There are basically many factors that are most prominently affecting the fertility and lead the fertility towards infertility. The numerous factors that accelerate the treatment in accomplishing the infertility factors as mere about 15% to 20% couples are facing the issues of infertility and in order to remove them infertility relative factors one should have to consult the fertility experts for getting the treatment to be done for those infertile couples who are having the need to complete their own family with the fertility treatment in the form of IVF and having the child belongs to the couple that is only a possibility as created by the treatment of IVF.

Factors that are favorable in increasing the infertility are:-

  • Age of both the partners of the couple whether (the female partner and the male partner of the couple).
  • Tobacco intake by the infertile couples (whether the male partner or the female partner) or may be the case where both are indulged in such acts of taking the tobacco on regular basis.
  • Alcohol consumption is also playing an important role in increasing the factors relative to infertility.
  • Street drugs consumption like cocaine and marijuana.
  • Low sperm count or the motility of the sperms in the male partner of the couple that affects one’s fertility and leads infertility in the body of males.
  • Quality and quantity of the eggs in the female partner of the couple that affects one’s fertility and leads infertility in the human body.

Favorable symptoms present in the human body that defines  infertility

The most identified symptoms that define the infertility issues within the couple’s in arousing the fertility in the human body. The one most diagnosed symptom is an unprotected intercourse of more then a year if the couple is facing such kind of issues then the matter should be consulted by the couple to the fertility experts in order to resolve the issues relative to infertility.

Symptoms that are common in both male and female are:-

  • Hormonal changes that are rapid with the age of the couple (whether the male or the female).
  • Hair loss in case the couple is treating with the chemotherapy in case of the cancer treatment.

Differential forms of infertility in the female are:-

  • Damage found inside the fallopian tubes.
  • Blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Eggs are not of fine quality.
  • Feeling of restlessness.
  • Menstruation cycle are not timely may be before or after the described date of the menstrual cycle.
  • In case the female is facing the issues of regular miscarriages.
  • Cancer treatments in case the female partner is having the treatments with chemotherapy and having the medicines with the cancerous diseases.

Forms of infertility in the male partner:-

  • Male partner who is indulged in the treatment of cancer and having the treatment with chemotherapy and other relative treatments including the medicines and other treatments.
  • Semen analysis of the male partner in order to diagnose infertility related issues.
  • Quality of the sperms in case the sperms are not of the fine quality which is required to make the female pregnant.
  • Quantity of the sperms is not up to the mark as required in the female pregnancy.
  • Low sperm count and the feeling of swelling in the lower part of the testicles and also the redness found in the testicular part of the male reproductive organs.
  • In case the male partner is having the treatment because of sexual problems which are not disclosed by the male partner.

How incessant trying turns infertility into fertility with best success rate?

Success rate should be in upward direction that may increase the chances of the fertility and the  treatment may become successful for bending the infertility towards fertility and with having the fertility treatment with Go IVF Surrogacy that is having more and more successful ratios to be determined with the fertility. The success should be determined with the effective infertility to be removed in an effective form that accuses the treatment to be predetermined by most of the infertile couples that are facing the issues with the same and wants to get the success over the infertility through the IVF treatment with the guarantee to owe the child soon.

The fertility success rate should be determined according to the different states within the country India, where Delhi is the leader among fertility relative issues and having the highest success rate all over the metropolitan state of the country India having the success rate of about 88% as fairly known by many infertile couples.

Mumbai is the second leading state that provides the best success rate of the country India where the the success rate is merely about 84% which is really a good success rate for infertility removal in the whole country and also the state of Ahmadabad is the least among all the states of the country India with   having the success rate of merely about 70% on an average.

How to avoid the issues of Infertility?

The issues of infertility can be removed according to the factors that are playing the vital role for the removal of the issues of infertility from the life of the infertile couples who are facing the bare issues of infertility.

How does male partner prevent causes of infertility?

  • Consuming the drugs should be avoided by the male in case the male partner is getting rid of  the infertility issues.
  • Avoiding the high temperatures in the environment as recommended by the experts because it is highly impacting the motility of the sperms.
  • Avoiding the medicines that may cause infertility in the male’s body.
  • Regular exercise is also the cause for infertility to be seen by the experts as mere about 15% males are facing the issues of infertility because of the same.

How does female partner prevent causes of infertility?

  • In case the female partner is habitual of smoking than in such a case, the female should quit the smoking habit so as to raise the level of fertility and decrease infertility from the female’s body.
  • Not to intake excess of street drugs like the drugs of cocaine and marijuana.
  • Quit the consumption of alcohol in case the female is alcoholic.
  • In case the female is overweight or underweight so in that case, also the female is not able to conceive or may face regular miscarriages whenever she is thinking to conceive.
  • Exercise on a regular basis should lead the female partner not to conceive soon as required or as in the case of the fertile female partner of another couple.

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