Okay! So, if you have planned for IVF treatment then you have selected a perfect fertility treatment for yourself to get rid of that ‘Childlessness’ tag from your life. Though it would be very hard to digest about that you are unable to give birth on your own but Chill, you are not alone in this battle, which is referred to as Infertility. There are several couples, who face a hard time to achieve their pregnancy and thence they go for fertility treatment to get conceived.

Infertility and its Treatment- a brief knowledge –

What is Infertility and why age plays an important role in IVF treatment?

Infertility is outlined as a couple’s inability to get pregnant after one year of doing unprotected intercourse. Infertility is perceived as a social downside in many of the countries, with numerous medical manifestations.

Infertility is rising day by day, there are several external factors that initiate its upright, some of the important factors are- environmental pollution, hectic schedule, hazardous toxins, improper lifestyle (that includes inappropriate food habit, addiction of alcohol, smoke, etc.), these are some major points that cause an adverse effect on fertility potential. In average, 12-15% of couples worldwide or one in six couples globally struggling for their pregnancy. Right now, the amount of impotent or infertile couples stands at 60-80 million, and also the range is increasing each year.

In our country, infertility disorder is determined in 35-40% of men, And an equal share of ladies, while, each partner faces the matter in 20-30% of cases.

However, development and advanced technology in life science have created a possibility for the infertile couples to experience and enjoy the days of their parenthood. More than 300 million test tube babies are born by the procedure of IVF treatment. IVF not only has given a ray of happiness to the couples but also it has been fulfilling the most wanted desire of the infertile couples’.

One in six couple is affected by the infertility disorder. There are approximate 60-80 million impotent couples globally and also the rate of the infertile couples is increasing day by day. There are several couples, who without any hurdle, get conceived however others at some stage struggle or face issue in achieving their pregnancy and these couples want some other solution of achieving their baby.

Infertility treatment majorly depends upon the factor of age or we can say any of the treatment’ success rate somehow dependent on the couple’s age. IVF Treatment in Delhi is one of the most effective fertility treatments that can be used as male or female infertility cases.

Women, who have crossed their age of 35, ought to consult a professional if they want to get pregnant. The egg quality of the woman declines as the age increase. That’s the reason, why experts recommend the couples to get pregnant at the age of their best fertility potential phase. In many of the couples, the fertility is impaired to some extent however not utterly, these patients could conceive in the third year or afterward with none help as there’s a delay these couples (or the case of infertility) are known as subfertile.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi –

Far reasonable cost of IVF in Delhi –

Let’s come to the main point of IVF treatment cost in Delhi, there are many facts that you need to be gathered before undergoing IVF treatment. If you are still thinking that there is a single package of IVF, so you are here wrong because IVF charges vary on the basis of a couple’s infertility case. There are many techniques in ART methodology that once combined with IVF treatment; the IVF fee in Delhi gets modified.

Why IVF treatment is combined? IVF is the best fertility treatment for all the infertility cases; this can be applied with several other techniques like ICSI, PICSI, IMSI and Sperm Surgical Retrieval procedure (TESA, MESA, PESA, etc). According to the particular issue of female or male infertility condition, IVF is combined with other techniques to get a favorable result.

The average IVF cost in Delhi is straightforward and easy payable by the infertile couples, the infertile couples can easily think for this treatment without taking any stress or tension, this is because Go IVF Surrogacy puts forward the best IVF treatment and the lowest cost of IVF to the couples.  Go IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading and foremost centres that bring forward world-class treatment to the couple.

The average cost of IVF in Delhi is INR 1,50,000; this package of IVF in Delhi comprises of  all the procedures such as hormonal level tests, physical screening before undergoing IVF treatment, fertility medications & medicine, transvaginal ultrasounds, each visit to the clinic, consultation charges, egg retrieval, semen assortment, fertilization, and embryo transfer.

Let’s gain some more information relating to the IVF cost in Delhi

  • Consultation charge – INR 1,000
  • Fertility medicine or secretion injections – INR 50,000 – 60,000
  • IVF Cycle – INR 90,000
  • Post ET price – INR 15,000 (for fifteen days)

In a clear view, IVF cost in Delhi is @1, 50,000 INR, by just paying this amount you will have your own baby soon. The package, which has been mentioned above is exclusive from Post Embryo Transfer procedure, if the couple wants to go for post embryo transfer then he or she needs to talk with the fertility consultants from the clinic, there will be some extra bugs, which a couple supposed to pay. However, in the package of IVF Cost in Delhi, these steps include –

  • Complete assessment of the female
  • Hormonal injections and fertility drugs
  • Monitoring of the follicles
  • Ultrasounds / Vaginal ultrasounds
  • Cost of IVF laboratory
  • Egg Retrieval step
  • IVF cycle
  • Embryo transfer

Advance Cost of IVF in Delhi–

IVF treatment is said to advance when the other fertility treatment is combined with it to induce effective result. The advance IVF cost in Delhi differs completely with the different treatments (if combined by the recommendation of fertility experts), for example, if IVF treatment is combined with ICSI treatment, the final package of the treatment will be an additional amount of ICSI with IVF. If IVF is applied with PICSI then the treatment price is changed.

IVF Charges in Delhi using own eggs –

IVF treatment is accomplished using several techniques as mentioned above. IVF with own eggs and own sperm means that both- male and female is healthy enough to unleash or produce healthy and motile eggs and sperms for fertilization. When this case of infertility happens, IVF is done using female’s eggs and male partner’s sperms. IVF Fee in Delhi using own eggs and own sperms is INR 1,50,000 (with all the expenses).

IVF Cost in Delhi using a donor egg or donor sperm–

When the female partner is unable to supply healthy and good quality of eggs for fertilization, donor egg IVF is used. Egg donor IVF is usually preferred by those females, who have crossed their age of 35 and producing low or poor quality of the egg.

During this procedure of egg donor IVF, instead of female’s egg donor egg is used for fertilization. Initially, the donor has to undergo with all the steps until her eggs are not retrieved. Once the eggs are obtained by the donor, her role gets over. IVF cost in Delhi using donor egg is INR 2, 75, 000, where egg donor cost in Delhi is INR 1, 25,000 and traditional IVF cost in Delhi is INR 1, 50,000.

On average, the Average Cost of IVF in Delhi ranges from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs 1,75,000 (adding all the medication and procedure).

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    IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (or test tube baby programme) is that most preferred advance fertility treatment, where, sperms and eggs are collected from both of the partners and fertilized inside the fertility laboratory under the supervision of Fertility experts. This is one of the uncomplicated procedures where the infertile couple can easily achieve their own baby, but IVF success factors depend upon several factors, such as the age of the couple, infertility case, etc. IVF treatment can be combined with different ART techniques. Various techniques like- ICSI, IMSI, Sperm Surgical Aspiration – TESA, MESA, PESA, egg donation, and sperm donation is achieved by the procedure of IVF treatment.

    Why Choose Delhi for IVF Treatment?

    In the department of ART technique, IVF is the magic formula or you can say it is that panacea, which puts an end to the days of the couple’s infertility, and this is the reason why IVF treatment is known as the universal remedy to treat infertility disorder.

    IVF Treatment cost Delhi is based on a marked down a structure and easily payable by the infertile couples. Have you ever compared the IVF Treatment Charges in Delhi with International IVF cost treatment? If Yes! Then you must have the info regarding the expensive package of IVF internationally and Delhi, being the heartbeat of Delhi, comes up with the most reasonable cost of IVF treatment.

    Delhi is the one and the only place that lays out IVF treatment in one of the most affordable prices to both – for the international patients and obviously for the Indian Patients. Before jumping about the cost of IVF in Delhi, let’s gather some info regarding those factors that affect IVF Treatment Cost Delhi.

    Affordable IVF Treatment Cost Delhi –

    IVF Cost in Delhi by GO IVF Surrogacy includes the oral medications, fertility drugs & injections, the procedure of IVF, post embryo transfer (ET) cost, and the consultation charges is INR 2 lakh. Let’s have more info regarding the steps of IVF –

    • Consultation charge – INR1000k
    • Oral Medication – INR 6,000 – 10,000
    • Fertility drugs or hormonal injections – INR 60,000
    • IVF Cycle – INR 90,000- 1,0000
    • Post ET cost – INR 15,000- 20,000 (for 15 days)

    So, basically just @1,75,000 (excluding ET and oral medication) you will get –

    • Physical Assessment
    • Follicular Monitoring
    • Ultrasounds
    • IVF Lab Charges
    • Egg Retrieval step
    • IVF cycle
    • Embryo transfer

    It’s the couple’s choice whether they want to go for Post embryo transfer process after embryo transfer step or not.

    Factors that Affect IVF Treatment Charges Delhi –

    • Age of the woman
    • Number of IVF cycles
    • Egg Donor
    • Sperm donor
    • IVF using other ART techniques

    Since we all know that IVF treatment can be applied with other ART techniques, by doing this, the cost of IVF varies accordingly. Let’s know some of the IVF Treatment in Delhi

    Suppose, the female partner is unable to unleash healthy and good quality of eggs, then IVF treatment is achieved using by Egg Donor. Healthy eggs are retrieved by the egg donor, then combining with the male partner’s sperm, fertilization occurs.

    By using a donor egg, the cost of IVF Delhi is INR 3,25,000, where donor cost IVF is INR 1,25,000. The same situation can occur in the male partner as well that he may be not producing active & motile sperms, in this situation, sperm donor IVF is used to accomplishing the procedure of IVF fertilization. IVF Cost Delhi using a sperm donor is INR 2,10,000, where the cost of donor sperm is INR 30,000.

    One of the cases of male infertility is when the male is unable to let out a sufficient number of sperms and lack active or motile sperm, at this time, the fertility experts take the help of either ICSI treatment or IMSI treatment, which is combined with IVF treatment.

    ICSI is a process of ART technique, where a single (most active and motile) sperm directly injects into the egg received from the female. ICSI is generally for male fertility factor and it enhances IVF success rate too. IVF treatment cost Delhi with ICSI treatment in is INR 2 lakh – 2.5 lakh.

    During IMSI treatment, by using the high power of microscope with magnification up to 6000x, the male sperms are monitored to see any abnormality or any kind of defects. Sperms, which are normal, healthy and active are picked up and directly injected into the egg to get success result in IVF treatment. IVF treatment charges Delhi using a technique of IMSI is INR 2.5 Lakh.

    So, these are some of the important factors that influence IVF treatment cost Delhi. Go IVF Surrogacy comes up with the most affordable and best treatment of IVF in Delhi. IVF clinic Delhi provides all the ease and comfort to the patient during their IVF medication. There is a separate compartment, veteran fertility experts, advanced equipment, and super co-ordinated team of IVF.

    Success Rate of IVF Treatment Delhi –

    One of the important factors that bring forth high success rate of IVF is the couple’s age. Woman’s age plays a vital role throughout the entire journey of IVF. Couples, who are below 35, have more chances to get pregnant by IVF comparing with those couples who are above 35.

    • IVF success rate for those women who are below 35 is 60-65%,
    • Women, who are 35-37, the success rate is 55-57% and so on.
    • Women, who are in-between 37-40 have 35-37% chances.

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      Under the pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994, prenatal sex determination is banned in India.

      No test or treatment for sex selection, sex determination, gender selection, gender determination is done in India.

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      With over 10 years experience and over 10,000+ successful live births through IVF, we are dedicated to hand out best fertility treatment and personalized nursing to accomplish couple’s parenthood soon.


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