Decades ago, there was less population of infertile couples, on the other hand, now if we count in India, there are more than 27 million of couples who are facing downside days of their infertility.

Infertility- Have you ever thought about the specific cause why this occurs. If no, then here you are on the right click to know each and every minute detail about Infertility- its cause, how it can be cured etc.

When to think that you are in the clutch of infertility?

This is when, if you have been trying best (for more than one year) by doing sexual intercourse to get conceived but you are not able to- here you are called as an infertile couple. Infertility was quite common amongst females at one time but now infertile males are also at the queue and that too at an expanding level.

Therefore, Infertility is best defined as- when a couple becomes impotent or unfit to conceive after having regular unprotected intercourse (for at least 12 months).

Infertility in Women –

Infertility in women is most commonly caused by female’s ovulation. Ovulation is referred to as the work by ovaries to unleash healthy eggs. Each month a female produces a single egg from the ovary, if the sperm is not there in the fallopian tube then within 12-24 hour it comes along with the bleeding from the vagina, which is said as female’s menstruation cycle.

Menstruation and ovulation are co-related with each other, if the female has issued in her menses or monthly cycle, then she might be in the group of Infertility. This statement is appropriate only for those females, who are experiencing irregular menstruation cycle, heavy bleeding during periods, or severe cramps during these days for the quite long time.

Ovulation issue can be a result of below some points –

  • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) – this is a case when several cysts develop on the ovaries, these cysts are often unable to unleash an egg, that means no ovulation, if no ovulation case will happen then it is but obvious that the concerned female will be unable to give birth. Due to PCOS, a female may face- irregular periods, have an increased level of male hormone (androgen)- where female experiences unwanted hair growth on the face or another region of the body and may be female’s ovaries become enlarged and comprises of fluid-filled follicles.
  • Premature Ovarian failure – This is the situation when female ovaries stop functioning its own function before the female’s age of 40.
  • Thyroid issue

Cervical Mucus –

If the female has cervical mucus problem, then by that time also, the female cannot perform fertilization inside her uterus. When a female ovulates, mucus in her cervix gets thinner so that sperm can easily go through near the eggs for insemination and fertilization. If this mucus gets harder then it will be difficult for the sperm to travel smoothly and reach near the egg.


It is a common issue of female’s infertility, where endometrium (uterine wall lining) starts developing in other places of the reproductive parts like female’s ovaries etc. This all symptoms can lead to the fertility-related issue.

Male Infertility –

If talking about male infertility causes, then we have some most common cause of male infertility and those are –

Semen quality (sperm quality)

Yes! This is one of the significant factors, which contributes to the success rate of pregnancy. If the male is not producing normal sperms at the time of ejaculation then by that time it is No for fertilization. To achieve healthy fertilization, sperm must be –

  1. Sperm must be in healthy and normal shape
  2. Sufficient count of sperms
  3. Sperm must be motile

If these three factors are there in the male sperms then beyond a shadow of a doubt, penetration/fusion of the sperms with the egg will occur successfully.

Injured Testicles –

Sperms are produced in the testicles, if the testicles are injured or damaged then it directly affects sperm quality.

Ejaculation disorders –

Some of the male experiences ejaculation disorder, which make hard for them to unleash semen during intercourse.

Addiction to drugs, drinking habit and chewing tobacco- these are all the factors that make male impotent to produce healthy and motile sperms or they lack insufficient count of sperms.

What are essential requirements for a couple to become pregnant?

  • To achieve healthy fertilization, a woman must lay out healthy eggs at the time of ovulation
  • Sperms must be motile and should be more than average
  • The fertilized egg must attach the exact place in the uterus

Infertility treatment –

Now, if we talk about the treatment of infertility, then here is what IVF comes. IVF is known as In Vitro fertilization, where fertilization happens outside the human body.

This is the medications, which can be called as the universal remedy to untwist the matter of infertility. IVF is best for those females who are having the issue in their ovulation cycle.

IVF is appropriate for –

Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed

  • Women whose fallopian tubes either damaged or blocked
  • Improper ovulation cycle / premature ovarian failure
  • Male factor infertility (if the male produces a low count of sperm then by that time IVF with ICSI is done)
  • Male or female having any genetic disorder
  • Unknown/ unexplained infertility

The procedure of IVF treatment and its success rate-

At the initial level of this medication, a woman has to take medications (fertility drugs and hormonal injections), these medications are given in order to enhance and facilitate more eggs at the time of ovulation.

These eggs are monitored by transvaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests. Once it becomes confirmed that eggs are enough matured and read to obtain, there is the next process- egg retrieval starts.

During egg retrieval, eggs are obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle. These eggs are kept in a petri dish. A semen sample is also collected by the male partner on the same day. Sperms are mixed with the egg in order to get fertilized. Once the motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg, within 3-4 days of it, the formation of the embryo begins. Within 3-4 days of fertilization, selected best two embryos are placed into the uterus for implantation.

Within a week or so, the female has to visit the clinic for further checkups (whether the embryo has attached with the uterine wall or not, if it is then pregnancy chances is more. IVF success rate largely depends upon the age of the female. If the female’s age is below than 35 there are 60-65% chances to get the favorable result by IVF treatment. As the age increases, possibility to get positive result decreases.

So, Yes! Here we are, giving all the inside story of IVF treatment and Infertility symptoms and causes. Hope this information made your confusion cleared about infertility and IVF.


Completely Yes! Egg donor increases the chances of IVF cycle. But why egg donor is used? Who uses an egg donor and why it is efficacious than normal IVF medication? We will read the answers to these questions step by step. Before going deep into these points, we must gather some information about Egg donor IVF.

What is egg donor IVF?

IVF is an advanced technique of ART methodology, now you will be thinking what ART technique is; ART is fully known as Assisted Reproductive Technology. ART consists of several advances & productive fertility treatments that easily unlock the matter of infertility, whether it is male infertility or female and IVF treatment comes in the top of the list of ART methodology. We either can say that IVF is a panacea of all the fertility-related issue.

During IVF, sperms are penetrated with the egg in the Petri dish for fertilization. Yes! this is the special or unique quality of IVF treatment- mode of fertilization. Fertilization is done in this way because of bringing the best result.

IVF is done by retrieving the eggs from a female at the time of ovulation (after giving fertility medication) and on the exact day of egg retrieval, the semen sample is collected by the male partner. Once the fertility experts of Go IVF Surrogacy get hold of sperms and eggs, fertilization procedure begins.

Now here the question comes to light- when Egg donor is used. As mentioned above, IVF is achieved by acquiring eggs from the female, but what if at that situation when the female is impotent or unfit to lay her own egg for fertilization.

There are two essential requirements to accomplish IVF cycle, first is female’s eggs and the second one is sperms motility & its count.

What if the female unleashes unhealthy eggs or no eggs at the time of fertilization-?

Here is what comes- Egg Donor IVF. True! When the female becomes unable to release healthy eggs for the step of fertilization that may be due to decreased age of the female or some other fertility-related issue, then Egg Donor is used to carrying forward the rest of the procedure of IVF.

As the woman’s age increases, her egg quality declines the capacity of fertilization day by day, so it is better to settle on IVF treatment once you become aware of your infertility.

There are several selection criteria of Egg Donor IVF to give her eggs; some of them are –

  • Egg Donor’s age must be in between the group of 21-39
  • She must have a pleasant personality (and decent education background)
  • Must have no reproductive disorder
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Have regular and timely cycles (menstruation)
  • The nondrug user, Non-nicotine and non-smoker user
  • Most important- must have the willingness of helping to build a family

These are the basic points, which egg donors IVF have to be crossed with before some further screening tests. Egg Donors are carefully selected and chosen for this procedure. Go IVF Surrogacy fulfills any of the fertility-related issues in a marked down package by giving all the advanced facilities to the patient.

The procedure of Donor Egg IVF treatment –

Donor and the recipient’s cycle are at first synced. Fertility medication and hormonal injections are given to the donor to have multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. While the egg donor is prepared for the production of multiple eggs, the recipient is prepared for her endometrial linings for successful implantation; the endometrial lining must be at least 7mm. Once the eggs are well grown-up, these eggs are retrieved with the assistance of a hollow needle and then placed into the nutrients containing culture dish.

These eggs are then fertilized with the recipient’s partner sperms, after fertilization, embryo (that is formed by fertilization) or fertilized egg is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus (embryo transfer takes place on the third or fourth day of fertilization).

The role of an egg donor, once after giving her own egg is completed. It is the responsibility of the clinic is to make assure that the donor is recovering well.

Recipient female is monitored for the pregnancy on the day 14th or 15th of embryo transfer via a test known as HCG test.

Is Donor egg IVF right for you?

It is! Once your fertility experts confirm you about your impotency of the eggs, egg donor IVF is the best solution for you at this time. Don’t wait for more as Egg Donor IVF increases the chance of success rate of IVF cycle.

One of the significant qualities of egg donor IVF is that she lays healthy and fine quality of the eggs at the time of egg retrieval procedure. If the eggs are capable of being fused with the sperm, then obviously healthy fertilization will happen.

It is suggested for the recipient female to take folic acid for at least 3-4 month before the transfer of embryo in her uterus. Have a healthy and balanced diet of vitamins and minerals, be positive and make your mind fit, strong, and ready to go through the procedure of embryo transfer, do regular exercise and stop worrying about future, everything will be going to give a favourable result.




The pregnancy should be done with an ease and that too must be within such a very first attempt as usually happens with the couples but in some other cases the couple should have more than expected time to conceive as the particular couple have some kind of infertility issues they are more or less facing with or maybe the body of the patient not allowed in doing such a task in the very first attempt but for some couples maybe it is a ray of hope that fulfills their all dreams while treating with one cycle of IVF only as the possibility that is happening at our clinic Go IVF Surrogacy.

It’s really an important task to be done with careful whole of the task as the couple is planning for the baby so in such a particular case the couple including both the partner should adopt a healthy lifestyle including: –

  • Nonsmoking atmosphere
  • Non-consumption of alcohol
  • Not to take drugs
  • And intake of prenatal vitamin

All the above factors should be taken care of and must be kept in mind to create a healthy environment which helps the female partner in conceiving.

The attempts for getting pregnancy should be totally dependent upon the factors like: –

  • Age of the female
  • The health of the male and female both as a couple
  • Now facing of the genetic disorder by the couple themselves and the family members of the couple including the family of both the male and female members.

How IVF helps in the removal of sterility issues?

As sterility becomes a common issue for the married couples now a day as one in every ten of the the couple is facing the relative issue of infertility and which becomes a common cause and IVF treatment helps in resolving such kind of issues with the same as the couple should be accelerating the fertility to be more or less announced with the pregnancy to be carrying with the woman facing difficulty to make it a term and so that it brings the issues for the females who are above the age of 35 years and despite then the female is not been able to produce the qualified eggs which are needed for the pregnancy to be have done with probable completion.

Also, the problem must be with the sperms of the male partner too as the male partner if having the age above 45 years than he is not able to extract the sperms which must be of the sound quality and also which is more or less required in making the female pregnant. Adding on to this also, he might face some problems of genetic disorders and genetic abnormalities relative and included within such an issue to be resolved with such kind of acquisitions and also with the increasing age too he is facing the relative issues of the same aspect.

How often the couple gets to know about the problem with sterility?

When the female is not able to conceive after one or two years of unprotected intercourse than in such a case the couple should be in a stage so as to consult the case with the fertility experts and with the the help of some kind of tests of the male and the female partner the experts should be able to analyze that the cause that is basically relative to which partner should be identified with such a kind and the relative solutions should be recommended by the doctor for the removal of such kind of problems the couple is more or less dealt with. This is the case of the couple who are within the reproductive age.

But in case the couple is over the reproductive age in such a case the couple should consult a doctor or a fertility expert if there are 6 months unprotected intercourse and the couple tried for the pregnancy of the female but it fails then the couple should undergo with the infertility programs and the relative treatment in the form of IVF and other such treatments of the same kind like the treatment of ICSI, IVF, IUI and Surrogacy are the common treatments advised by the fertility experts in case the couple is facing the similar kind of issues which is to be relative with infertility no matters who is the sufferer like the male or the female partner within the couple should be resolved by the fertility expert well.

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