheduled and if both the tests outcomes are positive after that within a week the ultrasound tests should be done with the following purpose in order to know the successful results.

Treatments that are best suitable for infertility to be turned towards fertility

The issues of sterility can be removed with the help of medicines, Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and IUI treatments are the best suitable for such sterility relative issues to be removed from root to tip.

  • The medicine that is best suitable for infertility removal should be clomid and the citrate.
  • Follicle related hormones.

IUI treatment is the artificial technique that is used to inject sperms into the uterus with the help of a catheter.

  • Artificial Reproductive Technique (ART) includes ICSI, sperm donor, egg donor, and Surrogacy.
  • ICSI is to be done by injecting a sperm directly into the egg for fertilization to be done and the formation of the embryos.
  • Donors are used whether an egg donor or a sperm donor in case the couple whether a male partner or a female partner is not able to produce sound quality which is required for the completion of the fertilization process.
  • Surrogacy should be done in case all the above techniques fail in order to remove infertility.

The reason behind male infertility and female infertility in a predefined manner

  • Female infertility

Female infertility can be caused due to ovarian issues like if the female is not able to ovulate the eggs or the minimum quality of eggs is ovulated by the female and by the blockage found in Fallopian tubes.

Ovulation problems or issues can be because of: –

  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the main relative cause that is being associated with ovarian issues.
  • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) is another relative cause that is to be associated with ovarian relative issues.

Blockage found in the Fallopian Tubes is another relative issue of female sterility: –

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is another cause that is relative to the blockage found in the fallopian tubes of the female partner of the couple.
  • Endometriosis is also relative to blockage in Fallopian tubes.

There is also the uterus issue that is basically relative to Fibroids found in the inner lining of the female’s uterus and must be removed with the help of a small surgery. uterus and must be removed with the help of a small surgery.There is also the uterus issue that is basically relative to Fibroids found in the inner lining of the female’s uterus and must be removed with the help of a small surgery.

  • Male Infertility

Male sterility is due to following reasons: –

  • Varicocele that means the veins presented in the Testicles gets enlarged.
  • In case the shape of the sperms is not normal.
  • Surgery on the reproductive part that restricts sperm production.
  • In case of alcohol consumption, smoking or intake of a heavy dosage of drugs.
  • In the case of cancer treatments, a male partner should become infertile.
  • In case of the genetic disease that may further lead to genetic disorders in the male’s body.


As one couple in the group of every five couples, the couple is facing the infertility problems that   accessing the issues and acquaintances in accumulating the treatment for the infertility treatment that allured the most accusable scenario that the treatment which must be relative to the infertility cases should be more or less accessed with the assertive scenario that accessed the most accumulative the scenario as is seemed to be arising as the need for the couple in bringing the child for themselves in order to assimilate artificial IVF treatment Mumbai to achieve success in having the most beautiful gift from the nature that is the ability to conceive from the couple’s perspective to access the journey towards parenting that is the most wonderful moment in the couple’s life once after getting married they want to become the parents of their blessed child.

For doing the treatment for infertility factors relative to IVF, the place Mumbai becomes a popular place for the treatment relative to infertility because the treatment is to be done with an assessment by the experts themselves on keeping the regular eye on the treatment and in the meanwhile the treatment becomes accessed with the affordable costing and more successful result oriented treatment that accuse the possession for the woman to conceive soon.

The treatment for the infertility cases in the state Mumbai within the best country India and cost is very effective as cost must be aviated between INR 200000 which is invested by an infertile couple with an ease in order to get the child of their own within minimum cost to be spent and also to be covered with maximum factors to be brought up for solving the issue of infertility.

The effective start for the journey towards parenthood with IVF treatment Mumbai

The IVF treatment Mumbai relative to infertility should be accelerating the efficiency for the production of accessed and affordable costing that is to consider the IVF treatment to be allured with the efficacy that is to assess the common cause relative to infertility that the cost should be in such a way that is to wondering the most accusable scenario for meeting the day to day expenses that is considering the fertility treatment to be at the topmost level where there are many success cases.

And also helps in creating the need and the ability to solved the cases in the very first attempt in accusing the needed scenario of several other relative treatments that assessed in the history of medical treatment that is greatly depending upon the achievement in accusing the success of more and more infertile couples that the couples should remove infertility from their lives and entering into the journey towards parenting in the very first attempt of IVF treatment.

Success Rate For IVF Treatment in Mumbai

The most accused scenario towards the success cases that assessed the success should be aviated from patient to patient and in how many attempts the success should be achieved should be a relative the scenario that is more or less accessible as seen in the clinic Go IVF Surrogacy with the ability in attaining results for the infertility treatment to be accused therewith the upbringing of the factors that are helpful in attaining successful results and helps in the recovery possession for announcing the results that are helping in creating the success in the treatment relative to IVF factors that enumerate the IVF treatment to be a totally indifferent possession that is more comfortable for the patient to invest such a the prospective amount that helps in maintaining the arena for the better environment among the relative persons like the experts and the patients for building a trust between the involved persons so as to create successful results in such a scenario.

The success rate for the IVF treatment Mumbai may be more or less programmed as per the resulting acquaintances that the results for the best success rates should be relied upon the factors to be kept in mind and as per that the success rate should be aviated between 65% to 80% within the past 3 years for the better result orientation that accrues the best of my knowledge within the state of Mumbai.

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IVF clinic in India must be accessing the best and world class facilitations which accuse the assistance that conceiving can be possible with some precautions and following advice of the experts as women have the great gift from the God that is the ability to get pregnant but due to some reasons some women’s fertility may be converted into infertility which accused the scenario that the best treatment may be done to solve the issues related to infertility with some treatments of infertility at our clinic it must be seen that infertility is being converted into in fertility by doing the best possible treatment related to the issues of infertility.

For the treatment of infertility, IVF is best recommended by the doctors and experts as with maximum 2 or 3 attempts of IVF cycle, most of the females conceived as seen at our clinic by the experts that the treatment can be best assessed for the conversion of female’s infertility into fertility.

For the fertilized eggs and the sperms which accumulates the gradual increase and decrease in the achievement during the pregnancy procedure to be accessed for the most successful results to be announced with the accuracy at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy for the treatment relative to infertility which must accuse the best scenario for IVF clinic in India.

IVF clinic India must accumulates the best results in the removal of infertility

IVF clinic India may accelerates the growth and advance pace about the removal of infertility treatment to be further assessed that the unnatural task for better identifications of the results may accuse the couple to plan their own child using the artificial insemination of the process relative to infertility treatment which accrue the mixture of the sperms and eggs being completed with the help of using laboratory dish in the monitoring of the experts and doctors for the formation of embryos which is being further monitored by the embryologists for identification of the best embryo which may be transferred in the female’s uterus for successful arousing of the pregnancy after all the process being completed at IVF clinic India.

Precautions after completing the procedure for treatment

  • The pregnancy with IVF may somehow similar to normal pregnancy and the patient need not to worry for having any special precaution to be intake in such regard.
  • The patient should be advised by the doctor to avoid any kind of stress and depression after the embryo is being implanted in the uterus of the patient and must be relaxed physically and mentally after the treatment for gaining successful pregnancy.
  • The patient must do the required work which she is willing to do but must take rest timely and must take care of the health for having the experience of healthy and successful pregnancy.

IVF centre in India welcomes more and more tourists couples who want their own child

IVF centre in India may welcome the tourists couples who are thus facing the issues related to infertility and may accuse the better synergy as infertility may be determined by the regular unprotected intercourse of the couple for about one year or may be more than one year without using any kind of contraception in such regard as the couple should consult the doctor if it is so.

For providing the communicative environment at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy where there are best facilitative programs accessed so to make the treatment a memorable experience with our team of specialists which accrue that we provides a healthy environment during the treatment and at the time of delivery procedure being completed therewith.

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Phase-II chapter of life starts when you get into the stage of parenthood. This is the time when a couple changes their status from a couple into a parent. Seriously! The experience of motherhood and fatherhood is amazing and can’t explain that joy in a word. But, where there is happiness there is sorrow as well. Okay! Not going off on a tangent, would like to draw the reader’s attention on the middle-of-the-road topic- Infertility. Infertility is a common issue, which has affected many individuals resulting being infertile and unfit to perform natural cycle of fertilization.

What we are going to knock around?

We will be discussing two efficacious and productive ART technologies. Have you heard about ART before? ART (Assisted reproductive technology) is the latest and worthwhile fertility treatments, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, other sperm aspiration surgeries (PESA, MESA, TESA) and Surrogacy; these are included in ART treatments. Here you will be finding some key points and differentiation between Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child that means IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Surrogacy and IVF –

Surrogacy, till now has solved many of the infertile couple’s issue of not becoming pregnant. Surrogacy is an arrangement or a legal procedure where a surrogate has to sign the bond and should not have any issue to carry a baby for another couple or person. When a woman is unable to carry her own baby in her womb or have been experiencing repeated miscarriages, then undeniably the woman can think to have Surrogacy treatment. On the other hand, IVF is a technique, which resolves the issue of infertility- those women who are performing improper ovulation, have their fallopian tubes blocked or damaged are the best candidate for IVF treatment. Given below are points for suitable candidate of Surrogacy and IVF.

Who can plan for Surrogacy treatment-?

  • Those couples who have undergone fertility treatments like IVF / ICSI etc and have not achieved success in it.
  • Women who have been experiencing at the stretch miscarriages
  • Surrogacy is the best option for those women who are bringing off proper and regular cycle of ovulation but uterus is missing ( due to the surgery of hysterectomy)
  • Women who are unable to carry a baby in her uterus due to medical cause

Who can plan for IVF treatment-?

  • Women who have had their fallopian tube blocked or damaged
  • Fallopian tubes removed
  • Couples who have genetic disorder
  • Premature Ovarian failure
  • Improper ovulation
  • Infertility in males (low sperms counts or less motility of sperms)
  • Unexplained infertility

Procedure of Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child –

Now if we look on the procedure and steps of surrogacy and IVF then definitely we will get to know that these two are entirely opposite to each other. Let’s have a close look of these two processes.

Procedure of SurrogacyThree individuals who play an important role in surrogacy- a couple, a surrogate and none other than the fertility experts. Gestational Surrogacy is somehow not completed without IVF procedure. In this surrogacy, eggs are retrieved from the female partner, semen sample is collected from the male, and then keeping this combination on a culture dish, fertilization happens (by IVF). After fertilization, either one or two embryo is placed into the uterus of a surrogate who now onwards, has to take care of the baby till the delivery date. After completing nine month of pregnancy, the surrogate hands over to the intended couple.

Procedure of IVF – IVF is a simple and uncomplicated process. One major difference of Surrogacy and IVF is that, in surrogacy the female could not be able to hold the baby in her womb; while in IVF treatment, female partner carries an embryo till he/she becomes a baby in her own womb. During IVF, female partner starts taking the fertility drugs and medications, which have been prescribed from the fertility experts. Transvaginal ultrasound is performed after 8-10 days from the day-1 of fertility drugs. On the basis of the records, doctor fixes the date of the egg retrieval. On the day of egg retrieval, semen sample is also collected by the male partner. Placing these two combinations on culture dish, fertilization is achieved naturally (most active and highly motile sperm get fused in the egg). After successful fertilization, an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the female, after 10-14 days of placing an embryo; pregnancy check-up is done.

Go for suitable treatment –

So, these are all about Surrogacy and unnaturally conceived child. Based on the fertility mainspring or reason, either surrogacy or IVF is chosen by the infertile couples. Go IVF Surrogacy is that leading brand, which finds out the correct reason of your infertility and then fixes out that issue in a soothing way, giving 100% satisfaction to the couple. Pick out the appropriate treatment on the basis of your sterility cause and go for it. Cost of Surrogacy and IVF has major difference. IVF cost ranges between INR 2-4 lacs and surrogacy treatment is far expensive than IVF. Surrogacy ranges between INR 10-12 lacs. It is natural that some infertile couple easily afford the medicaments fees while some can’t afford the treatment cost, for this they can go for the loan and get their treatment done.

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Surrogacy cost in Delhi is the most affordable pricing to be offered at our clinic GO IVF SURROGACY to be the best among the whole country while getting the best resultant to be offered by the clinical testing for getting the best options to be acquired for the adoption and other infertility relative matters which must be cost effective.

And can also be within the amount of INR 10,00,000 only which can be easily affordable by all the couples who are facing the issues relative to infertility and must have the desire of getting their own child can opt for the process of surrogacy in Delhi to get the most desirable results and that too within a minimum amount of costing which is really nothing in front of a child’s happiness by which your house gets blessed with the child.

The lower cost should not mean that there is lack of some availability in resources like technology, expertise knowledge or maybe there are somehow cheaper consumables but it’s not like that brings the wide range but according to this phrase we are offering the best class facilitations like using the latest technology, experience doctors, expertise knowledge and other factors which are to be carried on for making the surrogacy procedure the most effective and efficient one.

Surrogacy is the most frequently gained procedure to be assisted reproduction which helps the couple in having their own baby but must be carried by the surrogate for about 9 months in her womb but the child must be genetically relative to the couple only who thus becomes the biological parents of the child itself in this kind of technique to be followed up during this process to be completed and procured with in such aspect to be programmed within such a reasonable amount of costing for completing the surrogacy process and to make the process more cost effective.

Surrogacy charges in Delhi- the least amount of costing to be accessed within the whole nation

Surrogacy charges in Delhi must be very less amount of costing that can be easily access able by all the couples who are facing infertility issues and the females are not able to conceive the child in her womb because her ability to conceive comes to an end which is not to be processed and becomes her inability as she is facing some serious issues related to infertility but the couple can be blessed with the child within such an affordable costing of about INR 10,00,000 that can be invested with ease even by a middle or lower or even rich class couples in front of a child.

It must be a long drawn out process that can be adopted with ease with the whole projections to be made available with the best proclaimed and most probable efficacy to be conducted over years and at times and now becomes legal in most parts of the country as well.

Surrogacy may be advised to the couple by the doctor in such cases:

  • In case of congenital absence of uterus.
  • Size of the uterus is very small and not able to carry the child in the uterus by the female.
  • Removal of uterus due to cancer or due to any other infections.
  • Woman whose uterus is not performing malfunctions is another case for the surrogacy and must be advisable by the experts to do the treatment of the surrogacy.
  • Due to severe miscarriages to be happening within the female’s body so in that case doctors must recommend surrogacy to the couples.
  • Woman having many diseases like diabetes and other kidney related diseases.
  • Woman having RH incompatibility.
  • Non- functioning of ovaries.
  • Risk of passed on the other genetic disorders.
  • Unexplained cause of infertility.

For getting the most acknowledged criteria to be abbreviated under such guidance to be more likely accused with the best technique to be guided under the un accessed cause to get the most programmed and resultant effectiveness to be adjourned for the most geographical resulting objectivity to be focusing on with the best processed and accessed leading working policies to be occurred for the best functioning inside the whole nation with having the accused and probable criterion to be identified by getting the successful results in the mode of surrogacy technique to be followed up.

Surrogacy charges in Delhi must be within such an amount which can be easily affordable by all the couples who are facing issues related to infertility and there must be many successful cases in our clinic in Delhi as the success rate of our Delhi clinic must be around 95% on an average which must be a good rate that cannot be beatable by any of the clinic in Delhi and have the best successful arena in over all the states of the nation and also within the state itself.

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It is always better to be started from the basic remedy than advance one, but what if when basic solution does not work.  We are talking about that problem which has made several couple depressed. Infertility, Yes infertility has made several blessed couple in a big trouble. When the couples are unable to get their own child by natural cycle of pregnancy then this is what we call being infertile. Infertility may touch male or female or in rare case to both partners as well. India is that country where ‘Impossible’ word has not generated or exists yet. In India there are various and productive method to throw away Sterility or infertility topic.

Those couples who have been gone through the basic fertility drugs to solve the issue of infertility and unable to get the positive result, can definitely go for the advance fertility drugs. Advance fertility Treatment in India includes Artificial insemination (IUI) and Assisted Reproductive technologies.  These are those fertility treatments, which is the powerhouse to figure out the infertility matter. Go IVF Surrogacy is the big break for those duos who are seeking number 1 clinic to untangle their matter of sterility.

Let’s have the nitty-gritty details of each advance fertility treatments in India –

  • IUI (Artificial Insemination) IUI comes in Artificial Insemination, IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination, and it’s additionally generally known as donor insemination. IUI works by putting sperms cells directly into the female internal reproductive organ (uterus) at the time she ovulates, serving to the sperms catch up with the female’s partner egg. This cut down on the time and distance sperms should travel, creating it easier to fertilize the egg with the sperms and achieving pregnancy. IUI is recommended to patients with decrease in sperm count or less motility and for those women who do not ovulate regularly, or improper ovulation. Ovulation induction maybe combined with IUI to have healthy stimulation of eggs.
  • IVF (Assisted Reproductive Technology) – IVF is one of the best ART technique; it stands for In Vitro fertilization. This process takes place inside the Laboratory and outside the human body. At initial level, fertility drugs are provided to female partner for stimulation the ovaries. When the eggs are matured then the fertility experts for fertilization retrieve it. On the same day, semen sample is received by male partner for the fertilization. Keeping the combination of sperms and eggs in the Petri dish for natural fertilization is the next step. After fertilization, embryo is transferred into the female uterus for the pregnancy.
  • IVF with donor egg –   IVF with donor eggs is appropriate for those female partners who can’t make the grade of healthy eggs for fertilization. It also has fruitful results. The process is as same as normal IVF but the difference is just that eggs are retrieved by donor not by the recipient female duo, after the similar process of fertilization during IVF, embryo is later transferred into the female duo’s uterus.
  • IVF with sperm donor-  Sperm donor is suggested to those males who can’t hack out active, normal and adequate numbers of sperms for fertilization. The process of IVF with sperm donor goes same as normal IVF, here instead of taking the sperm from the male partner, sperm donor is chosen, hence achieving healthy fertilization.
  • ICSI-  ICSI is referred as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This method is done by the technique of IVF but not all steps follow in ICSI. In ICSI, there is one single sperm (most active and motile), which is directly injected into the egg of the female. Those couples who have gone through failure IVF can select this method for better results.

Settle upon one decision and go for healthy fertilization –Above are some highly opted advance fertility treatments in India to unravel the topic of sterility and to give seventh heaven feeling of those couples who are not yet experienced the golden times of their parenthood.





Male Infertility treatment in Mumbai will now becoming a common issue where almost 33% of the males in our country are facing these kinds of issues regarding the same and can be cured accordingly by the team of experts at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy where there are many experts treatment must be followed in that respect which can be procured by having the expert’s treatment to be followed in this respect so that in such a small amount of costing to be spent in that there must be huge returns in the form of best and excellent treatments at our Mumbai center for male infertility treatments.

Now you have to understand better that what must be the meaning of male infertility so we can say that male infertility means the inability in the male which restricts female to be conceived even after one year of continuous unprotected inter course.

If the female is not able to conceive so the female should check the cause of the same and try to find out the causes for the same and if it is to be finding in males so male should be treated for his inability or infertility to be entered into a stage for fertility.

What exactly is the cause for male infertility? – Reasons for male infertility

  • These kinds of issues must be at high pace because of the changing lifestyles, environmental factors and also the genetic disorders is the main concern in making these issues to be currently affecting many males who are facing these issues related to male infertility.
  • Male infertility can be said because the male producing the quality of the sperms is not up to the mark which can have the ability to make female pregnant.
  • But in the country like India where every 2 out of 10 males are facing infertility but it must be reduced by daily practicing of not taking the stress.

How male Infertility can be caused? – The point to be discussed

The reasons why there must be male infertility:-

  • Less sperm count in the male’s body
  • Not producing qualitative sperms
  • Due to gestational disorders
  • Due to some hormonal changes
  • Facing testicular pains
  • Swelling is also an issue in this respect

Male infertility in Mumbai can be resolved through our center of Mumbai Go IVF Surrogacy can be same treated but can be differentiated on the basis of fees, locality, team of experts etc. which is the point of difference in that respect comparing with our centers and other centers.

Types of Infertility in Males

  1. Hormonal Infertility
  2. Testicular Infertility
  3. Abnormal Sperms
  4. Coital Disorder
  5. Low sperm count
  6. Abnormal Quality of sperms
  7. Epididymis, seminal, vesticles, prostate

Can male infertility treatment be cured?

Male infertility treatment in Mumbai can be cured well with proper medications and precautions to be followed which is being guided by the doctors and experts at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy. Male infertility can be cured well with proper treatments in the center. Also proper advice of the experts and doctors should be followed so as to remove this kind of disease from root to tip.

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GO IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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