It’s not at all Okay to avoid severe pain that occurs during the menstrual cycle. If you are missing, your work or any other activities just because of that pain then it’s the time to meet your general practitioner who can refer you to a veteran Gynaecologist for further medication.

Some of the techniques such as a healthy lifestyle, hormonal therapy, pain-relief medication, surgeries like laparoscopy, hysterectomy etc help to manage and treat endometriosis condition. The exact treatment will depend on the female’s case of her endometriosis symptom.

Endometriosis and its Symptoms –

Endometriosis is a disorder that often causes pain during the female’s menstrual cycle. This is the case when the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) grows outside of the uterus. This disorder generally involves in female’s ovaries, fallopian tubes, may spread beyond the pelvic organ too, the tissue lining the pelvis etc. One of the primary symptoms of endometriosis disorder is women’s pelvic pain, severe pain during menstruation.

Symptoms of Endometriosis disorder –

  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Female factor Infertility also occurs due to Endometriosis
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain with bowel movement
  • Female may experience heavy bleeding in her endometriosis disorder (during her periods)
  • Female starts to suffer with pelvic pain and cramping before her periods begin and it goes after few days of your menstruation.
  • The woman may also have some other symptoms like constipation, nausea, fatigue etc. especially during her menses duration.

To diagnose the Endometriosis there are some tests, which are generally performed by the Gynaecologist. Go IVF Surrogacy is an expert in diagnosing the endometriosis symptoms and also knows how to treat this disorder in the best way.

Some of the tests to diagnose that the female is experiencing with endometriosis disorder are –

  • Ultrasound
  • Pelvic exam
  • Through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • By the surgical technique referred as Laparoscopy, Hysterectomy etc.

Endometriosis treatment –

Medication of Endometriosis usually involves surgery or treatment like pain medication, hormonal therapy etc. The exact treatment of this disorder depends upon the case of your symptom. Some natural managing techniques are also there that is said to be effective during this case, which includes- a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep- is one of the important factors that help the immune system function at its best level, so it is recommendable to have enough quality sleep. Try to reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol, not to take heavy meals late at night, schedule a proper plan for going to bed and waking.

Let’s read some treatments that are use to solve endometriosis issue –

  • Pain relief Medication –

Pain relievers such as NSAIDs (no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), naproxen sodium (Aleve, etc.)- These are some of the pain relief medication that helps to ease painful menstrual cramps.

  • Hormone Therapy –

This therapy’s main aim is to make reduce the pain and also the severity of endometriosis disorder by

  • To stop the heavy bleeding during female’s menstruation cycle
  • And to suppress the growth of the endometrium cells

These are some therapies, which included in this treatment –

  • Progestin therapy –

This hormonal therapy provides pain relief of almost 70-80% of women with endometriosis issue. It also suppresses the development of endometrial tissue.

  • Gn-RH ( Gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists and antagonists ) –

These are that drugs, which causes the uterine inner lining (i.e. endometrial tissue) to shrink. These drugs, when taken by the female patient create artificial menopause. The female’s ability to become pregnant and conceive will come back one she stops taking this hormonal therapy.

  • Hormonal contraceptive or oral contraceptive pills –

Birth control pills and vaginal rings control the growth of endometrial tissue. OCP (oral contraceptive pills) reduces the female’s menstrual cycle; it is fruitful in suppressing the endometriosis issue. The female should completely avoid OCP or any birth contraceptive pills when she is above 35 and is in the risk factor for heart disease, or she is facing with high blood pressure, is suffering from liver disease, have recent breast cancer etc.

  • By Laparoscopy Surgery –

Laparoscopy surgery is the keyhole surgery that involves a thin telescope with a light  attached. This is a surgical method that operates to reduce symptoms and improve female fertility (by eliminating cysts, endometriotic patches, adhesions by cutting them out etc. It also surgically repairs the damaged organ of the female. Laparoscopy put an end to large cysts and endometriomas.

These are some of the widely accepted medications to treat endometriosis to get rid of this disorder. So, any female, who are suffering from the endometriosis symptoms must consult with the best and veteran gynecologist to look into this matter as soon as possible.




It’s very important to find an appropriate fertility doctor to treat with any kind of issue related to your infertility. Infertility is one of the concern issues that is revolving around the world. Infertility could be easily explained as the impotency to conceive.

If you are facing any type of syndrome, which is related to your pregnancy or fertility, then the first thing that each couple looks forward is fertility expert. Those couples, who do not have enough knowledge to choose the right fertility doctor, may not get that medication, which they deserve to.

Trust me! It is not easy as a pie but it is not that difficult as above one’s head! What you really need to know several points before choosing a fertility specialist. We know all the medications are crucial but if talking about male or female fertility, then stop, stop, Stop! Think twice or thrice while coming on a single decision. You are not only hand-picking fertility expert for your consultation and further treatment (if required) but you are going to choose a life saver for your future family. So again Think and Act.

To Choose Right Fertility doctor – Numerous points that You Need to Know  

There are numerous reasons too, to want to stay with your Gyn., but don’t be hesitate to ask how much experience, training and success she/he has had in treating infertility. Gynecologists are there to diagnose and medicate women’s reproductive issues and also they are masters in treating with women’s childbirth, prenatal, postnatal care and pregnancy etc.

It also can happen that a Gynaecologist may not have experience in the field of ART methodologies but may have enough experience in pregnancy, childbirth care etc. So, it is better to be asked from the couple to the gynecologist in which field she/he is specialized.

If you are planning for fertility treatments, then better is for you to take some healthy decisions to get you on the right track for medications. You need to seek a board-certified reproductive OB/ GYN or endocrinologist who has a good experience to diagnose and treat infertility in both women and men. Male also want to consult an andrologist, who is a urologist and certified to work on male infertility.

Initial Steps to Find suitable Fertility Specialist For You

Some of the men and women start their search with their regular and nearby gynecologist or primary care doctor, this step is okay for the first step or we can say at the initial consultation. And if you are facing with infertility problem and has to undergo some ART treatment, then take your time and search the best Gynaecologist to treat with your infertility hurdle. It is not at all mandatory to have your medication to begin nearby your locality, plz! Don’t do this silly mistake just for your comfort. If you are not getting a suitable fertility expert, then go ahead and find something best for you.

A veteran fertility specialist can better determine the exact course of medication if a woman is experiencing irregular menstruation, has a history of miscarriage, pelvic infection or she is unable to conceive because of her overweight (she might be in the clutch of PCOS then), or if a male is unfit to unleash healthy & motile sperms during his ejaculation.

Important Points to Look For Appropriate Fertility Doctor –

As mentioned above, there are certain aspects, which you need to know about the correct fertility expert. You should feel more than comfortable when meeting up with your fertility expert or we can say this that the expert’s behavior should be where you can easily feel pleasant instead of getting anxious or nervous.

See, the infertility topic itself is quite intimate and sensitive, so, it is mandatory that specialist must serve the patient in her calm and submissive nature instead of showing cold or dismissive nature to the patient.

At the initial consultation phase of yours, try to notice how much the doctor is showing interest in your case, is she listening to patience fully your matter or just taking for granted. If she rushes through the consultation only, or not wanting to explain the other medication/ treatment why this or that treatment is necessary or not, then move on- It’s going to be no use for you.

Net and website are also a medium to find the best fertility doctor, so once you stick on any of the fertility specialists, just do cross-check in the net for further confirmation.  Experience and success rate of the fertility treatments also matters a lot in selecting right and veteran fertility expert.

What Other Things Should The Couple Consider While Choosing Their Fertility Doctor?

There are some extra healthy points or questions, which a couple should focus on and ask their fertility doctor. They are –

From where did you receive the medical training and when?

  • How long have you been in the fertility department?
  • May I know how many successful deliveries or pregnancy you along with your team carried out?
  • If I will have any issue after your office hours, then whom should I call.
  • How much your fertility treatment cost? Does that package include- the entire medication, each procedure, and the lab work?
  • If you are an expert in IVF treatment, then how many cases you have solved till now successfully.
  • Can I get the entire information about your clinic’s success rate?


A failed IVF Cycle is the grievous & troublesome phase of an individual’s life. Dream of any couple after marriage at a certain stage is this only- to welcome the days of Parenthood. When this dream is shattered by the negative result of IVF medication, then what? Will you just mourn and spend the days in saddening? A big NOOOO!!! Those couples who have had their first cycle of IVF failed, must have done some mistakes.

The patient turns to when their IVF first cycle fails is their fertility expert, because she/he is the one, who performed each and every procedure starting from ovarian stimulation to the last step i.e. embryo transfer. Patient naturally thinks that their fertility expert must have the answer about their unsuccessful IVF.

Who is supposed to be blamed?

Is it a doctor or you? Yes! It could be a possible mistake, that you might have hand-picked that clinic, whose success rate is not good and clinic’s experts do not have enough experience in relevant field of ART techniques. However, if it is not, then maybe it’s you, who have done some unwillingly or silly mistake before or during the medication of your IVF. We are here for you to instruct some possible cause that may affect your IVF cycle and to avoid these points.

Let’s read a possible cause that if solving, may bring a fruitful result through your first IVF cycle. It is generally seen that that couple who are undergoing IVF for the first time their parents get more nervous and anxious about the medication. They insist and strictly recommend to the female not to walk more, avoid physical activity, taking rest as much as possible.

True! Some factors, like over-caring, anxiety, stress and excess hope could lead to a downfall of your IVF treatment. Go IVF Surrogacy is the well-brand medical health service provider that serves Indian and International infertile couples, whoever seeking for the best fertility treatment. Let’s get into some factors, which can create your IVF treatment much more calm and easy to handle.

    1. Work on your body to make yourself ready for IVF medication –

If you have made your mind for IVF treatment, then at first take some days or say a few months to be prepared for this course of therapy. Take at least 4-5 month to maintain your body healthy and sound mind.  IVF is not that easy as it is read in the lines or definition. You really need to be mentally fit and physically strong enough to cross all the steps, which are in IVF.

Once you feel fit & healthy to undergo the medication then only go for it! And if you don’t then postpone it sometimes. It’s your body and you are the owner of your own, so take time, have enough nutrition containing products before your treatment and as soon you are completely OK then go ahead! Natural therapies like Acupuncture, meditation, Ayurveda are some helpful strategies for IVF treatment.

     2. Dream for the best but also prepare yourself for the worst –

Stay Calm. Exactly! This is a minor point but plays a major role during the IVF medication.  Not only IVF but also any of the treatments, surgeries or therapies come in risk- whether or whether not possible to achieve success. Same here, IVF never gives the patience surety about 100% success; it all depends on the age of the couple, how much experience a fertility expert holds and many more.

So, instead of just thinking repeatedly about the favorable or unfavorable outcome of your fertility treatment, be neutral.  Remove this statement from your mind- Will it or will it not succeed?

Being over positive can make a couple more depressed if they found a negative outcome from their treatment so it is better to stay Neutral and accept the result with your arms open. Accept God’s choice and instead of blaming the God, just think this – It’s not the end of your journey and whatever happens, it happens for some reason so don’t be negative if you have received negative pregnancy test at the time of IVF pregnancy.

    3. Why doing over and again bed rest during IVF treatment?

Generally, in all cases of first cycle IVF, couples myth is to take as much as bed rest. Yes! you can definitely take rest just after embryo transfer for a few hours but it’s really useless to laying down on a bed and doing nothing.

You know, what makes us confound and nervous during the medication until the pregnancy test is not confirmed? Guess? It is- The result. Just think if the woman keeps sitting on the bed doing nothing, what comes in her mind- obviously this only whether her test will be positive or negative. This thinking soon develops into anxiety and stress.

Rather, a better option is to go for normal activities such as reading the novel, watching funny serials, sketching, painting or even knitting the sweater. Involve yourself in anything that makes you happy and stresses free.

     4.  Are you Younger? Ohh! It’s great then –

This is the major point, which decides the positive outcome from IVF treatment. Age always plays a significant role to carry out successful IVF. This is the reason why it is said- younger the woman is better IVF success is there.

However, each case is different. Age is always not a prior factor – sometimes it’s the infertility condition, which is saying no for pregnancy. So, it is better to be asked each and every obstacle that may occur in your IVF journey with your fertility experts.

    5. What if when your IVF fails?

Have Plan B then. As mentioned above, IVF never comes in guarantee package; it always may be Yes or No result. Yes! There are some factors like age, embryo quality, egg quality, semen quality, and of course the female patient’s capability- is she strong and ready to undergo this medication.

Here plan B means, if the couple has failed IVF cycle then the couple instead of regretting any cause or blaming God, doctor or themselves, they should go for a vacation or a get together with your friends. You need to be very practical at each phase of life whether it is about failed IVF or say about the future planning. Be strong; ask your doctor what is the possible cause of your unsuccessful IVF. Take your time for your second IVF cycle and fulfill all the requirements, which you have skipped in the first cycle.


Decades ago, there was less population of infertile couples, on the other hand, now if we count in India, there are more than 27 million of couples who are facing downside days of their infertility.

Infertility- Have you ever thought about the specific cause why this occurs. If no, then here you are on the right click to know each and every minute detail about Infertility- its cause, how it can be cured etc.

When to think that you are in the clutch of infertility?

This is when, if you have been trying best (for more than one year) by doing sexual intercourse to get conceived but you are not able to- here you are called as an infertile couple. Infertility was quite common amongst females at one time but now infertile males are also at the queue and that too at an expanding level.

Therefore, Infertility is best defined as- when a couple becomes impotent or unfit to conceive after having regular unprotected intercourse (for at least 12 months).

Infertility in Women –

Infertility in women is most commonly caused by female’s ovulation. Ovulation is referred to as the work by ovaries to unleash healthy eggs. Each month a female produces a single egg from the ovary, if the sperm is not there in the fallopian tube then within 12-24 hour it comes along with the bleeding from the vagina, which is said as female’s menstruation cycle.

Menstruation and ovulation are co-related with each other, if the female has issued in her menses or monthly cycle, then she might be in the group of Infertility. This statement is appropriate only for those females, who are experiencing irregular menstruation cycle, heavy bleeding during periods, or severe cramps during these days for the quite long time.

Ovulation issue can be a result of below some points –

  • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) – this is a case when several cysts develop on the ovaries, these cysts are often unable to unleash an egg, that means no ovulation, if no ovulation case will happen then it is but obvious that the concerned female will be unable to give birth. Due to PCOS, a female may face- irregular periods, have an increased level of male hormone (androgen)- where female experiences unwanted hair growth on the face or another region of the body and may be female’s ovaries become enlarged and comprises of fluid-filled follicles.
  • Premature Ovarian failure – This is the situation when female ovaries stop functioning its own function before the female’s age of 40.
  • Thyroid issue

Cervical Mucus –

If the female has cervical mucus problem, then by that time also, the female cannot perform fertilization inside her uterus. When a female ovulates, mucus in her cervix gets thinner so that sperm can easily go through near the eggs for insemination and fertilization. If this mucus gets harder then it will be difficult for the sperm to travel smoothly and reach near the egg.


It is a common issue of female’s infertility, where endometrium (uterine wall lining) starts developing in other places of the reproductive parts like female’s ovaries etc. This all symptoms can lead to the fertility-related issue.

Male Infertility –

If talking about male infertility causes, then we have some most common cause of male infertility and those are –

Semen quality (sperm quality)

Yes! This is one of the significant factors, which contributes to the success rate of pregnancy. If the male is not producing normal sperms at the time of ejaculation then by that time it is No for fertilization. To achieve healthy fertilization, sperm must be –

  1. Sperm must be in healthy and normal shape
  2. Sufficient count of sperms
  3. Sperm must be motile

If these three factors are there in the male sperms then beyond a shadow of a doubt, penetration/fusion of the sperms with the egg will occur successfully.

Injured Testicles –

Sperms are produced in the testicles, if the testicles are injured or damaged then it directly affects sperm quality.

Ejaculation disorders –

Some of the male experiences ejaculation disorder, which make hard for them to unleash semen during intercourse.

Addiction to drugs, drinking habit and chewing tobacco- these are all the factors that make male impotent to produce healthy and motile sperms or they lack insufficient count of sperms.

What are essential requirements for a couple to become pregnant?

  • To achieve healthy fertilization, a woman must lay out healthy eggs at the time of ovulation
  • Sperms must be motile and should be more than average
  • The fertilized egg must attach the exact place in the uterus

Infertility treatment –

Now, if we talk about the treatment of infertility, then here is what IVF comes. IVF is known as In Vitro fertilization, where fertilization happens outside the human body.

This is the medications, which can be called as the universal remedy to untwist the matter of infertility. IVF is best for those females who are having the issue in their ovulation cycle.

IVF is appropriate for –

Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed

  • Women whose fallopian tubes either damaged or blocked
  • Improper ovulation cycle / premature ovarian failure
  • Male factor infertility (if the male produces a low count of sperm then by that time IVF with ICSI is done)
  • Male or female having any genetic disorder
  • Unknown/ unexplained infertility

The procedure of IVF treatment and its success rate-

At the initial level of this medication, a woman has to take medications (fertility drugs and hormonal injections), these medications are given in order to enhance and facilitate more eggs at the time of ovulation.

These eggs are monitored by transvaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests. Once it becomes confirmed that eggs are enough matured and read to obtain, there is the next process- egg retrieval starts.

During egg retrieval, eggs are obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle. These eggs are kept in a petri dish. A semen sample is also collected by the male partner on the same day. Sperms are mixed with the egg in order to get fertilized. Once the motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg, within 3-4 days of it, the formation of the embryo begins. Within 3-4 days of fertilization, selected best two embryos are placed into the uterus for implantation.

Within a week or so, the female has to visit the clinic for further checkups (whether the embryo has attached with the uterine wall or not, if it is then pregnancy chances is more. IVF success rate largely depends upon the age of the female. If the female’s age is below than 35 there are 60-65% chances to get the favorable result by IVF treatment. As the age increases, possibility to get positive result decreases.

So, Yes! Here we are, giving all the inside story of IVF treatment and Infertility symptoms and causes. Hope this information made your confusion cleared about infertility and IVF.


The basic success rate after embryo transfer depends upon the performance of fertility clinic and the way the couple cares themselves. In any of the treatment, whether it is fertility related medication or any surgery, the patient is recommended to take rest as much as possible as per by the guidelines said by the doctor. In this page, we are going to discuss that concern issue, which is revolving day by day around the world. Infertility and IVF treatment, infertility is defined as the inability to give birth. IVF treatment in ART technique is the universal remedy to get rid by this issue. Though infertility can’t be eliminated by its base root it can be solved temporarily by the fertility treatment relate to the patient’s issue.

Once a couple undergoes IVF treatment, the couple is generally baffled about their successful pregnancy. The crucial point comes in the patient’s days after embryo transfer during IVF treatment. Yes! If a couple has their first IVF cycle, then their nervousness increases at the time of embryo transfer.

These are some important points, which a couple must follow after their embryo transfer to get favourable result in implantation and pregnancy –

The first thing, which a couple should know is to avoid vigorous exercise –

Some females think that after embryo transfer, rest is mandatory as much as possible; it’s not true actually. This thing is obviously appropriate that a woman must have to avoid heavy workout and vigorous exercise but she should not leave her day to day activity after embryo transfer.

So, basically, you don’t have to restrict all your normal activities but it is strictly recommended for a female to not to do high impact exercise, this is because a difficult exercise can stimulate her uterine contraction and if it occurs when there may be negative sign during her pregnancy.

Intercourse- Yes! Sexual intercourse should also be avoided during these days. Some fertility clinic might have a different opinion regarding this statement but it is sure, while you do intercourse, uterine contraction occurs and that obviously has an adverse effect on a woman’s pregnancy. So, it is better to walk on the safe side and abstain sexual intercourse for some time.

Try to make yourself calm and positive –

Those females, who have been through so much in the weeks of her IVF up to the embryo transfer, such as taking regular medications, hormonal injections, egg retrieval and then the step comes embryo transfer, now this is an important time to make yourself at ease and nurture.

Try to take sufficient sleep and do that work, which makes you happy. If you want to watch movies, serials, go for it, enjoy your time and be positive. It happens at some cases, some females feel anxious and stressed so for them, the best option is to go for a walk with your partner and have a sweet talk together, this may create mood normal.

No to say hot Shower –

Yes! This is one of the important points, which has to be taken care of by the women who have completed her embryo transfer. Things you have to avoid are- taking hot tubs, hot yoga- by doing these activities, the female may raise her internal temperature and this should be totally avoidable.

You can have a soothing lukewarm shower (as per the recommendation by your fertility expert)

Eat the way as if you are Pregnant –

True! One of the biggest questions comes in the mind of the female at this time is – what to eat and what to avoid.

So, for them, who are confounded about their dietary chart, let them aware- No need to worry about your chart plan. You just eat as if you are pregnant.  Have lots of implantation diet and healthy foods. Stick on green vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, fiber-containing products etc.

For some duration, say bye for that food, which contains high-mercury fish, soft cheese. You should better take a complete data or diet schedule from your fertility expert. She will give the best guidance looking your case. Alcohol, nicotine, usage of drugs and caffeine- these are some harmful substances, which you need to avoid completely.

The Bottom line –

These are some significant points, which a woman should do after her embryo transfer to get a favorable result in her pregnancy. You can speak your doctor about the supplements dosage. Supplements of mineral or vitamin can have a beneficial impact on these days. You can add a supplement of folic acid, vitamin D and also vitamin B.









Completely Yes! Egg donor increases the chances of IVF cycle. But why egg donor is used? Who uses an egg donor and why it is efficacious than normal IVF medication? We will read the answers to these questions step by step. Before going deep into these points, we must gather some information about Egg donor IVF.

What is egg donor IVF?

IVF is an advanced technique of ART methodology, now you will be thinking what ART technique is; ART is fully known as Assisted Reproductive Technology. ART consists of several advances & productive fertility treatments that easily unlock the matter of infertility, whether it is male infertility or female and IVF treatment comes in the top of the list of ART methodology. We either can say that IVF is a panacea of all the fertility-related issue.

During IVF, sperms are penetrated with the egg in the Petri dish for fertilization. Yes! this is the special or unique quality of IVF treatment- mode of fertilization. Fertilization is done in this way because of bringing the best result.

IVF is done by retrieving the eggs from a female at the time of ovulation (after giving fertility medication) and on the exact day of egg retrieval, the semen sample is collected by the male partner. Once the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy get hold of sperms and eggs, fertilization procedure begins.

Now here the question comes to light- when Egg donor is used. As mentioned above, IVF is achieved by acquiring eggs from the female, but what if at that situation when the female is impotent or unfit to lay her own egg for fertilization.

There are two essential requirements to accomplish IVF cycle, first is female’s eggs and the second one is sperms motility & its count.

What if the female unleashes unhealthy eggs or no eggs at the time of fertilization-?

Here is what comes- Egg Donor IVF. True! When the female becomes unable to release healthy eggs for the step of fertilization that may be due to decreased age of the female or some other fertility-related issue, then Egg Donor is used to carrying forward the rest of the procedure of IVF.

As the woman’s age increases, her egg quality declines the capacity of fertilization day by day, so it is better to settle on IVF treatment once you become aware of your infertility.

There are several selection criteria of Egg Donor IVF to give her eggs; some of them are –

  • Egg Donor’s age must be in between the group of 21-39
  • She must have a pleasant personality (and decent education background)
  • Must have no reproductive disorder
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Have regular and timely cycles (menstruation)
  • The nondrug user, Non-nicotine and non-smoker user
  • Most important- must have the willingness of helping to build a family

These are the basic points, which egg donors IVF have to be crossed with before some further screening tests. Egg Donors are carefully selected and chosen for this procedure. Go IVF Surrogacy fulfills any of the fertility-related issues in a marked down package by giving all the advanced facilities to the patient.

The procedure of Donor Egg IVF treatment –

Donor and the recipient’s cycle are at first synced. Fertility medication and hormonal injections are given to the donor to have multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. While the egg donor is prepared for the production of multiple eggs, the recipient is prepared for her endometrial linings for successful implantation; the endometrial lining must be at least 7mm. Once the eggs are well grown-up, these eggs are retrieved with the assistance of a hollow needle and then placed into the nutrients containing culture dish.

These eggs are then fertilized with the recipient’s partner sperms, after fertilization, embryo (that is formed by fertilization) or fertilized egg is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus (embryo transfer takes place on the third or fourth day of fertilization).

The role of an egg donor, once after giving her own egg is completed. It is the responsibility of the clinic is to make assure that the donor is recovering well.

Recipient female is monitored for the pregnancy on the day 14th or 15th of embryo transfer via a test known as HCG test.

Is Donor egg IVF right for you?

It is! Once your fertility experts confirm you about your impotency of the eggs, egg donor IVF is the best solution for you at this time. Don’t wait for more as Egg Donor IVF increases the chance of success rate of IVF cycle.

One of the significant qualities of egg donor IVF is that she lays healthy and fine quality of the eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. If the eggs are capable of being fused with the sperm, then obviously healthy fertilization will happen.

It is suggested for the recipient female to take folic acid for at least 3-4 month before the transfer of embryo in her uterus. Have a healthy and balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, be positive and make your mind fit, strong, and ready to go through the procedure of embryo transfer, do regular exercise and stop worrying about future, everything will be going to give a favourable result.




Infertility can be defined as a male or a female infertility problem, as the issues of infertility can be present within the female partner or the male partner and also it can probably become the issues of indemnifying the treatment to be made with such a projections that the treatment should be made available to the couples who are facing such kind of issues.

And the relative treatment signs and symbols must be allured with infertility to be indemnified with the most effective treatment. As that the treatment will be done in a way that more or less insisting out the ways that define the treatment to be adjourned there within the accomplished format that made the treatment much more definite and most assessable and formatting that should be delivered in the enormous form.

The relative signs of infertility should be made available in any of the partners within the couple whether the male partner or the female partner should be adjourned in such projections to be made effective in order to make the relative issues of infertility as an endangered issue.

And the issues with such an aspect is evaluating the treatment to be acknowledged with the characteristic way that elaborates the more possessing acquisitions that are encompassing the most assertive way that is helpful in defining the treatment to be done.

With the rich free diet, the most probable facts and figures should be inseminating and therefore eliminated with the relative ways that is scratched throughout the ways that is underdefined the most possessing way that is helpful in infertility factors to be resolved like the relative issues may be present in a male partner or the female partner or any other partner in making the treatment an associative treatment formatting.

Who is more effective with the issues of infertility?

Infertility issues can be present in any of the partner of the couple that the couple should be facing the issue of infertility due to the female partner or the male partner of the couple should be assessing such progressions that made the treatment an assertive way that may eliminate the issues of infertility.

Infertility issues is being adjusted in making the elimination of the issues of infertility as with the treatment to be reflected out the way that endangers the issues to be probably inseminating the way out of the relative issues that is enhancing the projections that the enhancing way to be dealt with the relative issues that made the treatment an enormous treatment with all the facilitation to be provided so that the couples should be somehow evolved within such activists that made the treatment an accomplished treatment with all the aspirations that hardly matter in such a relative context.

Infertility is now being considered as the big and the processed issue that made the signs and symbols to be encountered with the prominent ways and assumptions that made the treatment’s way back with the identified characteristics aspirations and is throwing back the way that is enhancing the formulized facts and figures to be made adjustable in such a relative aspect to be made adorable.

As discussed Go IVF Surrogacy should be made adjourned with the most renowned characters that has simply helping in making the issues of infertility to be eliminated in such a relative aspect that has made the issues an enormous issues with all the facilitation to be made available in making the treatment of the issues of infertility to be done with the accomplished characters that is adorable within much effective formulations that is announcing the issues to be significantly mechanized in such a regard to be made adjourned.

Treatment helpful in the removal of infertility issues

IVF treatment should be encountered with the facts and figures that are insisting with the formulize way and the most appropriative character should be inseminated in finding the responsibilities of the infertility treatment so that the treatment should be made adjourned as in confirming out the way out of the factors of infertility that is adjourned with such figures to become out of the enormous way and formatting to be out of such issues of infertility.

As the infertility relative facts should be encountered with the most enormous way that is delivering the ways towards the treatment so as to make the treatment much more enormous in making the issues of infertility to be eliminated within such a relative context that made the treatment an effective treatment that helps in the elimination of the infertility from the root to the tip and made the treatment more tremendous and effective.

The infertility should be creating suitability, efficiency and other factors that are desirable with the treatment factors to be made acknowledged in inseminating the most desired facts and figures in acquisitions the memorable and insisting character that is more or less transverse the infertility factors that are enduring the more relative facts and characters that are to be done with the allured progressions that is in cognitive with the much endangered formulations.

The factors of infertility within the male or female partner are not present since the childhood stage but are to be made available with the ways and suggestions that are considerable with the acquisitions as is being accrued with such characteristic feature that is in desirable in progressing the most enormous character that is definitely promoting with the affirmative infertility processions that are thereby endangering the diplomatic problems or issues to be adjourned in this respect.

The treatment should be made effective in the acknowledgments that are made assessable in finding the tremendous way of the treatment that is encountered with the ways to be made out of infertility.

So that infertility should be removed out of the life of the couple who is facing such kind of issues like may be the female partner is facing such issues or the male partner is facing the issues of infertility and must be trying to find out the ways that are much more significant as the treatment should be encountered with the IVF treatment in order to remove the relative issues of infertility.


Laparoscopic treatment is to be prescribed to those females by their fertility experts whose conditions are not definitely defines that what is to be going on inside the uterus of the female and to know what is to be used so as to eliminate the issues relative with the infertility to be defined within the female partner of the couple who is facing the problems of infertility.

Laparoscopic surgery should be the best processing with accurate results that are much more elaborative so as to ascertain the effective purpose that is desirable with the treatment insisting the surgical proposal that is indemnified with the more or less assistance in accruing the definite process to be made effective.

With the delivering of the treatment results that are helping in making the treatment more fruitful and are involved within the persisted ways, defining the treatment a sound treatment that are probably enumerative with the purpose to be resolved and are accomplishing the most definite procedure that are coming in the way as is being procuring the definite results. The results that are insisting the ways and are determining the purpose to be fulfilled with such procedure that are inefficient for making the procedure to be made much more accurate.

Laparoscopic treatment or Laparoscopic Surgery in Mumbai should be delivered the way that are enumerating the ways that are done through the machinery processing and are probably done with the repositioning of the surgical ways and techniques to be done in much more assertive formulations that are defined. In the way that is becoming much more progressive and a well definite result that are planned with the factors of infertility to be removed by following the prescriptions of the experts and the acquisition of the procedure that defines the most desired treatment.

With announcing the most assertive way that is definitely proposing the surgical procedure that is promoting the effective procedure to be delivered at the gateway of the couple and at the doorstep promotes the probable way out with such accomplishments to be made effective.

The surgical treatment relative with Laparoscopic procedure to be made much more enormous results that are attributable with the more assertive treatment and are acquiring the definite results that are defined in the enormous form in the treatment that is desirable with the facts and figures. And with such facts and figures to be obtained with the promotional and normative form that is determinable with the purpose to be resolved in such a way that made the treatment a definite treatment that is accusing the treatment in an assertive form that ascertains the definite procedure of surgery to be made effective with the foremost treatment.

Who can avail the procedure of Laparoscopic Surgery in India?

  • The female partner who is being prescribed by her fertility experts that is to adopt the procedure of insisting the treatment that is made much more functional and also the resulting treatment.
  • In case the female partner is facing such issues than she is finding some difficulties in achieving the pregnancy that are more or less desirable with the purpose to be resolved by promoting the treatment to be accomplished with the definite pattern to be set up so as to accrue the assumptions that are much more formalized in such a procedure to be indemnified with surgical way through Laparoscopy treatment.
  • In case there are fibroids or other small components to be grown within the inner lining of the uterus.
  • In case the tubal litigation should be one of the issues in such regard.
  • Biopsy treatment procedure to be made efficient and effective so as to acquire the most definite proposals that are determinable in such an assertive format.
  • Endometriosis is becoming another cause in such a factor that is made much more assertive with the treatment to be filled out with the affirmations that are desirable with the accurate facts and figures and are determinable in the formalized way.

The treatment for Laparoscopic Surgery in India should be determinable with the more enormous and accomplish performing factorials that are determinable with the assertive characteristics that are made much more accurate in processing the announcements that are associative with the inseminations that are more probably required in such an aspect. The treatment that is more or less efficient in acquiring the definite results that are made more enormous with the definite factorials that are inseminating the definite patterns and are suggestive within the assertive way.

How Laparoscopic Surgery in Delhi works?

The best probable facts that are determined with the desirable purpose to be resolved that is acquiring the affordable treatment ways and formulations as is helping with the assertions that are made accomplished and are throwing sound progressions in acquiring the promotions relative with Laparoscopic Surgery in Delhi treatment. So as to be determining the promotions that are associative with the definite purpose to be resolved in the way out and then the purpose to be definitely assertive with the way out as is for the surgical procedure regarding the laparoscopy treatment surgical process to be processed in such an aspect.

The treatment for the surgery should be worked upon the factors that are considered as an associative as a tube is being inserted inside the abdominal arena through the passage of uterus and then analyze what is being gone on inside the arena and then the laparoscope is being used to find the inner pace. The surgical procedure to define that what is being going on and after that specify that the surgery should cover which of the portion and what is to be drawn and removed in such a surgical operations to be conducted after conducting this surgical operation with the well-renowned name of the clinic Go IVF Surrogacy in order to obtain the best results with such formulations.

With such procedure, the treatment is to be made progressive that the laparoscopic surgery is to be undermined with the treatment and then the treatment is to be accused with the help of Laparoscope which is the device that is used to see what is happening inside the body of the female. As a small camera is being inserted within the device which is to be used to identify the inner portion and then procure the progressive treatment that is associative with such treatment to be made detrimental and so as to obtain the results that are more or less become useful in such treatment to be made accusable in such context.

The treatment undermines the most purposeful treatment that must be accomplished with the treatment that defines more purposive results and that is with the operations to develop in the more prompt treatment procedure to be followed up in order to complete the treatment in an appropriative format that is considered in making the treatment an appropriate treatment that is suitable for all the patients who are having the need of such treatments.


For all the couples who are facing the issues of infertility should be accumulating the treatment that is more or less creates suitability among the couples for the identification that the AMH blood tests should be identified.

AMH blood tests should be differentially lied between 2 to 3.5 where the treatment should be made possible for the treatments that are identified with the relative factors as the couples should become well aware of the fact that the couple should be accomplished with the facts that the treatment of IVF should be solely happening in case the treatment should be done with efficiency.

In case the female AMH tests should be above or below the level than the female partner in the infertile couple is not able to deliver the qualified results that the eggs should not be obtained of the quality or the quantity that is needed by the fertility experts in making the treatment a resulting treatment. The treatment should be accomplished with the factors that clarified the resulting treatments to be accrued with the probable factors that are relatively assessed with the treatment to be delivering the required results in such an aspect.

The couples should opt for the treatment relative with the IVF treatment using egg donor’s eggs because the eggs should be adjourned with the facts that the treatment should be done in the form relative with the eggs of the donor that may be elaborative with the facts.

As the couple should be using the eggs of the intended mother should not be able to deliver the qualified results that are accrued with the facts that the treatment should be more or less resulting treatment that is favorably determining the infertility factors and that must be removed in an aspect to be made enormous within such an accomplished progressions.

Are the eggs of the female whose AMH is low qualitative?

In most of the cases, it is to be seen that the female partner in the couple who has low amount of AMH than the couple should be assessed that the treatment should be available with all the facilitation that the female partner should be having the required amount of AMH which may be helpful in treating the most effective treatment.

For the females whose AMH is low as minimum of 2 should be not qualitative eggs should be extracted out of the female’s body as in case the female’s AMH is high like 3.5 or more than the eggs should be of the required quality that is assessing with the eggs that the eggs should be produced of the best quality and the quantity that the female partner must be needed in getting the prominent amount of eggs.

If the female partner is producing qualified eggs as the eggs of the intended mother is enough to make the treatment of IVF a prominent treatment with all the available possession that is in assistance with the probable accusations that are identified with the enormous and effective treatments that are relative with –

  • The quality of the eggs
  • The quantity of the eggs
  • The ability to conceive as detriment with the female’s body
  • In case the size of the uterus is not up to the mark
  • In case the blockage or the damaged to be found in the fallopian tubes of the female partner
  • In case the female has crossed her reproductive age

All the above-mentioned factors that are relatively accrued with the process of the treatment of IVF that defines the best successful results that are elaborative with the desired treatment procedure that is made much more accurate results that are to be undermined with the most normative treatment. As an efficient and affordable result should be obtained in a desirable treatment procedure that identified and analyses with the fertility treatment procedure of IVF to be done.

Using the fine quality eggs and the required quantity of the eggs that are defined in an assertive form that is relatively assistive with the most probable scenario that the couple or the female partner should be facing some difficulties that are accused with the effective processions that the fertility being concerned therewith.

Defining the success results with low AMH and FSH

For the females whose success rate should be differentiated because of the low AMH and FSH level that may be depending upon the quality and quantity of the eggs that is much more enormous with the female that is involved in the IVF treatment defining the most desirable treatment procedure. The treatment that is being connective with the fertility treatment as the fertility to be made accusative and the results should be defined in the form that accomplished with the successful results.

The success should be declared as an effective treatment to be made much more accurate that defines the best way out of the low AMH results and IVF with egg donor should be suggested to the infertile couples.

So that the infertile couples should be able to get the definite and much more accurate results that are clarified with the IVF treatment so that the treatment should be defined with 80% successful results as defined at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy where the success rate should be indemnified with the best results that are affirmative with such results to be delivered at the way defined in such progressions.


Have you ever been in that phase when you have donated something to someone, that could be of your old shoe/ old clothes or anything to the one who is needy? If yes! Then it is confirmed you must had felt peachy and joyful at that time. Why we are discussing this thing? It’s because, here in this page we are going to discuss those donors, who despite tolerating stress, discomfort during the entire procedure of donation, she is a good mood donates- hope you must have guessed about whom we are talking – Egg Donor India.

Egg Donor India is a blessing for those infertile couples, wherein the female partner unable to supply healthy and fine quality of eggs for fertilization. Since you all know, for fertilization, eggs and sperms must be of good quality, if any one of the partners lacks the quality, then you really need to take fertility treatment to conceive. In the entire story of fertilization, whether it is the natural or unnatural mode, it is mandatory that female must have to lay the eggs in a good shape for fertilization.

Couples for whom Egg Donor India is the boon –

Egg donor Delhi is supposed to be as the boon for several hopeless couples, who have believed that they won’t conceive further. Egg donor Mumbai is best suitable for –

  • The woman, who have premature ovarian failure (It is a case, where the menopause starts earlier than usual age, usually before 40)
  • Couples, who have been undergone for IVF treatment but unfortunately, treatment fails because of the poor quality of the eggs.
  • Female, who possess any genetically transmitted disease and wants not to pass it in the embryo can choose Egg donor Delhi.
  • Women, who have crossed the age of 40, produces the low quality of egg- this case could be referred to as diminished ovarian reserve.

Seeking for the best and A-1 Egg donor in India –

You need to keep several things in your mind before going for Egg Donor Mumbai. The first and the major thing about Egg Donor Mumbai is the fertility clinic you decide on. Exactly, Fertility clinic always plays a crucial role in the entire procedure of egg donation. Fertility clinic’s success rate is one of the crucial points, which decides the positive outcome of the egg donation procedure in India. Go IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility clinic that gives physically fit and experienced egg donor India. It not only gives healthy donors but also gives favourable results via fertility treatment.

How the selection of Egg Donor India goes –

The procedure of selecting Egg Donor India is planned wisely and is strictly followed by each egg donors. Let’s get through the details of egg donor India that how it goes –

  1. Filling the application form – The first step for Egg Donor Delhi is the online application form, which has to submit by the donor (who wants to become an egg donor). She has to fill some necessary details via that form. If the form is initially accepted by the clinic or donor bank, then the second step is further stepped in.
  2. Screening procedure If the form is accepted by the clinic, then the Egg Donor Delhi will be called in the clinic for further analysis. There will be fertility screening, during the first step of egg donor screening, donor’s ovaries will be examined and monitored carefully to check the ability, whether she is producing eggs, this process is completed through a pelvic exam and blood tests.
  3. Medical Screening :- is also been performed to go through some facts like –infectious diseases, blood type, drug usage, screening for sexually transmitted disease and entire physical health.
  4. Genetic Screening– During this phase, the donor’s family history is evaluated to know of any possible hereditary diseases or if any genetic disorder present or not. If the family history is free from any disorders, then egg donor procedure is carried forward.
  5. Psychological Screening– In this stage, the clinic makes sure about the female, whether she is aware of all the consequences of egg donation procedure (if any like discomfort in egg retrieval or at any stage), if she after knowing happily wants to become Egg Donor Mumbai, she is accepted as Egg Donor in India.

Modus Operandi of Egg Donation –

During egg donor procedure, the donor is given injections (fertility drugs) in order to provide multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval. These fertility and medications are beneficial for better fertilization.

The follicles are monitored with the assistance of transvaginal ultrasounds. Once the eggs are matured enough, anesthesia is given to the donor and gently eggs are retrieved by the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy, these eggs are obtained out with the help of fine and hollow needle used in fertility treatment.

Once the egg retrieval process is completed, the donor can go home on the same day (within 3-4 hours). Eggs from the Egg Donor Mumbai then fertilized with the recipient’s husband’s sperm inside the laboratory by IVF fertility medication.

By IVF treatment, if the procedure is not accomplished with the sperms or the male partner is unable to unleash active and average count of sperms, then the process is fulfilled with the help of ICSI treatment with IVF medication. Embryo once forms by fertilization (3-5 days later of the fertilization), two of the best embryos are hand-picked and then transferred into the uterus of the infertile female.

Requirements for selecting the egg donor India –

  • She must be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Healthy, Young and fertile woman can go for donating her eggs
  • Should not have any severe disease
  • Away from any genetic disorder and hereditary disease
  • Far from any addiction (of smoking, drinking, usage of drugs)
  • Physically strong to carry forward the entire procedure of egg donation]


GO IVF Surrogacy is the leading clinic which provides the solution to all types of infertility issues. In short, we can say this is one stop destination where all infertile couples can fulfill their dream of having an own baby.

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